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Chapter 384 - Request in Empire 5

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Chapter 384: Request in Empire 5

「……And then, after completing the first training trip in C rank,

We took a vacation, then we happened to come here and get our first job after the vacation!」(Mile)

「「「「「…………」」」」」(Female Hunter Party)

Even if they listen to Mile’s explanation, the female hunter party stays silent.

They don’t want to believe.

If they acknowledge the existence of such a newbie C rank party,

Their common sense and confidence will be crushed.

They don’t want to admit.

They can not admit!

「…But there is… one… right now… before our eyes…」(Female Hunter)


The female hunter party is depressed.

「Ah, by the way, we haven’t even introduced ourselves yet.

My apologies, I have been rude…

We are C rank party, “Blue Gale”. But we are going to promote to B rank soon (upper-level C rank)」(Female Hunter)

「We are C rank party, “Red Oath.”

It’s been a year since we became C rank, as explained earlier by Mile…」(Maevis)

Mile has already told the Rank at the time of the explanation earlier, Maevis was just formally telling their name while lowering her head.

After a while, Guards came from the Imperial City.

The number is quite large, as this place is very close to the gate and there are many people to be captured.

In addition, there were not only guards but also other hunters.

Then the Guards took over the caught bandits,

Meanwhile, hunters and clerks came to Mile’s group.

「My name is Ovin (オーヴィン: Ōvu~in), Deputy Guild Master.

My apologies, I have accepted posting a “rotten” request.

I will take measures to avoid something like this in the future.

So please calm your anger and wait.」(Ovin)

Apparently, the employer has called both the guild branch as well as the guards.

…Certainly, as for “Blue Gale”, their client must pay the request fee and further penalties.

However, it would be better if the guild apologizes to them for indirectly involving them in such a situation.

He was a smart merchant to even care for a hunter he didn’t hire.

As for Mile’s group, “Red Oath”

There was no problem with the client or the request itself,

Even if there are a.s.sailants and their mastermind,

It’s a category of “escort duty”, so there is no problem.

… Well, as for the guild, they will need to make some remedies.

Because they were involved in a crime through the guild’s commission,

If they don’t deal with it properly and the news spread, the Imperial Capital City Hunter Guild Branch will lose its reputation.

And along with the captured bandits

Garaidal and his employees, who have not been captured yet, begin to move with many people surrounded them so that they cannot escape.

As expected, the wife and child aren’t surrounded as much,

They are only lightly surrounded.

And of course, merchant Vebdel, Red Oath’s client, his senior servants… probably those who have been around for a long time, the female hunter party “Blue Gale” and “Red Oath” following to testify in various ways as a witness.

Other employees of Vebdel Firm cleaned up and withdrawal from the site.

And the sad eyes of the children, seeing off their friends.

If they are lucky, someday they may come across as a merchant…

* * *

「Thank you very much this time.

If our escorts aren’t you, we might have been dead by now…」(Vebdel)

With that said, the client really shows his sincere grat.i.tude.

What he was saying was exactly the fact, so the Mile’s group didn’t humble themselves and accepted the words of appreciation and praise.

Anyway if you are j.a.panese or citizen of other countries (including the different worlds), it’s a fool to understate your own accomplishments, so Mile follows that rule here.

In particular, if the hunters naturally reduce the evaluations and rewards that they should be able to obtain, other hunters will be troubled.

It is important for both evaluation and reward to “protect the market”.

And even though the client was really grateful, he didn’t seem planning to add any extra rewards.

But thanks are free, no matter how much you say.

… As expected, he is a genuine merchant.

Well, that’s normal. And he already gave an A rating on the request achievement certificate, so Mile’s group didn’t complain.

Pauline is also satisfied with the reward for catching the bandits and the share of the price of the crime slaves.

This is the end of the case.

They still need to report to the guild.

Since the Deputy Guild Master was present at the Guard’s headquarters for briefings and testimony, make a formal request completion report, the girls only need to receive the money.

How much this apology will be charged, it’s fun to think about it (Pauline’s POV?).

「Well then, it’s about time……」(Maevis)

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「「「「Thank you very much for the request」」」」(Red Oath)

Even if he changed the request to “Escort”, the girls wouldn’t accept it.

But then, he called again to the “Red Oath” who is walking away.

「Please wait!」(Vebdel)

「No matter how you ask, we can’t accept it.

In the first place, we have an appointment for the day after tomorrow」(Maevis)

Despite Maevis saying so, Vebdel hasn’t given up.

「No, I gave up on that!

So I’d like to ask another request …」(Vebdel)

「Another request…, isn’t it?」(Maevis)

When he said that, the girls at least need to listen.

It’s rude to refuse to listen to the client of the guild, although he hasn’t requested to the guild this time yet.

The reputation of the hunter will drop.

And it’s not a big deal to listen.

They just need to listen, if they don’t like it, they can refuse after that.

In the first place, they don’t have much time left by the end of tomorrow, so they mostly just refuse anyway.

「Please talk. We’re listening.」(Maevis)

Hearing Maevis’ reply, Vebdel started talking.

「I would like to ask you to provide cuisine to and, if possible, how to make it for tomorrow’s outdoor party (picnic).

I want to make up for the ruined party that the kids were looking forward to.

And it’s a goodbye to the good friends, Gareidal’s children…

So, tomorrow, the re-make…

Fortunately, Garedal’s wife and children don’t seem to be involved in this case and are still free.

Regardless of whether they will be taken over by the wife’s parents’ house or if they manage to rebuild the company with those who are left behind, I want them to have the last fun moments and memories with their good friends…」(Vebdel)


When he said, it was hard to refuse.

In terms of schedule, there’s no problem if it’s about half a day tomorrow.

There is no particular problem in the content of the request because it is a nomination request with Mile’s special skill.

Certainly, the transportation request mentioned earlier is also a “nomination request using Mile’s special skill”, but the fact that “a C rank party received a transport request as porters, not as escorts” will affect the pride of “Red Oath”, but this request isn’t.

However, this request is more like a nomination request for Mile rather than the hunter party, Red Oath.

As a party leader, Maevis is having trouble replying…

「Let’s take it!」(Mile)

Cheerfully, Mile replied.

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