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Chapter 349 - What Lies in the Mountain 5

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Chapter 349: What Lies in the Mountain 5

One day, suspicious men came from somewhere.

When children say the men are suspicious,

It was about the men’s outfits, equipment and ages vary, but only the cloak is a matching black cloak.

A mixture of vanguard swordsmen, spearmen and rearguard magicians,

They didn’t seem to be very cooperative.

And they seem to be strong, they can fight the golems quite properly.

The men relentlessly fight the golem, even though they are aware of the children,

They didn’t try to do anything bad to the children,

On the other hand, sometimes they leave extra food when departing.

『What’s what?

Aren’t they good guys?』(Mile? Pauline?)

『Yeah, they are good people. But the golems also took care of us, they are the greater benefactors…』(Child)

『Ah, I see…』(Mile? Pauline?)

Suspicious men showed their kindness to the children, “humans” but not to a monster, “Golem”.

No, even if they are “suspicious”, fighting golem is a “good deed” in the general public.

Hunters sometimes fight also golems.

Normally, golems don’t come and attack humans.

You can’t get meat or fur from Golem.

The only thing we can get money from is the sphere of the joint.

Although it’s heavy and difficult to carry, the purchase price is low and the efficiency is poor, not to mention Golem is quite strong at that.

Except for when hunting the rock lizards, which often live near the golem area, hunters might happen to meet and need to fight Golem.

There’s no one who wants to challenge Golem, only young hunters who want to test their skills.

『Individuals are reasonably strong, they just can’t cooperate well,

So, aren’t they just trying to train there?』(Maevis)

『『『Ah!』』』(Rena’s Trio)

Just like Maevis, Rena’s trio is somewhat convinced.

Indeed, then it’s understandable.

If it’s a golem, even if you defeat a lot as a practice,

You don’t have to feel guilty because it’s not like a living thing,

It’s reasonably strong and st.u.r.dy, so it’s the perfect training target.

Hunters usually don’t go close to the golem habitat, there is no need to bother others or disrupt the ecosystem.

… Because the golem itself has already destroyed the surrounding ecosystem.

『So, there isn’t any problem, right?

They don’t harm the children, they just train against the golem, they are good guys.

They are killing Golem, oh well, that may be annoying,

But it’s a monster, so you can’t help it』(Rena)

『Umm, well, that’s right …

Anyway, is our commissioned task completed?

We were able to confirm the situation and that there was no danger to the children …』(Maevis)

Pauline nodded to Rena and Mavis.

… But for some reason Mile had a difficult face.


They have matching black cloaks, but they are not so good at cooperating and fighting.

…where did I hear this before…』 (Mile)

Mile leans her neck, pondering but she can’t remember.


Pauline, who was listening to Mile’s solitude, shouted.

『It’s “that”, back then at the time of Faryl-chan’s kidnapping …』(Pauline)

『『『Aaaahhhh』』』(Mile’s Trio)

Yes, it was certainly the characteristic of the suspicious religious group at that time.

The human supremacist religion who didn’t unify all their clothes and equipment, but unified only the black cloak as a symbol.

Speaking of which, they certainly said that the birthplace of that religion was the eastern country.

And this is quite far from the east side when viewed from that country, the kingdom of Vanorak.

It’s far enough to be a “far eastern country”.

『Speaking of that, surely although they were cold for the beastkin like Faryl-chan, they didn’t harm her friend Meseria-chan who is human

If they close that child’s mouth, they can significantly delay the discovery of the crime, they were also able to eliminate eyewitness testimony…』(Rena)

『Yes, in other words, they are pretty sincere for humans,

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That they are not so bad people …』(Pauline)

『Yes, we need to meet them and see if they are that cult.

You need to see what they are doing here.

Otherwise, we can’t tell if these kids are really safe …』(Pauline)

Mile and Maevis nodded to Rena and Paulin. And following…

『If they are that cult, We have an overwhelming advantage.』(Mile)

『Ah. We know a lot about them』(Maevis)

『『『『While they know nothing about us』』』』(Red Oath)

Yes, their faction was arrested in the kingdom of Vanorak,

That an important ceremony has become a catastrophe, the two hunter parties involved in that.

One of them is now at this place.

They have no way of knowing.

Then, an unknown girl-only party just happened to be asked for supporting the children,

These girls happen to be just pure-blooded humans,

Half of them are minors (look like).

And now the men thought they aren’t doing anything wrong.

So just because they happen to meet in the mountains,

They shouldn’t need to be too alert about girls who don’t look like bandits or hunters who tried to capture them.


Suddenly, Pauline made a voice.

『What happened?』(Maevis)

『No, it would be nice if they were a member of the group …』(Pauline)

『Is that so?』(Maevis)

Maevis rushed asking, but Pauline dismissed and continued talking.

『What if they are completely irrelevant, just some bandits or behind-the-scenes people are training in combat,

Then what would happen if a strange beautiful-looking girl group appear there…』(Pauline)

『『『Ah…』』』(Mile’s Trio)

At that time, one of the children asked the girls.

『Onee-chan-tachi (big sisters), you are pretty Impudent, aren’t you?』(Child)

『『『『Urusai wa (Be quiet)!!』』』』(Red Oath)

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