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Chapter 308 - Radiance of Life 2

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Mile Chapter 308: Radiance of Life 2

『『『……』』』(3 Guards)

5 people are walking on the highway.

Three of them are silent, one is excited and the last one is embarra.s.sed.

Mile Vol 9.13

『Maevis-sama, what kind of technique was that?』(Young Lady)

『Maevis-sama, your brother (onii-sama) is your family’s successor, right?

Maevis-sama is free, isn’t it?』(Young Lady)

『Maevis-sama, you are a knight’s aspiration, you haven’t joined an order yet, right?

In that case, how about… 』(Young Lady)

(help me……) (Maevis)

Maevis desperately sent a signal to the guards for help.

(((It’s useless…))) (Guards)

The three escort guards turned their eyes away.

(Maevis’s POV)

After defeating the six enemies, we gave first aid such as hemostasis to the extent that the enemies won’t die, tied them up and rolled them aside.

As for those with less injury, we break their legs and arms to the point they can’t fight until they get proper treatment from healer magician.

Rather than killing, the enemy’s reinforcements must carry them to the city to get treatment, the enemy’s strength will be reduced.

For the enemy like soldiers, armies, rather than killing them, giving them heavy injury will cause a burden on their reinforcements and it will give us more time.

And it’s not like they are criminals or evildoers, they just follow their lord’s order.

There’s no need to hesitate to kill them if we are fighting them and need to protect ourself,

But when we are overwhelmed them, we have more options to choose.

And when the battle is over, there’s no need to kill meaninglessly and get more hate.

When Maevis explained so,

Not only the Young Lady and Guards but also the defeated and tied up enemies were awe.

It seems like even the enemies realize their mission isn’t praiseworthy.

However, when Maevis told “to break the limbs of the enemies who can still move so that they can’t harm us again anytime soon“, the enemies’ face became blue.

But they were still thankful that they were killed, so they accepted it with a crying face.

…they were desperately resisting, but their limbs were broken nonetheless.

And, for break work, the three guards insisted on doing it in Maevis’ stead.

It seems like they thought Maevis shouldn’t do this kind of dirty work.

Well, if the enemies can get back to the city and pay a fortune to a good healer magician, they will be cured. It seems that the guards also tried to break as clean as possible.

『Even bandits won’t give up on their companions meaninglessly.

For regular soldiers, they will never leave their wounded companions behind.

With this, we can reduce some chasing enemies』(Maevis)

Maevis gave the broken enemies her water bottle as she said that.

Meanwhile, the young lady was staring at Maevis with sparkling eyes

The escort guards remembered the young lady’s character somehow and were anxiety…

(As expected, Milady is really…) (Guard Captain)

(As expected, Milady turned that way…) (Guard 1)

(Um, as expected…) (Guard 2)

It might be so. Apparently, that seems to be the case.

『That’s wrong (Chigaimasu~wa ~yo)!

I only loved the white horse hero (Yuusha-sama) who fights for justice, I don’t really like woman』(Young Lady)

As the young lady wondered why Maevis avoided her in an open manner, she asked and realized that Maevis’ group has made a great mistake. Her face became red and she tried hard to deny it.

Maevis and the escort guards felt relieved to hear it.

『…It’s just my beloved hero who saved my life… happened to be a woman …』(Young Lady)

『How can I be relieved with this!

I totally can’t be relieved at all!!』(Maevis)

The cry of Maevis echoed ……

Then, the escorts started talking (mostly praise) to Mavis about her ability and swordsmanship, the Young Lady got bad mood because she couldn’t join the talk.

Then she constantly invited Maevis to be her exclusive knight.

Maevis felt somewhat troublesome.

At this point, the girl was pretty sloppy.

However, the guards realized Maevis wouldn’t change her mind, they could only shrug their shoulders like giving up.

* ******************************

Two days after that, around the 2nd morning-bell (9 am). After two camps, Maevis’ group went well on the road to the city without any problems.

『My apologies.

Normally, Maevis-dono should have arrived in the city yesterday evening. By now, you should have been able to join with your comrades (Nakama).』(Escort Leader)

Yes, Maevis alone was supposed to arrive long ago.

Although the young lady’s wound was temporarily closed and bleeding was stopped by Maevis’ treatment, she already had lost a large amount of blood and her wound was far from being completely cured.

Yes, the young lady can only walk with slow speed and she needs a lot of rest, the group has been delayed 1 day.

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Even if the escort carried the girl on his back, their moving speed wouldn’t increase much. And above all, the stress caused by carrying the back might affect the young lady’s wounds, the wound might be reopened and may cause re-bleeding. She had to walk by myself.

『Hunter Maevis-dono.

We happened to meet you, we hired you to treat MiLady, but we end of the contract now.

Please leave this place and continue the training journey…』(Escort Leader)

This unforeseen number difference, no matter how strong the individual’s strength, it’s impossible to win.

Five gold coins are five times worth of one gold coin.

However, five skilled soldiers are not five times as powerful as one skilled soldier.

The five soldiers trained in cooperation with their companions are ten times or twenty times more powerful than one soldier.

And now they have more than 30 people…

The escort leader has decided that this is a place for their own death because there’s no chance to win. He hired a hunter in order to help his Master, but now what they couldn’t escape, at least he wanted to get Maevis out of this trouble.

『……』(Enemy Commander)

The enemy commander is waiting for Maevis’ words.

Perhaps, they are thinking that Maevis is irrelevant to their mission and they don’t want to kill the potential young female swordsman.

And if they fight, they may get extra deaths or injuries, although they will surely win.

Also, even if they killed the hired young female hunter, they won’t get any extra credit.

So they wanted to avoid fighting if possible.

『… I understand.

Well, that’s the case for the escort contract so far …』(Maevis)

『Well, we have been in your care. I hope you will …』(Escort Leader)

Then Maevis continued, blocking the word of the escort leader.

『But then I, Maevis von Austin just see a young lady, who is about to get attacked by a group of bandits. In the name of righteousness, I will help her!』(Maevis)


The voice of the enemies and friends are in sync.

『Why … why …』(Escort Leader)

Maevis responded calmly to the shaking voice of the escort leader.

『It’s easy, because I am a knight, a person named Maevis von Austin, a member of the hunter party Red Oath.

Saving a princess in distress is the work of a hero, besides…』(Maevis)

『Besides…?』(Escort Leader)

Like expecting the question from the escort leader, Maevis answered.

『It’s very cool!』(Maevis)

Winning word: “So cool”

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