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Chapter 310 - Radiance of Life 4

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Mile Chapter 310: Radiance of Life 4

『I S~e~e~…(Soōu~desu~kā)』(Mile)

Even though Mile smiles, her eyes aren’t smiling at all.

『I S~e~e~…(Sō~nan~da~)』(Rena)

Both Rena’s face and eyes aren’t smiling at all.

『I S~e~e~…(Sō~nan~desu~ ka)』(Pauline)

Although both Pauline eyes and face are smiling, her aura sends a chill to any onlookers’ spine.

『What’s that…!? Some kind of concealment magic!

But if you could hide like that, it would be wiser if you didn’t show up and surprisingly attacked us…

You might have unique magic but you are just some low-ranked hunters after all…』(Ailiman)

『Oh yeah. Tell you what. You aren’t worthy opponents that we have to surprise attack.

We just didn’t have to do that for some small fries, you know?』(Pauline)


Enemy commander Baron Ailiman was upset with Pauline’s casual reply.

『Hm. Don’t overestimate yourself.

Indeed, Maevis-dono is certainly strong. But she has been rendered powerless.

You can’t rely on her to protect you anymore. You can’t win.

Just leave this place quietly.

If you want, we can settle this matter at another time after Maevis-dono recovers』(Ailiman)

Even though Maevis is his enemy, the commander must hold Maevis at high esteem to the point he use the suffix “-Dono” to call her.

He also tried to let Maevis live and avoid killing unrelated people.



『Ku, Kuku, Kukukukuku …』(Maevis)

『Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!』(Maevis)

Maevis mockery laughed.

Then Maevis shouted as she wiped the tears of her laughing eyes.

『I’m the Weakest member of Red Oath who must try the hardest to keep up with our name.

Yes, I’m the weakest of the four heavenly kings!

In the first place, Mile is my Shishou (master) who taught me Sword and special moves.』(Maevis)


The enemy soldiers were all dumbfounded.

『(Masaka) Don’t tell me… there are three more of such a monster (Bakemono)…』(Enemy)

Ignored the stunned enemy, Maevis asked Mile.

『Mile, healing magic please (Tanomu)』(Maevis)

Normally, Pauline is in charge of Healing Magic but Maevis’ tendons, joints, and viscera are severely injured now. It’s safer to ask Mile.

Pauline knows that, so she doesn’t feel bad about it.

『Oh, don’t fix my appearance, leave it as it is』(Maevis)

Maevis places an order on healing.

『『Because it’s very cool!』』(Mile + Maevis)

Maevis and Mile’s voice synced.

『Visceral, skeletal, muscle, blood vessels, nerves, etc., proliferate, connect, repair, and restore!

For the time-consuming part, make a temporary treatment with ceramic plates and other synthetic materials.

Create synthetic blood and Temporary replenish the lost blood.

There’s no need to repair the surface』(Mile)

Maevis is now able to move to some extent, though far from perfect even with Mile’s mysterious healing spell.


『Ah, may I ask Rena and Pauline to protect the escorts and that girl?

I’m sorry, but I want to settle this with only me and Mile using swords』(Maevis)

Actually, Rena and Pauline were also about to go out of control, but they silently accepted it and walked to the escorts.

Enemy soldiers became pale as they saw it.

『They… are… just… bluffing…, right…?』(Ailiman)

If there are two magicians supporting from the rear with magic, it will give considerable advantage like Crown Control, Damage, etc.

However, there’s no need to do it. The Vanguards dismiss it without hesitation.

It shows that the girls don’t have a single fragment of doubt about their victory.

『All hands, prepare for battle!』(Ailiman)

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With his instinct, his crisis detection sounded an alarm at maximum volume.

Paki~in! (SFX)


Un unbreakable sword was swung down with an unstoppable force.

Hitting, blocking or parrying it with swords, everything will end up broken.

If there were any other results, it was the swordsman ended up being disarmed.

Some skillful soldiers jumped back reflexively to reduce damage,

Other soldiers were seriously wounded and rolled to the ground with their broken swords.

Even when all soldiers swung their swords at Mile, she single-handed all of them head-on without breaking a sweat.

『I knew it (Yahari), you (Ki-sama=rude way) are really a monster(Bakemono)』(Ailiman)

The appearance of a little girl, a small body that doesn’t have muscles, she isn’t good at martial arts either… but her slash is fast and heavy.

『But, I can not go back!

Even if the devil (Ak.u.ma) is on this side but the G.o.ddess (Megami) is on the side,

There is no reason to go back! !』(Ailiman)

Transformed (Henshin~ s.h.i.te)

“G.o.ddess? … didn’t she look like this?”

Mile had the temptation to continue her story-setting in the middle of the fight.

Indeed, she hasn’t learned anything, she still couldn’t read the air so far…

Mile Vol 9.11

Head-up of next chapter:

The enemies are rolling on the ground.

Three escort swordsmen are standing stunned.

Two magicians have boring faces.

Mile has the face *Mu~fu~fu*

…And Maevis is releasing the “help me” aura while the princess clung onto her.

『Help me…』(Maevis)

Maevis is strong against the enemy but weak against the girl.

…Even though Maevis herself is also a “girl”…

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