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Chapter 306 - Strengthening (Training) 5

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Mile Chapter 306: Strengthening (Training) 5

『I see, so… that’s how it is (~des.h.i.taka)…』(Escort Captain)

『I see, so… that’s how it is (~des.h.i.tano)…』(Escort 1)

『I see, so… that’s how it is (~desu)…』(Escort 2)

『『… 』』(Maevis + girl)

Maevis explained again and it seems that 4 people were finally convinced.

Yes, Maevis intended to “strengthen the body and repair the body by the power of KI, and sent KI into the girl’s body via Micro and Blood…”

… And the truth is that it was healing magic itself.

However, apart from the effects of magic, Maevis, who is ignorant of the principle of action, thinking it’s not magic but Mile’s family’s secret. It’s a new skill that she has developed from Mile’s KI power technique. She was a little proud.

(This may already be a technique beyond the secrets of Mile’s family or should I call it “Maevis’ KI technique“) (Maevis)

Maevis was a little too much proud.

『Even though you seem to be a swordsman, to think you can use healing magic…

That explained why you said “you have no medicine”

In the first place, you don’t need such things…』(Escort)

Although the girl has recovered, her blood-lost condition wasn’t properly healed.

Well, it can’t be helped.

Because she can move somewhat slow by herself.

The escort leader lowered his head saying thanks,

the other two escorts also lowered their heads.

『No wonder, as a person aiming for a knight, it is natural to help those in need.

I am honored to have helped you.

Well, with this …』(Maevis)

Maevis tried to say goodbye and left, the escort leader quickly discussed with the other three. After confirming with everyone, including the young girl, he called Maevis.

『Please wait!

I see that your destination is in the same direction as ours.

May I ask you to accompany us until we crossed the border!』(Escort Leader)

It is no wonder they wish so.

The treatment they think as healing magic is still incomplete, the girl might become unable to move again. But if they have a healing magician accompany, they will have a sense of security.

Maevis thought so. And after thinking for a while, she accepted it.

There are still four Micro remaining, and since the destination is originally in the same direction, there’s no big deal whether the traveling speed has fallen a little.

In the worst case, her arrival at the next town will be delayed by only one more day. And her friends may not be so worried in that case.

Maevis convinced so, but of course, there were no other options from the beginning.

After all, she is a proud n.o.ble daughter who wants to be a knight named Maevis von Austin

『Please! We won’t forget this favor…』(Escort Leader)

As the escort leader bowed so many times, Maevis spoke of what she came up with.

『If so, would you like to ask me in a form of a request so that you don’t feel bothered too much?

A request for an escort to the next town.

The request fee is one small gold coin. How is it?』(Maevis)

It’s still a big favor.

Even for a normal escort request, the market price is 2 or more small gold coins per day.

And it’s clear that they will most likely be chased and attacked by their enemies.

The other party is probably more skillful than some random bandits.

In that case, healing magic performed by her family’s secret drug will also be needed.

In addition, it will be hard for them to arrive tomorrow while walking according to the walking speed of the injured girl.

Normal, it should be at one gold coin. If it’s Pauline, she probably asked three gold coins.

Of course, not the whole party but per person’s reward. And that’s not really overpriced.

The risk was so high, it may be called a “bad deal”

If posting on the Hunter Guild branch, it’s definitely a “Red request”

And, normally, they should ask the Mercenary Guild, not the Hunter Guild…

…Or to a regular army, such as a lord army or a royal army.

『That was a great help, we can’t thank you enough!

Allow me to politely ask you for this favor…』(Escort Leader)

Naturally, the guards also know the market price around that.

So we know that Maevis’ offer isn’t for money but to make them feel easy.

And while they could provide more rewards, they couldn’t say it.

They clearly have known that Maevis would have taken over their request regardless of the amount of compensation. If they mentioned the amount of compensation here, it would taint this female knight’s aspiration.

After everything is over, they just have to hand over the extra rewards.

For now, they just kept silent and thanked her kindly.

The group is going at a slow pace, matching the girl’s feet.

Several carriages in the same direction pa.s.sed, but all ride requests were turned off.

Even if they asked to let only the girl ride on the carriage,

The merchants still hated to slow down with the speed of the people on foot,

The merchants suspected that they were bandit who faked injured to get a chance to attack.

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It was unnatural that a weak n.o.ble lady to move on foot. It was inevitable that merchants wouldn’t bother to get involved.

There was a huge tree growing along the highway that they could use to cover.

『6 people… It’s the leading search unit.

If we let them go, they will inform our position and situation.

We need to smash all of them and not allow them to escape…

Well, in the first place, it doesn’t seem like they plan to escape』(Escort Leader)

(Maevis’ thought)

As the leader says, the other side didn’t give priority to bringing back information but seemed wanted to capture or kill all of us.

It will depend on the order they have been received.

Because once the enemies took their eyes off us, they wouldn’t if they could find us again.

Could they really just report “We found them but we missed them while we went back to report” or would they “We found them and caught them“? There’s no need to ask.

(Normal narrator)

It’s six people against three people and one bonus.

It doesn’t seem the other side are bandits. Apparently, they are also knights.

If they are soldiers of that kind, they won’t miss this kind of opportunity.

It’s a two-to-one battle ratio, as for the bonus female hunter doesn’t count as fighting force.

『Maevis-dono. May I ask you to protect the lady with the large tree to cover your back』(Leader)

The escort leader told Maevis so.

He seems to considerate of the safety of who need to be protected. With their lives, they will protect their lady and Maevis, who has just been hired.

With common sense, a young female hunter can’t possible to fight against the skillful knights, not to mention their advantage numbers.

Maevis was probably hired as their lady’s healing agent. That’s how the escort thought of Maevis’ request.

However, the request Maevis asked to be received was a “guard mission”

『It seems like it’s a reasonable decision …』(Maevis)

Maevis replied to the leader as if the response was valid.

『… but I refuse』(Maevis)

『『『『Eh?』』』』(3 Men + 1 Lady)

『Even if I’m hired, as a hunter, I have the right to refuse or suggest alternatives to clearly wrong instructions or orders.

And you misjudge my power, the wrong decision has been made.

…With a large tree to cover your back, I ask you three to protect the lady.

As for me, I…』(Maevis)

And Maevis pulled out her sword.

『We will take over the destruction of the enemies!』(Maevis)

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