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Chapter 274 - MONSTERS 7

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『Ba~Ba…ba… Barrier! Filter, Ventilation, Cleanse Magic!』(Mile)

Mile was desperate and used magic with all her might.

First of all, she put a barrier around her body to separate the air.

Then she filtered the barrier and erased the air inside.

Then, the air flows from the outside to the inside where the air pressure is lowered.

The capsaicin component was filtered by the barrier and was kept outside the barrier…

In addition, she put a cleanse magic on her body, removed capsaicin attached to her clothes and body.

『Haaa~ haaa~, I thought I’m gonna die…』(Mile)

The Ogres and dwarves couldn’t use such convenient magic were still rolling around.


As Mile blew away the Red Mist with wind magic, Rena, Pauline, and Maevis, who have been healed came closer.

It seems that they thought it’s safe to approach the Ogres to some extent.

Then Mile and Maevis came and killed the Ogres one by one while and Rena and Pauline shook the dwarves with a magic spell to remove capsaicin from their body and clothes.

Some of the Ogres, especially the top species, got up and hit Mile and Maevis, but with their eyes closed, their nose completely lost the sense of smell, their burning throat that even breathing cause severe pain.

They couldn’t fight well in that state.

As a result, not even the Ogre King could demonstrate his ability and be easily knocked down.

(…Was it better to use hot magic from the beginning?

No, that didn’t make sense to form a dwarf-based raid unit.

This is the 《battle of the dwarves to protect their village》 and 《Red Oath》 is just the supporters.

In order to tell “not-lying” real-story that 《the proud dwarves stood up, fought against the demons, and protected their village》) (Mile’s inner thought)

(In addition, if we reported 《Red Oath》just came and killed all the Ogres alone, the dwarfs may not realize the strength of this unusual monster species.

Besides, it would mean the dwarfs have followed the four young human girls without any use, the proud dwarves wouldn’t accept that) (Mile’s inner thought)

(So, we will let the dwarves report that《They fought hard enough》 and we, 《Red Oath》 have done our best to prevent serious injuries and injuries that left after-effect.

Well, if the Ogres were just 《Average Ogres》 and the numbers were just a little more than what the reconnaissance confirmed, the dwarfs should have been fine) (Mile’s inner thought)

It’s not the request through the guild, so there’s no punishment even if the girls didn’t report the details of everything.

《Red Oath》 had progressed so smoothly until now, so they were a little naive.

Still, if there weren’t such irregular monsters, everything would go according to their plan…


After that, 《Red Oath》went to survey the tunnel, they found and disposed of several female Ogres and pups.

Most of the females seem to have partic.i.p.ated in the battle. Only the caretaker of the offspring or the one who couldn’t fight were left.

There is no such concept as 《Poor》for these monsters.

It’s a betrayal to all human beings if the girls spare these dangerous special individuals.

With this, even if there are a few individuals who have left the nest for some reason, there will be only 2 or 3 headcounts at most. So, the dwarves alone will be able to manage somehow.

The dwarves will suffer a certain amount of damage, but it’s not as bad as before.

《Red Oath》 can’t stay in this village and keep protect them forever.

Of course, 《Red Oath》will come back here one more time before returning to the city to check whether the remaining individuals returned to their nests…

『Well then, let’s get back to the village!』(Rena)


『Please wait, Mile-sama!』(Nano)

Maevis and Pauline, who can not hear the nanomachine’s voice, walked ahead with Rena. But the three of them stopped as Mile stopped.

And the dwarves also stopped because 《Red Oath》 didn’t move.

『Hmm, Mile, what’s wrong?』(Rena)

Rena’s trio came closer to Mile as Mile was silent with a serious face.

However, Mile was just pretending to be serious while complaining to the nanomachines with the thought in her brain.

(What’s up…? With everyone is still around, I can’t talk!) (Mile)

『It’s going to end soon! Please order us to 《block the GATE》!』(Nano)

(Eh……?) (Mile)

Tin tong! (SFX)

(Is that so important?) (Mile)

『It’s very important!』(Nano)

(…I see, it’s important… so…) (Mile)

『Thank you very much!』(Nano)

(Can you tell me why honestly?) (Mile)

Piiiiii! (SFX)

The air was frozen.

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…No, at this moment, there are unusually large numbers of nanomachines in this area, and the density of nanomachines in the air was quite high.

An occasional party out of the common sense called 《Red Oath》 happened to visit their village, received the support request,

They were blessed with incredible luck.

These special monsters didn’t appear around here for hundreds of years, they came from somewhere else.

What if they still existed somewhere. Because there was a shortage of food, these monsters have been searching for a new place to live.

What if the next group of special monsters came over again? And if 《Red Oath》already left this place, can the dwarves eliminate the monsters alone?

『…Let’s investigate!』(Captain)

The Captain had a blue face while declaring that.

『There might still be some Ogres left.

Also, we need to find the Orcs and deal with them as well.

The content of the request is 《supporting us to deal with monsters》

So, please help us…』(Captain)

The captain said so…

Without 《Red Oath》, let’s alone the new flock of monsters, the Dwarves might severely injure fighting the few remaining Ogres or even just the Orcs.

That’s why, when they still had the convenience《Red Oath》, the Dwarf Captain decided to make full use of it.

Luckily, with the healing magic of Mile and Pauline, the strength of the Dwarves is almost recovered. They also joined the search.

『It can’t be helped.

Well, certainly we need to do as our contract.

We will keep going until it gets dark.

…But spare us the night battle』(Rena)

Told so by Rena, the dwarves nodded, they didn’t plan to fight against Ogres or Orcs at night in the first place.

『Good, change of plan, we will survey around the mines.

If you find something unusual, report immediately.

Spread out!』(Captain)

In the survey, there’s no point in walking around with a large number of people.

If they find Ogres or Orcs, they must not fight it alone and need to contact with other people immediately.

Order everyone so strongly, the captain began to choose each group

Well, even if he didn’t order so, there was no one to think of such absurd.

Other than 《Red Oath》

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