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Chapter 393 - Defense Battle 7

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Chapter 393: Defense Battle 7

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Dark Site

Mile Chapter 393: Defense Battle 7

(Then, this ruin …) (Mile)

【Yes, it wasn’t fully functional yet. It was only recently resumed by the Scavenger.

Of course, most of the mechanical equipment has become rusted, and there was nothing that could be used, so they probably have rebuilt from scratch.

However, Scavengers could only locally produce golems for defense, the remains of this site itself wouldn’t be repaired like that.

It looks like they are currently building a machine for repair work】(Nano)

(Mumumu……) (Mile)

【It seems that he recognized Mile-sama from your appearance and voiceprints, and he confirmed that you are the “administrator” by performing biometric pattern matching, etc.

Then it seems like he brought you here because he would like you to give him some instructions】(Nano)

(Hey (って), I see.

The Scavenger, who is acting according to the instructions I gave at that time, came here,

Because they are replicating themselves, they all follow my instructions.

That’s why they try to avoid harming humanoid species as much as possible.

Keep it to the extent repelling intruders only…) (Mile)

Actually, Mile ordered that it would be fine to fight a little more aggressively to protect the ruins, but probably because there’s still room for defense so the golems go easy on the intruders.

If they keep attacking, it may be serious.

It’s good that they used the defense mechanism from that time…

(The current situation is that the golems suddenly occurred in a ruin where they didn’t appear before.

These people don’t know if the relationship between the ruins and the golems.

It happened that those who tried to investigate the ruins meet the golems,

Or this was supposed to be a “dead ruin”, but the golem appeared, so they came here for a re-investigation, or something like that, maybe …) (Mile)

「…ile! Mile!」(Rena)


Although Mile was talking with the Nanomachine, however to Rena’s Trio, Mile stood still. They got impatient and called out to her.

「You are surprised too much」(Rena)

Maybe she thought that Mile was also stunned by the sight before them and said that,

It’s no wonder.

This was completely different from the small golem repair place they saw last time.

The last time was, so to speak, “a small workshop with a few employees”

Only a few workers repairing machines product on a table…

But the site before Mile’s group now isn’t that small, it’s much bigger.

It’s not a big factory (compare to Earth) but there are more than 60 scavengers making some big tubular ones in a slightly larger place.

The diameter is 3-4 meters, the length is…

Each of them will be several meters long, which will be spliced together later,

Make you wonder how long the finished product will be. (50 meters)

(T.N: Try to guess by yourself, because I won’t spoiler it ^_^)

The worksite and the place where Mile’s group in standing now is separated by a transparent wall.

Rena’s Trio thinks it’s just gla.s.s.

Although the gla.s.s of such a large size and high transparency had yet to be made with the technology of this world, it wasn’t strange to Rena’s trio to know it was Gla.s.s.

…Actually, it isn’t normal gla.s.s though…

「No, I’m surprised. Like normal!」(Mile)

It seems Mile tried to distract for now.

Even though Rena said that, but she didn’t really think Mile could be more surprised than them.

Mile has always been the calmest at times like this,

Even now, Mile seems to have wrinkled her forehead and thought with a difficult face,

Actually, she wasn’t like Rena’s Trio, whose eyes were wide open.

「Well then, I will check the situation…」(Mile)

Mile said so, but at this point, no one would be surprised anymore.

Apparently, after the last time, Rena’s Trio seemed to think that

“Mile also has the abilities of a monster tamer, which allows her to communicate to some extent with the magical creatures produced by intelligent creatures, etc.”

No, in this world, there’s no such thing as “Monster Tamer, who can communicate with monsters”

It sometimes appears in the novels written by MiAMi SatoDelLe Sensei.

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But it’s only fiction, such longing occupation doesn’t exist,

Considering that, the nanomachine completely satisfied all of those conditions.


【It’s just a tool with a sound collection/recording function like Mile-sama told us before.

It just an “IC recorder” has become smaller, got wings and limbs!】(Nano)

(It’s even scarier!) (Mile)

Although Mile felt disgusted, she actually imagined a c.o.c.kroach-like shape from the words Nanomachine said.

She never thought anything about the nanomachines.

Then, as the nano-machines detect it from Mile’s thought, they laugh.

【Just as planned (計画通り Keikakudoori)……】(Nano)

(Did you say something?) (Mile)

【No, nothing!】(Nano)

Then, Mile calls out to the scavenger who guides her.

「Do you understand me?」(Mile)

Kokuri (nodded* SFX)

The Scavenger nodded greatly to Mile.

Of course, there is a hearing function to check the situation and receive instructions from the Administrator, but it’s not equipped with a vocal function because it’s not necessary.

However, of course, he also mastered the means of communication that human races do without using words, that is, “gestures”.

…Rather, it was a necessary function even for the old Administrators, and even the human beings who are their descendants have not changed their gestures with simple meanings…

【Mile-sama, give them a few words…】(Nano)

Even if Nano said so, Mile didn’t know what to say.

(What should I do…

It’s hard to say something weird, which makes everyone aware of their significance of existence,

Safewords which make them feel worth living) (Mile)

There’s no figure of those originally made them,

They are objects that just continue to exist by repeating duplication.

To give them hope…

After a bit of trouble, Mile gently told the scavenger.

「Follow the expectations of your Makers. And protect this world…」(Mile)

Oddly enough, it was very similar to what Nanomachine used to tell the Terminal just before leaving the ruin…

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