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Chapter 383 - Request in Empire 4

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Chapter 383: Request in Empire 4

「We did it, a big catch!

Not only we get this request fee, but we also get rewards for defeating bandits, rewards from commercial guilds, and the share of the profit of selling this many criminal slaves!

I’m so happy that I can’t stop smiling!!」(Pauline)

Pauline was happy and said all that,

Maevis was happy that she could protect civilians, including girls and children, and was able to show the children something cool.

Mile began serving out tables and dishes while Rena was threatening the bandits.

「Rather than attacking a merchant corp in the highway, they chose to attack the families who are on vacation and having escorts, huh?

And they didn’t ask for money or take away women or children, but they wanted to kill everyone from the beginning.

First of all, tie their necks together before hearing the situation.

They will surely be judged as first-cla.s.s criminal slaves. Perhaps it’s lifelong labor in a mine or a healing magical human body experiment subjects (lab rat)


Of the bandits rolling on the floor, the conscious one screamed.

「Th~th~that’s wrong! We are not bandits!!」(Bandit)

「… All bandits say that though.」(Mile)

After arranging the dishes on the table and watching the children flock side by side, Mile burst out in a cold voice.

「No… no, it’s not a lie!

If you look it up, you’ll know.

We are just… well, someone they called like “thugs” or “rascals”.

As I said, we are average, very average people!」(Bandit)

「「「「How are Thugs and Rascals average people?!」」」」(Red Oath)

Mile’s group’s retort came in perfect sync.

The merchant family members are nodding as well… except for some people.

「Well, why don’t we contact the Guards and have them pick you up?

They will check if you are professional bandits.

…However, it just shows “Whether you were professional bandits or not”.

Whatever the result of the survey, it has nothing to do with “Right now, you already committed a genuine bandit act.”


Maevis’ words sharply cut the bandits. (lost for words)

It’s natural.

Why would people care about the criminal acts these bandits have done until now?

「That’s wrong!

We just received the request…」(Bandit)

「Yes, as your request, you attacked in order to kill other people.

A genuine bandit act, it’s an attempted murderer.」(Pauline)

「If there’s a client, there might be a testimony.

Until they vomit their client’s name and request, the interrogation will never end.

To find out their background, the guards might need to investigate all their family and friends too…


Pauline and Mile didn’t let go.


My family has nothing to do with this!

My younger sister just got married…


「I don’t know…

You did it yourself, right?

Well, if you don’t want to bother your family or friends, why not just talk about your background and prove that your family and friends don’t involve?

What is the ident.i.ty of the mastermind, and what kind of work you were asked to do?」(Rena)

Hearing Rena’s words, the Bandits talking desperately.

「We were just raked up by a grocer who specializes in back-business (crime-related).

So I don’t know the client.

We just changed into the ragged clothes, dressed like a bandit, and attacked one of the two families as instructed…」(Bandit)


「「「Eeeh?」」」(Merchant’s family?)

「「「「「「EEEEEEEHH?」」」」」」(Merchant’s family?)

Questions and astonishment are raised among the merchant’s family members.

Needless to say who is the “instructed person”.

And it means that the bandits were instructed to attack only one of the families and not the other.


Everybody’s gaze focused on the one who hired the other hunter party beside Mile’s group, Mister Gareidal, the owner of the Dilabolt firm.

Including his wife and children.

「……Uu, uu……」(Gareidal)

Only if he can have a blank-look like he doesn’t understand then he can still talk his way out.

But if his face turns blue, it’s useless.

It was completely OUT. (T.N: Cat out of the bag)

Anyway, he might endure if it was only the members of Vebdel Firm. But not when even his wife, children, and employees glare at him with disgust and disdain.

But Rena ignored him and asked the bandits again.

「So, specifically, how was the request to attack?」(Rena)

Now that they can’t escape anymore.

The bandits speak honestly, trying to avoid the death guilty and the life-time mining slave at least.

「For the merchant family, kill everyone but the youngest girl.

For the employees, kill older men and leave women and young men untouched.

For the escort female hunters, only remove those who resist, and do as little harm as possible to avoid agitating the guild…」(Bandit)

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For me, our friendship disappeared when you gave the order to your hired hunters to protect your family alone instead of fighting together. I just come to tell you that… I’m sorry (It’s nice knowing you. Really)…


Vebdel returns to his family and servants.


And the Gareidal simply fell into the spot.

「… Speaking of which,

Why did he limit escorts to female hunters?

No, we were told that he wanted to avoid scaring the children and women,

But now that we think about it now, maybe there was another reason…」(Mile)

「It’s probably……」(Female Hunter)

The person who seems to be the leader of a female party answered Mile’s muttered question.

「I guess the reason was because we are the only above C rank female party in the Imperial City who are available in the Imperial City.

Others are lower than C rank or lower than D rank.

In other words, if he limited to hire only C rank female parties, you wouldn’t be able to hire any other party beside us.

However, if you can hire the upper-level of C rank or a B rank, they will hinder his plan.

It just happened that such a monster party like you came to the Imperial City and receiving such a request to play…

You just received it because you wanted to have a barbecue surrounded by children… So, are you…

B rank?

Or maybe A rank?

You don’t look like your age, maybe you are half-dwarf or half-elf…!

」(Female Hunter)

The female hunter fixed up her posture in a hurry…

「My apologies, I have been rude to you」(Female Hunter)

Yes, It’s true if the other party turns out to be like what she just said.

And before that, talking about the hunters’ ident.i.ty is the greatest taboo.

No wonder, she tried to apologize…


「Ah, we are all pure humans,

A newbie party who just became C rank for a year…

I wonder if we can get rid of the t.i.tle of a newbie soon.

I think we are only the bottom level of C rank…」(Mile)

「「「「「……」」」」」(Female Hunter party)

The female party silently staring at Mile’s group.

「「「「「…………」」」」」(Female Hunter party)

「「「「「………………」」」」」(Female Hunter party)

「「「「「…NO~ WAY~!! (Uso~da~aaaa)」」」」」(Female Hunter party)

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