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Chapter 302 - Strengthening (Training) 1

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Mile Chapter 302: Strengthening (Training) 1

Mile Vol 7-11

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Mile Chapter 302: Strengthening (Training) 1

『What? The action of the neighboring country was already canceled?』(Military General or Lord)

In Mafan town, various rumors have reached the army and the Hunter Guild branch.

This town is not only the nearest town of the neighboring country but also has decent hunter guild branch and mercenary guild. They are the best at collect information from the neighboring country.

Besides, there was no way the neighboring country could completely hide the information when they move the army beyond the size of the squadron.

The recruit, draft of soldiers from villagers will immediately spread here and there.

Also, the flow of supplies, the movement of units, etc. are noticeable, and the single movement by the horse of the reporter carrying the information is much faster than the movement of the army.

It’s more than enough to say that there’s no way the neighboring country could surprise attack.

They might do it if it’s just hara.s.sment work “pushing the monsters”

But with something like Military Mobilization and recruit soldiers, etc.

Mafan knew it right away that it’s not the normal hara.s.sment level.

However, it can be said that their surprise attack is a success, in the sense that reinforcements from the Royal Army and other Armies will not make it in time.

『I have been worried that we couldn’t endure until the Royal Armed Forces and other reinforcements came …

Well, if this is the case, we have to send a messenger in a hurry!

I have called for large-scale military action and it has become a mistake. No good.

Our country has spent actual expenses and key money,

If we need to pay the apology money to each lord army, it will be a big blow to the finances of my territory!

Hurry up and gather accurate information!』(Lord)

(It’s a great relieved compared to actually having a war but please forgive me to lose a fortune by a false alarm.

But what if when I was relieved thinking that the enemies wouldn’t come and then they came after that, my territory would be destroyed.

We have to get around here to be safe and avoid spending money)

The lord who thought so hurriedly ordered his subordinates to collect information.

* ***********************************

『 We have come quite far from the capital city. We should be okay now…』(Rena)

『Yes, I think it’s all right if we come this far.

Because they would not spread what Mile-chan has done…』(Pauline)

Pauline replies so to Rena.

For the past few days, Red Oath had given top priority to earning a moving distance, kept walking and rest in camp.

Although they have traveled quite a distance from the capital, they haven’t crossed the border yet.

Well, the border isn’t too far away.

Red Oath decided to stop at the guild branch and collect information, so they planned to stop at the next town.

『…Nothing, right? (Nai~wa ne)』(Rena)

There were no interesting requests, good money requests, or good for experience (learning) requests.

It’s natural.

If there is such a request in such a small town, the local hunter parties will not leave it alone.

『Let’s go to the next city just by staying one night …』(Maevis)

When the girls want to rest for a while, the larger city will be better.

The other three also agreed to Maevis’s proposal.


As the girls walked out of the guild branch and were on the way to find lodging, Maevis noticed a signboard.

『Swordsmanship instruction.

You can observe the teaching.

We also give out short-term intensive training.

Former Royal Palace knight, Radimar (ラディマール Radimaru))』(Notice)




『Okay! You should go if you want!!』(Rena)

As Maevis just kept staring at the notice, Rena gave up and said it.

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The girls had no choice but to accept.

Even Pauline also said “Perhaps, it might be a good deal”

Certainly, even though it is safe to employ him as a swordsman teacher of a child of a n.o.ble family, he teaches the common people with three small good coins in such a place…

『But you teach more than 10 people at a time!

And because you let disciples have simulated matches, it was pretty much easier!

You will only teach two or three hours for every 10 people.

If you teach two groups a day, you will get over 60 small coins!!』(Mile)

When Mile pointed out, the woman looked away.

『『『It’s Profit~tttttttt!!』』』(Pauline’s Trio)

Then, in the dojo, the students who are in the mock battle stop moving because they are surprised with the scream.

『Something like that……』(Woman)

Then the woman explained… There is a rank in the dojo, the teaching is quite different between the beginner and the experienced person. Furthermore, from hunters, commoners to orphans with no money, they pay the same money,

The master must give instruction from the start until the mealtime. People can’t afford to pay the fee unless there is a large number of people.

“Red Oath” finally agreed to.

However, the woman thought that both Maevis and Mile would be attended so she was a little disappointed that the additional income was cut in half.

Mile is strongly recommended but she said she is Main Magician. She has learned physical exercise more than a year and a half during school age but she didn’t have any sword skill basis.

It would be useless to learn for a few more days.

『Well, until Maevis finished her short-term intensive training,

Should we get a request with 3 people or take a vacation slowly…』(Rena)

When Rena said that, the woman interrupted with an advise.

『In that case, there is a magic guide dojo of the person who was a former royal palace magician in the city 2 days travel from here.

How about all three of you train your sorcery there?

You can take a tour, and take on short-term intensive training.』(Woman)

『『『Eh?』』』(Mile Trio)

The three raised their voices together. (Sasuga) As expected of party mates.

『What is that Dojo and this Dojo’s relationship…?』(Mile)

While Mile asked so, the woman answered.

『There is no direct relationship.

Well, he and my husband are friends when they still worked at the royal palace.

And when we introduced the students, the students who got our letter of introduction had a 5% discount on their course fee and 15% of the course fee will be our』(Woman)

『『We knew it would be such deal!』』(Rena + Pauline)

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