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Chapter 397 - Tactical Retreat 2

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Chapter 397: Tactical Retreat 2

After the Ancient Dragon Keragon left and the Demis decided to withdraw in groups tonight.

Mile called the scavengers and created a “Full-Scale Model of the Ancient Dragon (Movable)”.

If humans dare to come for reconnaissance, it will come out and move around, plus an acoustic device that makes the cry of the Ancient Dragon, a device that makes something like a Dragon Breath.

Mile instructed them to do deception work.

This should be fine for the time being.

Moreover, the top bra.s.s of the Empire will be in a panic over this matter, and for a while they won’t consider invading other nations.

Of course, even if they are in a mess, they can’t do anything in the end.

Without knowing the intention of the Ancient Dragon, they can only doubt.

…There’s no way they could get in there imposingly or ask the Ancient dragon to leave.

Then again, Mile also asked Keragon to come here once in a while as an “after-sales service”.

When he comes here, he doesn’t have to do anything, just to make a track record of “Ancient dragon is here” and show it to people.

For Ancient Dragons, their village isn’t so far from here plus with their flying speed, it was just like the j.a.panese living in the city go shopping at a nearby convenience store.

To make the Model trick believable, he just needs to come here once a month.

「Alright! Withdraw」(Mile)

All the errands at this place are over.

… No, should it be “in this country”?

Originally, the girls intended to return to the country after this.

So, they were planning to go ahead to the sea and purchase marine products as they originally planned, going north along the coastal route and returning.

Then, they greeted the Demis, thanked them for some reason, and returned with the merchants as “Red Oath”

* * *

「Thank you for all your help this time」(Merchant)

Nothing happened after that, the “merchant” team is back in the Royal Capital of Tyrus Kingdom.

The merchants thanked the girls for the products in the item box, the cost of the ingredients for the meals, etc. and settle the special bonus with a considerable amount.

“Red Oath” received the request achievement certificate in A evaluation.

… Well, there was no other rating higher than A …

The reward for the escort request will be received in the guild in exchange for the request achievement certificate, not from the merchants.

This time, the amount of money the girls received from the merchants is much higher than the amount of reward for the request, but of course they can’t say that out loud.

And, in fact, “Red Oath” cared more about the results.

「Fufufu, it’s a big profit …」(Pauline)

Murmuring that, Paulin smiled happily.

Yes, Pauline took advantage of Mile’s request to Keragon and asked for another.

… She’d like to have some scales and Claws.

Keragon had an unbelievable face but he didn’t have the courage to refuse.

Even though he was reluctant, he gave up several scales and claws.

It was painful to peel off the scales when he was not molting.

And, he pleaded not to remove his nails, Pauline made a compromise with “cutting a part of the Claws”.

For scales, Pauline used healing magic after peeling it off, and the Claws would grow over time.

And then Mile felt sorry for Keragon for his claws of the hind legs to be cut rawly.

So she cut the shaved nails into a cool shape and put decorative carving on the surface.

Somehow, it seems that he suddenly recovered his energy and was trying to decide the “pose”.

… Apparently, he liked it.

Mile had a good sense of art when she was Misato.

Plus the sword with excellent sharpness made by nanomachines, it would be easy to do that much work.

It’s no good to climb on the Ancient Dragon Claws to carve a dragon.

Also, she didn’t put a picture of an Ogre or Manticore.

It’s the same as a strong character with a mouse tattoo.

It doesn’t suit the Ancient Dragon, who was praised to be the strongest being.

Therefore, Mile didn’t carve a picture of creatures, demons, or even G.o.ds, but a cool pattern.

As for the Claws cut for Pauline, it was carved, sharpened to make a sword or knife.

And one claw, which had become a little thin, was made into a weapon that had a sharp, vicious, and intimidating feeling.

As she worked, Mile was getting more and more fun, when Keragon asked, she told him that “Each Ancient Dragon should have a symbol mark to represent themselves”.

Keragon symbol mark was inverted and engraved on one of the claws on the forelimb.

「Now your mark will be imprinted on the head of any people who see it and they will never forget your strength and dread.

…Unless you did it too hard to the point that killed your opponent and made it a waste.

And when you visit Demi or human village, you may want to press your symbol against the mud wall or the big tree and leave your name for centuries…」(Mile)

Heard Mile’s words, Keragon was so excited.

After thanking her many times, he promised to carry out Mile’s request.

And, Mile told Keragon that putting the mark without killing people to engrave the fear and dread. But in fact, she wanted to reduce the chance of Keragon killing people pointlessly.

「Fu~u, I did a good job…」(Mile)

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Mile looked very happy.

And it’s a normal day… well, not really… but for “Red Oath”, it’s a normal day …

「A letter was sent to “Red Oath” with a guild’s express service」(Receptionist)

A letter was handed to the girls by the receptionist at the Guild Branch.

「The sender is… Hey, what is this h.e.l.lish emblem…」(Rena)


Only aristocrats or royals using the Coat of Arms for the name of the letter’s sender. Maevis, who knows a lot about this, looked into the letter in Rena’s hand …

「No, this is not an Aristocratic or Royal coat of arms.

It didn’t take the form of a coat of arms,

It doesn’t follow the rules …」(Maevis)

「Or rather, I remember seeing it somewhere …」(Pauline)

Following Maevis, Pauline is also tilting her head pondering.

And Mile, after thinking for a while …

「Ah, this is the one I carved!」(Mile)

「「「Eh?」」」(Rena’s Trio)

Yes, that was the “Keragon Symbol” that Mile carved on Keragon’s Claws.

Of course, the sizes are completely different,

He didn’t press it into the letter but just drew the same thing …

「Why didn’t you recognize your own carved mark?」(Rena)

*Ahaha* Mile has a bitter smile.

「However, I wondered if he picked up the quill pen with that big hand and drew it.

It’s pretty dexterous …」(Mile)

「It must have been drew by the Demi or something!

Hey, who cares about that!

The question is, what is written inside!!」(Rena)

「「「Certainly…」」」(Mile’s Trio)

Mile’s Trio nodded to Rena.

When they noticed it, not only the receptionist who handed them the letter, but other guild staff and hunters were also listening.

「「「「…………」」」」(Red Oath)

And “Red Oath” left the guild in a hurry.

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