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Chapter 279 - Return to Mafan, the small town near the border

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Mile Chapter 279: Return to Mafan, the small town near the border

After the festival, the merchant leader came to the escort group,

He asked to extend their stay

『The purchase of iron products has returned to normal.

Even though we could only buy half the amount, we can still buy it at the same price as before.

So, I would like to postpone the return day to after tomorrow…』(Merchant)

Even though the hunters have nothing to do, they can’t afford to do any request as they are too far from the town.

Besides, when their staying time is extended, they will get compensation later.

So, the hunter escort team happily accept it.

And the next day, the merchants went around the village to purchase.

《Red Oath》also went out for sightseeing around the village,

Especially Mile, she visited the Smith, Ale breweries,

She also interviewed the dwarf girls.

『Mile, what did you talk with the dwarf girls about?』(Rena)

『It’s a secret!』(Mile)

Mile refused to answer Rena’s questions.

Actually, Mile had doubts about her physical const.i.tution is the average value of human, elves, and dwarves.

She concerned about the growth speed of the dwarf girl and investigated the area. She tried to calculate the average value of the dwarf girls on her own.

But of course, even if Mile understood it, she wouldn’t get anything from it.

She just couldn’t help doing that.

… There are a lot…

Yes, a woman has a lot of things in her mind.



The Merchant gave the order to depart. Everyone was leaving the village of Dwarf, Gledmar.

After departing, the merchant leader will instruct the route selection when nothing happens, the timing of the camp, etc.

The response and action when monsters or bandits attack will be the escort leader, Wolff’s route.

From now on, every judgment will be a bet based on their lives, with the balance of money, life, carriages and horses, risk and merit or demerit, including the dumping of cargo.

One day, Red Oath might be appointed as the escort leader, too.

No, if they only escort about two or three wagons,《Red Oath》may handle it.

In that case, that role may come tomorrow.

The girls look closely at the judgment of Wolff, who is a veteran, and learn.

Joint orders are a place for all newcomers to study.

As a leader, he must set a role model for the newbies to learn…

Wolff thought so and concentrated on teaching Rena, Maevis saw that and cried out…

『…Uhm, I’m the leader of our party…』(Maevis)

『Did you need to speak it out loud?』(Rena)

『If you look at their face, you will understand!』(Maevis)

『Stop ~!』(Merchant)

In the afternoon of that day, one of the merchants shouted out in a loud voice.

Apparently, the wheels got stuck in the pits. Everyone stopped and gathered.

They finally got small traffic…

Because they have been traveling smoothly, it’s rather weird for this to happen.

No, actually, it’s not that unusual. The carriage now was full of goods and rather heavy.

If there’s a certain level of momentum, they might escape from the stuck,

But now that, the carriage has stopped, a considerable amount of force was required to get out of the pit.

This time they could only purchase a smaller amount of iron products.

So, in order to make up for it, they purchased some surplus wood products, wheat, etc.

Even though they won’t get much from that but, well, they still get some profit from it.

Indeed, the merchants can’t afford to do business in the red.

It’s not a charity.

Besides, it’s the merchant’s belief 《Rather than carrying the air, carry the benefits and the credit》

Of course, they intend to dump those products first when facing dangers, but it’s a story unrelated to the dwarves.

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『Oh, no, the carriage can’t hold it this way.

With insufficient muscle output, we can’t support the weak part of the carriage body.

Just in case, please have 2 men stand ready to support me and Maevis-san. And another one check the situation when we lift the carriage up!』(Mile)

Two men, who are the strongest and tallest of the escort team, stand ready at each side.

Another one is checking the situation of the wheel which got stuck in the pit.

『Alright, looking good! Well then…』(Mile)

After that was a completely silent chant to apply gravity magic.

Indeed, it’s a safety measure. It will be a waste of time if the axle is too stiff.

However, Mile won’t reveal this to anyone except 《Red Oath》

(Cut off 80% of the gravity applied to the entire carriage!) (Mile)

『Maevis, please gently lift it up!』(Mile)





Ton! (SFX)


『The wheels and axles are alright!』(The hunter in check)


『Shall we leave?』(Mile)






((((Awkward!!)))) (Everyone)

Somehow, everyone was petrified

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