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Chapter 410 - Imouto 1

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Chapter 410: Imouto 1

「It’s finally calm…」

「That’s right…」

Pauline agreed with Rena’s murmuring.

Mile and Maevis also agreed.

A journey to the west, followed by a journey to the east.

The visit of the “G.o.ddess’ Servant” group and a trip to the Empire.

It was full of events in quick succession.

Eventually, the Red Oath’s activities as an “average C-rank party” were resumed.

「Average is nice, isn’t it」(Mile)

「「「Eh?」」」(Rena’s Trio)

In response to Mile’s casual murmur, Rena, Pauline, and Maevis turned their faces to her then *What are you saying?* like usual…

「Anyway, our journey has been completed.

For the time being, we will stay in the royal capital and aim for B rank!」(Mile?)

「「「OOH!!」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Saying so, the girls came next to the request board.

The guild staff and hunters watch them warmly.

Guild officials look forward to up-and-coming newcomers.

And the hunters became a bit sentimental, remembering their youth.

Anyway, “Red Oath” was the hottest stock in the Capital’s branch, and was the promising newcomers.

For fellow hunters, guild staff… and for others…

「In that case, why don’t we stop calling ourselves “newbie” or “beginner”?」(Mile)

「「「Eh?」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Rena’s Trio is surprised by Mile’s sudden suggestion.

「No, it’s been more than a year since we graduated from Hunter Training School and got C rank, right?

We have also experienced a training trip…

Maevis-san and Pauline-san were hunters registered with F-rank when they entered the training school, but Rena-san was a hunter before that and was at E-rank, and I was also F-rank…

Even though we became C-rank hunter by skipping-grade, we were still somewhat close to F-rank back there, so we called ourselves “newbies”

But we have received a full education for half a year at the training school and have spent more than one year to learn from real experience. I think that we can say that “we are full-fledgling”, we are no longer newbies.」(Mile)

All the other hunters and guild officials, who were listening to Mile, were nodding

Yeah, if these girls call themselves “newbies” or “Beginner”, there won’t be any hunters who can call them elite hunters because their abilities are all below these girls.

So it was nice for everyone that these girls started to call themselves intermediate level hunters or veteran hunter.

「When you say so, it’s certainly true…

We are always too humble when naming ourselves and it’s unconvincing.

Then, from now on, let’s just call ourselves “C-rank party”.」(Rena)

「Yes. I think that’s fine」(Pauline)

「I also agree.

The client would also be anxious if we told them “We are a newbie Hunter Party”

And it’s been a long time since we called ourselves newbies…

No, it might be true for those of us who just left the training school back then even if we ranked C but we have learned a lot since then, we can’t keep calling ourselves as such」(Maevis)

Rena, Pauline, and Maevis also seemed to agree with Mile.

So, from now on, the “Red Oath” party is no long newbies.

「Now we are just ordinary, average, everyday C-rank party. Let’s aim to be the biggest C-rank party among the hunters…」(Mile)

Mile looked happy announcing so while the other hunters and guild officials shook their heads with all their might.

…Of course, not vertically but horizontally.

(((((No no no no no no no no!!!!!)))))) (Hunters + Guild Staff)

* * *

After finished visiting their hometown and started working as an average hunter party, “Red Oath” went to a town a little away on the request of escort and right now they were on his way back.

Because it was a request from the merchant group to return to their hometown, it’s just a one-way trip. You can only earn reward one time and must walk back unpaid on the way home.

Hunters hated this condition that there was no party accept this request and the merchant group was in trouble.

It was a job that people took it almost like a volunteer.

As for Mile’s group. They heard that “Mythril’s roar” had also received requests that were bothersome and didn’t make much money.

Similarly, parties like “Evil G.o.d’s Utopia” and “Flame Friendship” also took the request of pushing back monsters, the request which risk and reward aren’t balanced or the escorting request to the Dwarf Village.

In short, the girls don’t hate the kind of party which labeled as “stupid” for doing a charity instead of a business.

Was that the influence of Mile’s words, actions, and “j.a.panese f.u.kashi Story”, or was that how they originally were?

Of course, on the way back, the girls went off-road and pa.s.sed through the forest. To collect and hunting for regular material-gathering requests.

No, the girls had it much better than usual because people normally wouldn’t go through places where they don’t hunt or collect.

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For normal hunters, even if they wanted, they couldn’t hunt or collect in places far from the city.

「…change of plan!」(Mile)

No one wasted time in an emergency.

Everyone nodded to Mile and rushed out in the direction of the voice all at once.

…The voice they heard was that of a loli.

If this is an old man’s scream, they wouldn’t say that they would ignore it, but they couldn’t help denying that they would act more calmly.

Especially when the said old man screamed “Iyaaaaa…”

Anyway, this time it was a loli’s scream, so there is no problem.

No, hearing the screams is already a big problem though…

「What’s wrong?!」(Mile)

The earliest to arrive at the scene wasn’t Maevis, who has the longest foot among the four, but Mile.

No wonder.

After all, it was a little girl calling for help…

「Hel… help me」(Loli in distress)

And the moment she saw the girl asking for help.

「Kei… Keiko!!」(Mile)


Mile glares at the man who is gripping the little girl’s arm and the people around him.


The expression disappeared from Mile’s face.

…The second stage.

Then she smiled but her eyes aren’t smiling at all.

…The third stage.

And her face distorted.

…The fourth stage, that is, her final form.



…It was the name Mile’s previous life, Kurihara Misato’s Imouto…

(T.N: Mile/Misato is confirmed to be more of a Siscon than a Lolicon)

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