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Chapter 402 - Human Dragon War 3

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Chapter 402: Human Dragon War 3

『It will end if we destroy the source! Breath, ma.s.s attack!!』(A.D. Leader)

As expected, when they are in crisis, the policy “Don’t abuse small animals too much…” is dismissed.

6 Warriors, under the direction of the leader, were seriously trying to breath-attack.

All are aiming at Mile.

『Discharge/Fire/Shoot!』(A.D. Leader)




But nothing happened. (T.N: Pokemon meme)

『『『『『『GYA~AAAAAAAAAA!!』』』』』』(6 A.D. Warriors)


That feeling cannot be expressed in other words.

Something they have never felt since they were born as Ancient Dragons.

There are no creatures that can beat old dragons in a meat battle, and no creatures that can beat old dragons in a magic battle.

A tough and powerful body.

Strong attack magic and strong defense magic.

An invincible, perfect creature that runs freely in the sky and is close to G.o.d.

That is the Ancient Dragon.

That how it’s supposed to be…

A body that is too heavy to move freely.

A body that doesn’t lift up no matter how hard they flap their wings.

They couldn’t breathe fire. Even when they tried other magics, there was no reaction.

As they are now, they can only crawl heavily on the ground like a lizard of a lower cla.s.s. Even lower than normal monsters

And now, these extraordinary people stand in front of them…


Be killed.

They just said they would “kill” these girls.

There’s no reason why the girls don’t kill them.

And these four girls have more than enough power to do so.

『『『『『『GYA~AAAAAAAAAA!!』』』』』』(6 A.D. Warriors + Leader)

Again, the screams of the Ancient Dragons from their souls echoed.

The number has increased by one to seven in total.

That extra one is, of course, from the leader, as Beredetes and Keragon sit with their eyes like dead fish some distance away.



You told me!

You told me you would follow my order~rrrr!!』(A.D. Leader)

Apparently, the leader seemed to think that nanomachines, no “magical spirits” in his sense, would absolutely submit to him.

He doesn’t really understand the concept of nanomachines, because he can’t ask the right questions.

He seems to have misunderstood a lot and interpreted it for his own convenience.

Did he think of the “magical spirit” as a creature?

And it is absolutely under his control…

But the reality was tough.

He can’t afford to talk like a “great one*” anymore.

It has become a natural way of talking, he is nothing more than an Ancient Dragon with the t.i.tle “Leader”

(T.N: 我 the powerful way someone calling themselves “I, me”)

「Well then, in order to get rid of the further disturbance, should I wipe out the Ancient Dragon Village…」(Mile)

『『『『『『NO, STOP IT~TTTTTTTTTT』』』』』』(6 A.D. Warriors)

Six warriors desperately begged Mile, ignoring the leader who was crying in depression.

It seems that Beredetes and Keragon are sitting out of this and just watching.

When self-protection is thoroughly done to that extent, it’s refreshing.

…No, if you looked closely, they seemed to be really upset.

As expected, no-one can keep their calm knowing their family or friends might be killed…

「Target, enemy, Ancient Dragon Village.

All safety devices, safety lock are open.

Shock and flash protection are ready!

Sunshine Destroyer ready to launch…」(Mile)


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Zu~un, Zu~shi, Zu~shi~n… (SFX)

Yes, Keragon’s claws.

Mile was worried that it would affect his marriage hunting when she cut them short, so Mile’s carved the symbol for him.

Mile cut one of it to make a sword and another to make a knife.

It is thinner than other nails.

In order to disguise it, it was made into a frightening shape.

And the other one has a beautiful pattern engraved on it.

『Keregon-tono’s claws were admired by the dragons.

It seems that a lot of females ask to be in his Harem (to date him)…』(Beredetes)

(T.N: “-tono” is similar to “-dono”, can be translated as “lord”)

『『『『『『Eh!!』』』』』』(6 A.D.)

They have heard such rumors, but they didn’t hear it from the said person yet. So they asked Keragon.

『…Is that right?』(A.D. Captain)

When others asked him that way, he has to answer honestly.

Keragon replied with a slight downturn.

『Ah, yes…

7 harem members.

No, I wonder if I should say 8 of them because Haruru just asked me out yesterday…』(Keragon)

『『『WHAT! Haruru, you said!?』』』(3 A.D.)

Three of the warriors shouted with different complexions.

Apparently, she seemed to be someone that a lot of people were aiming for, an idol beautiful Dragon girl or something…

『Ple…, PLEASE! I also want to have that symbol!』(A.D.)

『No, I will be the one who gives his horn away!

So the horn after cutting off is cool…』(A.D.)

『What are you talking about?

I can’t let everyone give away your important horn which is also your pride!

As the captain of this corp, I will take this humility for your sake…』(A.D. Captain)

『『『You gotta be kidding me!!』』』(3 A.D.)

「「「「Ah~……」」」」(Red Oath)

As usual, it seems that this time as well, it has become a mess.

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