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Chapter 403 - Human Dragon War 4

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Chapter 403: Human Dragon War 4

「…Then, I will carve your claws cool and beautiful one by one.

And the horn is, well, I don’t know how the Dragon will view it so I will sharpen it on a trial basis for only 1 of you, is that good?」(Mile)


However, if we like that design, may I ask you to do the same for other people as well?』(A.D. Captain)

「Ah~, Hai Hai* (Yes Yes)…」(Mile)

(T.N: Mitsuha’s joke)

And, that’s what happened.

Keragon knew he might got more love rival, looked unpleasant, but even if G.o.d allowed, Mile wouldn’t allow him to monopolize as many as eight girl dragons.

…Both Misato’s life and Mile’s life, she still doesn’t have a boyfriend.

… And of course, the Ancient Dragons of the warrior corps won’t allow it.

The Ancient Dragon’s Claws seem to grow a new one when they were cut off. The same goes for the horn.

But as expected, it took a long time, unlike the deer’s which grows every year.

However, it would hurt a lot so they don’t like it.

But it’s okay because they will grow a new one.



Mile has a look with a sense of accomplishment at her work.

And in front of her is 6 Ancient Dragons with their claws carved beautifully.

One of them, the captain of the corp, has his horn carved like a conical spiral drill.


『This is quite something…』(A.D.)


『『『『『『SO COOL, NOTHING BETTER』』』』』』(6 A.D.)

Mile was a little worried because she couldn’t understand the aesthetics of Ancient Dragon, but apparently, there was no problem.

Then, Pauline completely recovered all the claws and horns sc.r.a.ped by the work without spilling even one powder.

In addition, in order to prove that it was not a fake, she asked the scales from each Ancient Dragon which was engraved with their symbol mark.

This gives them the proof that they “belonged to a particular Ancient Dragon” rather than “of unknown origin.”

For the Ancient Dragon. forgery or misrepresentation of the Ancient Dragon’s symbol mark is an outrageous insult and a deadly sin.

(T.N: Yes, and there are 7 A.D. with their symbol, so 7 deadly sins?)

Therefore, anyone who knows the existence of the Ancient Dragon logo will never commit any misconduct.

Even a savvy merchant.

Although it won’t be widely spread in general, there will be quite a few anecdotes and lore about it.

Yes, at the end of those anecdotes and lore, it will be devastating and miserable on the human side.


And behind everyone, Beredetes was sulking.

Yes, of course, Beredetes also tried to have his claws carved,

But the warriors put their mouths together and said, “it’s too early for you”, “became a full-fledged warrior first”. They didn’t allow it.

Besides, Beredetes is always popular.

The girls might not realize it before, but the fact is the daughter of the chieftain, Sherara has always stuck to him.

Even Ancient Dragons are no different than humans.

They are willing to pull the Youngman’s leg to acquire their spouse.

And next to Beredetes, the leader was also sulking.

Since Beredetes was excluded from the list with the reason “it’s too early for someone of your age”, the leader, who is even younger than Beredetes, must also be excluded.

…No, the Warriors actually didn’t reject the leader in his face.

But by the time the leader murmured “Me too…” in a small voice, Beredetes’ hope was already rejected “due to the lack of age and experience”, so of course, the leader is also out of scope…

As for Mile, she ignored the persuasion of the adult Ancient Dragons because they behaved like a child.

No, in fact, for Ancient Dragon, he is still a child.

Selfish behavior, involving others in trouble, trying to kill others for his self-satisfaction.

Forcing others to do it while he was looking at it to have fun.

No matter if he is a child, it’s still unpleasant, so Mile has no intention or need to accept his request.

(You should know yourself is still a child!) (Mile)

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Mile murmured so and laughed in her heart.

The most precious “time” is now…

So they chose a primitive method that is unreliable but quick and easy to make.

If you put up with 95% reliability, it will take only a few hundredths and a few thousandths of effort compared to 99.9999% reliability.

If the reliability is 95%, launching 20 will bring 19 to the target.

… It was enough.

A group of s.p.a.ce rockets was launching up into the night sky one after another.

The cylindrical body was full of materials.

On the outside, three of “them” were clinging to each rocket.

Firmly with its 6 legs and 4 arms.

To the Outer s.p.a.ce.

It is a vacuum, and the substance is not deteriorated by oxygen and water.

If protected from light and cosmic rays, it’s possible to keep its shape for a very long time.

Then, besides “them” who survived on earth, there must be others who survived on s.p.a.ce by repeating repairs, regeneration, and new manufacturing at the place where the artifacts of the “Creator” remaining.

The satellite system in the orbit is needed to protect the world from foreign enemies.

Even if the enemy does not come from s.p.a.ce.

Satellite orbit.

Lagrange point.

Asteroid belt.

A very long cycle like a comet…

They are heading there, with their own lives.

Elimination of action range restrictions.

Elimination of repair range restrictions.

And the abolition of population limitation.

『Meet the expectations of your creator. And please protect this world…』(Mile’s quote)

For that, they go…


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