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Chapter 358 - Departure Strategy 1

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Chapter 358: Departure Strategy 1

「It’s finally time ~desu~wa.

Are you both prepared ~desu~wa~ne?」(Marcella)

Monica and Oriana nodded to Marcela’s words.

Yes, tomorrow will be their graduation ceremony.

…and also the day of their Female Royal Guard squad enlistment ceremony.

Morning is the graduation ceremony of Ekland Academy.

And the afternoon is the entrance ceremony of the Female Royal Squad.

Yes, right now is “The night before the campaign”.

It was the last night for them to spend in the school dormitory.

Actually, there is barely anything left in their room other than the original furniture.

Most of Marcela’s and Monica’s personal items have already been carried out by their families during the day.

Oriana originally intends to dispose of the cheap personal items she has bought in the last three years,

Most of it will be pa.s.sed on to junior juniors, others will be disposed of.

Rather than sending such a cheap thing all the way to her rural home, it’s a little cheaper to throw it away and buy it again in a city near her parents’ home.

Thus, what is left in their room is

A set of uniforms to return after tomorrow’s graduation ceremony,

It was just a piece of plain-clothes and their luggage can be fit in one bag.

… By the way, upon graduation, all uniforms, etc. are to be returned.

Originally, it was provided as a “loan”.

There are a significant number of people wishing to buy a commemorative one each year, but they are not allowed, it’s to prevent abuse of uniforms.

So, it was really a problem for the 2 uniforms brought out by Mile, but it wasn’t a problem because of the circ.u.mstances.

…In other words, it’s impossible to recover, so they had no choice but to give up.

Until now, it is a strategy that has been repeatedly examined by three girls.

They don’t need such things now.

The three nodded again and returned to their rooms to get enough sleep for tomorrow.

There will be plenty of opportunities to talk.

Yes, during a long journey from tomorrow.

* * *

「We will be going for a new world!」(Student Representative / Marcella?)


A common, graduation ceremony.

Not for royalty or senior n.o.ble children,

It’s not Ardley Academy where children of large-scale merchants and VIP’s children attend.

There might be some low-rank n.o.ble children, medium-sized merchant’s children, or poor but talented enough to get scholarship students.

This is the graduation ceremony of Ekland Academy.

Both guests and parents rarely attend.

… if it’s a normal year.

Yes, if it is “an average year”.

This year, both the guest and parents’ seats are full.

Why is that?

Probably because the guest’s seat is filled with the first in history honor guests, the King and Queen, both Princes, other ministers, and senior n.o.bles.

The best friends of “Zero Maiden”, the Miraculous girls loved by the G.o.ddess.

A Trio of beautiful girls together, all are offense magicians, the best friend of the third princess,

The first attempt to be the special royal guard for the princess, founding members of “Female Royal Squad”.

And one of them got both princes’ considerable attention,

The first candidate for the future Crown Princess.

And when people heard that the Royalty, The King and Queen, both princes, the princess, and other higher-ups will attend the graduation ceremony,

The three girls’ cla.s.smates and the parents of the same grade can’t help but be present.

It could be a face-to-face connection and could be an event to talk again later when they meet.

There’s no way a n.o.ble or merchant would miss this opportunity.

The graduation ceremony was over, and the graduation ceremony was over.

As usual, nothing happened.

* * *

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「Let’s go (Ikimasu~ wa~ yo!)」(Marcella)

It’s Gorgeous and cool uniforms for women.

There are also girls who are enlisted in the female Royal Guard squad other than Marcela’s Trio.

They are all n.o.ble and senior military children,

Since childhood or in a hurry after hearing the talk about forming this female royal guard squad, they trained in martial arts and attack magic,

At least enough to protect the princess.

They have acquired the will and skills to stall the enemies for a few seconds before the male guards rush to help.

…It should have been.

Marcella’s Trio was provided with two things, besides the uniform and the accompanying goods.

A sword… and a dagger.

Rena, Pauline, and most of the hunter magician have their main focus is on using magic,

The staff is selected as the weapon to use so that they can protect themselves by swinging without thinking and staying focused on the chant.

However, even if people say “it’s rarely happened and you don’t need to worry as the rearguard because the vanguard will protect you, so you only need to defeat the enemy using your magic”

There’s nothing strange about equipping a sword with great killing power.

Just concentrating on the magic won’t be good if the can’t cast the spell in time or your magic power is exhausted.

But if your weapon is a sword, you might be able to stab one of your enemies.

The Royal Guard’s job isn’t to survive.

It’s to protect your master using both your body and life, just like a disposable throwing knife.

It was the Royal Guard.

Hunters fighting every day, ordinary soldiers fighting a lot of enemies, “Protect yourself and not die” is their top priority, but guards are not.

The dagger is a spare sidearm for the sword.

Prepare for battles in places that are too narrow to swing the sword (like the dungeon in Goblin Slayer), or where it is difficult to fight with swords such as underwater.

In general, it’s much shorter than the swordsman’s spare dagger in case the sword breaks,

That dagger, which is clearly too long to be called a knife,

It was a reasonable length for Marcella.

…As for the sword, it was obviously not just a little long, but obviously too long.

But that doesn’t matter.

Other women are about 16-20 years old, Marcela’s Trio is still Lolis (little girls) who are a little over 13 years old.

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