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Chapter 280 - Report 1

Report Chapter

Mile Chapter 280: Report 1

By the time having dinner at the camp.

Red Oath somehow tried their best to restart the programs (restore the atmosphere)

『But what is that stupid power…』(Wolff)

Wolff had already given up thinking about Mile long ago. But he still thought of Maevis as a great swordsman and the only one with common sense left in Red Oath party.

When he realized she was also “a person from the other side” was so great that he was frozen.

(((((Only monsters …)))))) (Hunters)

Maevis cried out in her mind when she read that silent thought.

(No, don’t look at me with eyes like you look at Mile~~!!) (Maevis)

And from Maevis’ expression, Mile could also read her inner thought.

『What do you think we are?』(Mile)


The air returned to Mile was worse than before.

『By the way, Mile…』(Maevis)

『What is it?』(Mile)

Maevis asked Mile with a slightly strange face.

『At that time, why didn’t you use Earth magic to make a slope in front of the wheels or raising the pit to flat land?

I think it was far easier and safer though…』(Maevis)


As Maevis pointed it out, Mile had a regretful face.

『More than that, I think you could just store the carriage with your magic and then put out at another place…』(Pauline)


Pauline’s mercilessly pointed out more methods to the crumbled Mile…

The merchants and two hunter parties aren’t used to Mile’s magic abilities so they can’t think of any method.

But to think Mile, herself can’t come up with it?

Seeing the downhearted Mile, everyone starts to show pity, the frozen atmosphere from before has disappeared.

Mile has a mixed feeling. Should she feel relieved or should she be sad?

* ***********************************

『Request completion report』(Maevis)

Maevis declared so at the guild reception desk.

The other two parties’ leaders Wolff and Vegas are also together.

Because each party received the request separately so they reported separately, too.

The receptionist was, of course, Lethesy.

(Oh, this time again, these children were safe!

Everything was thanks to me for sending 《Evil G.o.d Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》!

I have indirectly protected these children!!) (Lethesy)

Lethesy was satisfied, believing that her own judgments helped the girls.

『Everyone, Good work.

Especially《Evil G.o.d Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》!

Thank you for completing your mission to protect the young party!』(Lethesy)

『『『『『『……………』』』』』』(EGU and FF)

The members of the two parties have complex expressions, they don’t seem to feel great with the praise from Lethesy, guild staff, and other hunters.

…However, they can’t say anything that exposes the ability of《Red Oath》

However, there are things they must report to the upper member of the guild.

The special events that are dangerous to the other hunters and the general population.

『Is the guild master here?』(Wolff)

『Uhm… he should be in his room …』(Lethesy)

Lethesy was somehow taken back with Wolff’s serious expression and replied so.

Wolff is also a member of the Hunter guild, so it’s no problem to call the guild master so (without -sama)

The receptionist is the employee, she must use honorifics for the boss.

『I want to ask for a direct report』 (Wolff)

With Wolff’s request, Lethesy left her seat and rushed up to the second floor.

『So, what do you want to report?』(Guild Master)

The report from the party escorting the merchant group to the dwarf village.

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It’s not something that the busy guild master will meet and hear directly.

It means that his sense of crisis and impatience were great.

『No, stay calm, Guild Master …』(Wolff)

『How can I stay calm?

If we don’t deal with it soon, this town will be…

No, not just this town… maybe the whole country…』(Guild Master)

『No, we have already deal with it! All of them have been destroyed!!』(Wolff)

『Huh……!?』(Guild Master)

Pokan* (dumbfounded)

The Guild Master was frozen.


You dealt with a colony of special Ogres by yourself…

Were you kidding me?

Did you know what that means?』(Guild Master)

The guild master, from the scared state, turned to the frozen state and now turned the boiled red state with anger.

『No, I’m not a fool!

I know what will happen if I did that!』(Wolff)

『…Report everything from the beginning』(Guild Master)

Indeed, it’s a local city, there’s only one guild branch.

When he realized that there was no imminent danger, the guild master calmed down and sat in his chair to hear the report again.

『 The detailed explanation will be given by these girls…, 《Red Oath》』(Wolff)

They didn’t join the raid.

And the members of 《Red Oath》understand the whole situation the most.

Besides, if they report, they need to speak about 《Red Oath》’s special ability and the fighting ability.

Although it’s unlikely that the guild master will leak secrets of other hunters out, it will be easier for the said party to decide how they want to speak about it.

So, Wolff easily tossed the role of explanation to Red Oath.

『I belong to the Royal City Hunter Guild Branch of Tyrus Kingdom, we are in the middle of a training journey, C-ranked hunter party《Red Oath》… 』(Maevis)

And Meavis reported as Mile’s script.

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