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Chapter 339 - Troublesome Hoi Hoi 1

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Chapter 339: Troublesome Hoi Hoi 1

(T.N: ホイホイ “Hoi Hoi” is in Katakana)

『Eh, this is…』(Mile)

Mile’s group couldn’t leave the city until the guild pay. When they tried to find a request at the guild branch, they noticed something posted next to the request board.

『Auction Notice… is it about the scale of Ancient Dragon?』(Mile)

『Ah, isn’t this the exhibition from those hunters?

Merchants, who bought from us, can’t possibly sell again in such a place.

And the number of exhibition items is three?

Apparently, they have found everything well ……』(Pauline)

Pauline explained this to Mile.

Yes, in fact, the scale was left on the site because Mile has left it on purpose.

If you think about it, you can understand. Pauline, the miser, has time to spare, and there is Mile who is good at searching magic, there was no way they could and left a few Ancient Dragon scales behind.

Those scales were in poor condition, damaged. They can be found with a bit of searching so that those who come to investigate the site can find it, just in case it becomes necessary evident to explain later. Only three scales were left there.

『It’s okay with the Ancient Dragon.

The hunters also reported the anonymous information

“Some people told us that the Ancient Dragons had an irrelevant affair this time”

As they don’t want to be involved in something strange, they want to reveal their ident.i.ty.

And the guild side wouldn’t be interested in just some messengers.』(Pauline)

Around that time, along with the merchants, the girls firmly reminded that B rank party.

For hunters and merchants, trust is everything.

If the news spread that they have broken their promises or contracts, they couldn’t do their business anymore.

And when it comes to Ancient Dragon and its scales, the rumors will quickly spread throughout the country.

『In other words, the bigger the problem, the more they will keep their promise. If they are decent people…』(Pauline)

Three girls nod with Pauline’s words.

By the way, the scales that Mile has secured are going to be sold one by one in each place. Their setting is “We just happened to get one”.

Pauline said that it would not break the market price.

And, after all, without a good request, the girls decided to do a proper job that includes material gathering, wandering around the forest and hunting for prey that they met. Then they left the guild branch.

『I guess it’s about time to move. Shall we go right after we get paid for the soil dragon?』(Pauline)

『I agree. There seems to be no good request and with just a single soil dragon, our name is already known well in this city.』(Rena)

『…we might be standing out too much』(Maevis)

Mile wry smiles at Rena, Pauline, and Maevis’ words.

Indeed, they might be standing out a bit too much.

『… But maybe Maevis is getting a bit too much these days?

I feel like Maevis gets all these things here, cool things, delicious things…』(Rena)

Somehow, Rena is talking about Maevis.

『Speaking of which, I feel like that as well.

I feel like Mavis is steadily working “The series of words I want to say someday”…』(Pauline)

Just like Pauline, Maevis is a bit impatient. Apparently, she also is aware of it herself.

So, Mile, who is part of that responsibility, managed to follow up.

『Well then, Rena-san and Pauline-san, do you want to use the previously tested “Magical Girl’s Wand”?

If you use that, you will definitely get attention in the transformation scene and special moves!

You can also use a variety of definitive dialogues, “Lightning equipment heat” loaded with powerful lightning magic,

a kind of finishing strike magic that has the power to end the battle, and “Finishing Strike/ Death Blow”, a form perfect for hitting and killing humans…』(Mile)

Rena and Pauline have a scary face to Mile’s proposal.

『And Pauline-san also has the option of transforming armor from the “Armor” series. (Mahou Shoujo Henshin)

“Armor, get on” like that! (English)

The point is that your chest shakes when wearing it (Fan service ignores physic), so this is a system dedicated to Pauline-san …』(Mile)

With that said, Mile smiles and recommends new equipment.

『『Who would use something like that?! 』』(Rena + Pauline)

Rena and Pauline were angry.

After all, at the time of the test, Mile told them “When transformed, the magical girl becomes naked in front of her enemy and ally”

They also didn’t like that fluffy fluttering costume.

『But it’s cute and cool, and it also has a high defensive effect…』(Mile)

For the nanomachines, it seems that they would like to get hired by all means. And because of that, Mile was doing research and development with the full cooperation of them. It was remorseful that Rena and Pauline rejected it, so Mile just left it in her storage.

If the project was accepted, many nanomachines could be enjoyed exclusively, and many nanomachines would have been able to partic.i.p.ate in “deathblow” and “special effect” ‘s personnel.

And when Mile finally manages to distract everyone’s attention off Maevis.

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『Stop! No, let me go!』(Loli in distress)

How does that relate?

And just because they borrow money, is it okay for you to commit violent or killing crimes?

Shall we try it to see whether the guards (officers) will approve the case?』(Mile)

『Guu~, d.a.m.n…』(Thug)

『And just now, you confessed yourself “I will take this little girl in exchange for the borrowed money.”

Yes, I heard a confession from you acting like a member of the trafficking organization!

It’s a legitimate defense to protect the loli from kidnappers of trafficking organizations, so killing them isn’t guilty but we can also get a reward!

If we captured them alive, we will receive half the profits of selling them as criminal slaves!』(Mile)


There was no way to beat Mile in a quarrel when Mile is angry or in a “word attack” battle.

Mile wasn’t good at building relationships and common sense but other than that she wasn’t bad at all. At any rate, she just simply grabs the other end of the word and taking a lift.

『Current offenders have act violence and kidnapping, confessions, and also try using force, taking a hostage.

The only way to save the hostages is talking with weapons.

All weapons are free to use!』(Mile)

『Leave it! 』(Maevis)

Maevis pulls out her sword.

『Leave it to me!』(Rena)


Rena and Pauline swing their canes.

And Mile smiles.

『『『Remember this!!』』』(Thugs)

The thugs release their hands from the little girl, shout out typical loser dialogue, and flee like rabbits.

『『『『『『Ooh oh oh! 』』』』』』(Onlookers)

And applause rises with praise and exclamation. Apparently, everyone was surrounded by onlookers.

When mothers and the loli are really in danger, people don’t want to approach them for fear of getting involved, but as soon as the situation changes and they no longer have to worry about getting caught up, they are behaving like good people.

Pauline has a bitter face with that thought, but Mile, Rena, and Maevis didn’t seem to think that way.

(…… Well, we got rid of it temporarily, but we didn’t solve anything ……) (Rena)

Unlike Mile and Maevis, who smile and cheer the little girl and her mother, Pauline and Rena’s eyes were not laughing at all. The eyes of the two merchants’ daughters …

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