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Chapter 351 - What Lies in the Mountain 7

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Chapter 351: What Lies in the Mountain 7

『Zee~ zee~ zee~ … Is everyone safe?』(Man 1)

『Yes, everyone made it.

I’m the one who got leg strain, but it’s no big deal.

I can heal the Pain with healing magic』(Man 2)

The men escaped from the four golems, managed to take a break and started talking.

Apparently, the golems here seemed to have the habit that didn’t chase the humans those who noticed them and fled.

Not all golems have such a habit, but the golems in this area seemed to have changed a bit.

『Until now, only one of them appeared at a time, why do four of them come out at once?!

It should be different, It should be!! d.a.m.n it! 』 (Man 3)

One of the men cursed (swear) and says that, but it can’t be helped.

Despite the fact that the golems are monsters that act alone, they may have taken countermeasures because many of them have been hunted one by one.

『… a monster, a golem that doesn’t seem to have a brain, thinking of countermeasures to act with other golems…』(Man 4)

A man who muttered with an expression like he witnessed something unbelievable.

『By chance does that mean…』 (Man)

『No, until now, other golems could appear during the fight, but it just came by accident or by the sound of battle.

I have never heard of more than one golem patrol at the beginning. And here are four of them working together.

As expected, this might be because we hunted them one by one …』(Man)


The men are lost for words.

It’s no wonder.

Their plan has gone haywire.

And the men who were at a loss were suddenly heard.

『Eh? Are you hunters?』(Maevis)

Yes, it was “Red Oath” who had kept track of the men using search magic.

『There are many other monsters and you come here to hunt the Golem?

That’s awesome, you can hunt those stupid golems that hard and durable…』(Mile)

Following Mavis who called out first,

Men seemed to be a little better when Miles were impressed.

There’s no such a young and beautiful bandit.

And even if there are such bandits, it’s hard to imagine 4 girls would try to attack 14 armed opponents while they aren’t merchants nor they are carrying expensive luggage…

That’s why the men determined that these girls were unlikely to be hostile or harmful to them, they were completely unsuspecting.

『Ah, no, we aren’t hunters, this is for our own training.

And I wonder if we can reduce the number of monsters in this area territory to help the local people a little …』(Man)

A man who seems to be the coordinator of this group answered while being a little shy.

There isn’t any man who hates getting praising by the cute little girls.

In particular,

Men don’t usually have that mood…

((((Easy!)))) (Red Oath)

According to Paulin’s strategy, there’s no man who would hate the “red oath” with the full use of the “customer service” trained at Reni-chan’s inn.

And Pauline looks at men with *Jirojiro*.

『… Are any of you not pure humans?』(Pauline)

『…Eh? No, there isn’t…』(Man)

The man in the role of this group’s coordinator became a little caution,

Then Rena explained…

『I’m so glad!

We hate non-humans, not only the elves and dwarves but also the beastkin and devils.

G.o.d has only created human beings, and the other races are just tainted races created by demons imitating humans …』(Rena)

This is Mile’s new theory made up of information gathered so far from this cult,

Some non-human supremacists and non-discriminators would be frowning upon hearing them.

And as these men heard it …


Their doctrines are something that will be criticized if they dare to speak publicly.

And some ordinary girls appear before them.

The girls speak it proudly.

What wisdom, what courage!

…they are also… young and cute.

『Why don’t we talk for a while?』(Man)

* * *

『Yeah, that’s right!

Inviting the new G.o.d to pray for blessings instead of the old G.o.d who has abandoned us and has hidden his appearances!

You understand it, right?


Mile offered out of the item box, distilled Alcohol with strong alcohol content and delicious dishes.

Then, the cute girls keep inviting (feeding?) food and drink to the men.

Immediately after the intense exercise of running in the mountains while wearing weapons and armor, the men became drunk quickly.

『Um, sacrifice the filthy ones, welcome new G.o.ds from a different world,

As a reward, they will bless us as their kin,

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Let the fools who have been cold-hearted to us without noticing our value…』(Man)

『Fu, fu haha. It’s nothing big. That much is nothing.』(Man)

『That’s right. You can always ask us for help.

If they have the same creed as us, they will help you for sure!』(Man)

『Of course!!』(Man)

The men are getting drunk.

『Yes, thank you very much for this time!

But we will be withdrawing now. Since everyone is already full and getting drunk,

How about you also withdraw today and coming back later?』(Pauline)

『Um … um, that’s true.

Everyone seems to have drunk too much …

Okay, today, this good meeting alone is a sufficient result, withdraw!』(Man)


The men are drunk.

They didn’t dare to fight four Golems.

It was shameful to run away as soon as they saw the Golems.

Unexpectedly, the girls praised (provided) a good reason for them to retreat.

They were delighted with their hearts.

So they unanimously agreed with Pauline.

* * *

『『『『Keikaku Doori (Just according to the plan)』』』』(Red Oath)

“Take care of yourself and go home”,

While looking down at the back of the men leaving.

Mile’s group said with an evil face

『But what can we do about this …』

With that said, Mile looks at the bundle of paper in her hands somewhat troubled.

A similar bundle of paper is held in the hands of the other three.

Most are poor quality paper, but some are quite good quality paper and parchment.

… Yes, the men said, “Please contact me anytime.”

They wrote their contact information and gave it to the girls.

When one person does, everyone imitates,

They wrote everything and handed it to the girls.

『… Well, if something happens, you can use it in the list of suspects.』(Rena)

Pauline and Maevis nodded with Rena.

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