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Chapter 301 - Finished

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Mile Chapter 301: Finished

The king has become pale and trembling.

(T.N: This next part seems to be Mile’s POV, it’s kind of weird in 3rd POV)

Isn’t this the last thing already?

The matter has already ended.

It’s not necessary to convey the contents of the warning again.

That commander will be taken out of jail at the very beginning of tomorrow morning and he will give the detailed report again.

It doesn’t matter if the King thinks of me as an average (normal) human.

However “Being able to kill him easily anytime” was enough.

『Well, I will return with just this for today.

…Ah, this is just a little detour, I will never see you again…

Mark my word, there is absolutely no third time!』(Average G.o.ddess)

The king just listens without saying anything.

There’s absolutely no third time.

That means his life will end at the second time if he dares to oppose. There’s no other meaning

『Well, goodnight…』(Average G.o.ddess)


After that word, the king lost consciousness while sitting in the chair.

Mile has cast sleep magic but she doesn’t know what nanomachines are using.

Are they generating sleep gas, are you working on the nerve or directly on the brain?

Well, Mile didn’t care about that little thing.

The king was made to sleep, of course, because it would be bothersome when Mile disappeared and he raised his voice. It will become somewhat difficult to escape and Mile still has things to do…

(Ah, when he woke up, he might consider everything a dream, and so on…

Well, what to do …) (Mile)

After thinking a little, Mile carried the king to his bed.

Then, take out the cheap sword that she had previously taken from the bandit from her item box.

Do~su~! (SFX)

Then she stabbed it next to the King’s face.

『With this, he won’t think it was just a dream! Well, let’s activate the optical camouflage magic and move to the next target…』(Mile)

Mile continued to stab the swords next to the face of the royal family and those who lived in the royal palace.

She realized that it would be a waste to use her own swords so for people other than the kind she uses the sword that she found in their room.

After a few rounds of the royal palace, the mansions of Senior n.o.blemen, Minister, Commander of the army, etc.

『Eh (a~re)?』(Mile)

In one senior n.o.ble bedroom, Mile found a book on a bedside table.

『This is my book…

I also have a reader in such places. Thank you.

I will choose the position to stab the sword a little farther to his face… What!?』(Mile)

Somehow there’s something wrong with the book and Mile takes a closer look…

『Orphes Publishing. Author: Niyama Sattodel? Is it Fake products?』(Mile)

Because Mile cast both optical camouflage magic and soundproof magic, so no one noticed when she raised her voice.

Then when Mile opened the book and read a little…

『 The story is almost as it is, inserting an extra wet place and adding ill.u.s.trations that are naughty (Ecchi’s Fan Service / Hentai Doujin)

Well, with this, it looks like this will sell well!』(Mile)

Then, after Mile left the room, there were 12 swords stuck around the face of the n.o.ble and a “remnant of what was a book”

Mile seemed to be quite angry.


『I’m back… What…?』(Mile)

When Mile returned to the inn, everyone in the room was already asleep.

『When I came back before, didn’t you say “you would be lone we went to bed first”?

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I was moved! I was so moved, you know?!』(Mile)

This would make the country’s superiors unwilling to invade the neighboring country of Marein on that route.

…At least for the time being.

But the word that Mile told the commander We, why do we deliberately try to destroy the forest?

But the words Mile told the commander was “Foolish Mortals, how dare you deliberately try to destroy the forest?”

So, “G.o.ddess El” was angry with the act of ruining the forest.

It wasn’t about human conflict.

So there will be no problem if it’s an invasion by another route that doesn’t pa.s.s through the forest.

Mile simply doesn’t want this country to bother the people of that city, Mafan. As for the Marein kingdom itself, it’s not her home country that she can care or have any right to do so.

Besides, if it was such a big restriction “Prohibit invasion of any other country”, it’s likely to be broken soon.

However, if it is “only this place isn’t allowed” the possibility of being protected is high.

Even if they don’t go there, they just need to go with other routes.


And the next day, Mile is grumpy from what happened last night.

Still, even in a bad mood, Mile still explains everything to Rena’s trio.

The girls return their room and decide to move to another city.

It seems that the trouble has been solved, but the royal palace and n.o.bles seem to be jerky in various ways, and the whole of the capital city doesn’t have a good atmosphere.

Large, medium and small scale trading companies that lost profits, mercenaries and hunters complain about losing their job…

And above all else, even though Mile has changed the color of her hair and eyes, she was still concerned about the fact that she has exposed her face to the king.

The probability of a commoner C-rank hunter meeting the king is almost zero, but Mile can’t predict what may happen in this world.

The king may also go out of the palace and go somewhere, and he may even look at the city from the window of the carriage.

In the first place, other hunters have suggested that the girls would better move immediately. There was no problem for the girls to leave after checking the guild’s request board and information board for a moment.

Red Oath went out of the inn quite late and had a brunch came to the guild branch.

The sticker card of hunter and mercenary recruitment from the royal palace has been peeled off. It was changed to a notice of recruitment cancellation.

After hearing that the order to recuit peasants had been cancelled. The girls say their greeting the hunters and the guild staff before leaving the capital city with peace of mind…

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