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Chapter 272 - MONSTERS 5

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『Storm Blade!』(Maevis)

『h.e.l.l Fire!』(Rena)

『Hyper Hot!』(Pauline)

After waiting for Maevis to shoot her Storm Blade Slash for a while, Rena and Pauline also shot their magic.

Otherwise, Maevis wouldn’t be able to check the effect of her Storm Blade Slash.

By the way, Pauline released the upgrade version of hot magic.

It’s okay for the dwarves to see it. They have the obligation as the employers to keep it a secret and the dwarves don’t bother to get in touch with the human community in the first place.

Also, the dwarfs aren’t good with magic nor know about magic, so they don’t really think magic is anything special.

Especially after seeing the previous battle, Mile and Maevis’ sword compared with Rena’s magic…

The Raid unit also got in their hidden position near the tunnel to help with the surprise attack towards several Ogres standing before the entrance.

Of course, they used long-range physical attacks from their hidden place.

Only the 《Red Oath》 can use attack magic. Including Maevis who thought that was the ranged attack by 《Ki》

Suddenly, the guard Ogres were struck by continuous attack magic and were panicked.


The 《Storm Blade Slash》 is a technique Mile taught Maevis, who is poor at magic for the sake of 《Meavis can use long-range attack too》

But it can only hurt monsters like Goblins, Kobolds, etc.

With monsters like Orcs and above, it can hardly deal a fatal blow.

Besides, this technique doesn’t improve its power even if Maevis strengthened her body using 《True G.o.dspeed Sword》

So, even against the common sense Ogres, that technique can only give shallow cuts far from serious injuries.

It will be another story if Maevis. .h.i.t their eyes, but the Ogres won’t stand still to take a long distance attack on their eyes.

At most, Maevis can only use this to aggro the monsters when her allies were targeted…

No, no, with the talent to use this long-range attack technique 《Storm Blade Slash》 alone, the value of Maevis as a vanguard hunter is very high.

In any case, as far as this world know, she is the only hunter with the t.i.tle 《Magic Swordsman》 other than Mile.

Ah, no, there was another person named Bail

At least, he can also call himself a 《Magic Swordsman》

But that person himself probably didn’t give himself that much credit.

In fact, Maevis didn’t think she used magic but the power of 《Ki》

As for Rena and Pauline, it was decided 《In order to hide the Secret of the Ascham family, we will call wind magic》

So, 《Storm Blade》which is actually wind-magic, is faked as wind magic to the outsiders.

…The confusing continues further.


The Ogres blocked the attack magic, which is far from the threat for themselves, without difficulty.

And when they tried to look around searching for the attacker, the second and third attack magic hit them hard.


Rena’s special Fire magic, 《h.e.l.l Fire》

And Pauline’s Devil magic, 《Hyper Hot》

It’s the hot magic type that remodeled even further into the Devil magic type.

And, of course, not only the eyes, the nose, the mouth etc, but also the wounds made by Maevis’ storm blade brought intolerable pain.

Cut by wind, burn by h.e.l.lfire and cover in the hyper spicy red mist afterward…

Doshun~! (SFX)

The air was trembling and the one Ogre was bisected with the sword from an invisible shadow pa.s.sed by.

Mile didn’t join the magic attack but sneaky attacked with the barrier of invisibility, soundproofing, and deodorizing.

Zushi~, Ba~ shu~, Do~su!! (SFX)

Mile dealt with confused guard Ogres after receiving the surprise magic attack and quickly retreated to join with the Maevis’s trio and the Dwarves.

There is no-one will go in the tunnel, which is a disadvantage to fight the dangerous monster.

Ogres didn’t know the concept of siege battle so when they were attacked at their nest, there was no reason not to come out.

And they should already hear the screams of the guard Ogres and the sound of the battle.

Leave enough room for the Ogres to come out, Mile and Maevis, as well as the dwarves, get into their position to intercept the Ogres.

Rena and Pauline went back a little.

There’s no need to approach the enemy when they use the long-range magic attack.

But even though they waited for a while, there was no sign that the Ogres are coming out.

From the report of the survey team, there should be at least 7 to 8 more.

If they aren’t here,

Then, were the remain Ogres out for hunting and were absent?

Or they are noncombatants female or children?

Or they thought that just the guard Ogres are sufficient to deal with the intruders…?

『Fire ball!』(Mile)

Mile shot attack magic, which considerably reduced the power, into the tunnel to lure the Ogres out without damaging the tunnel.

After a while, the Ogres came out from inside.

The Ogres came out one after another were full of anger with 20 headcounts in total.

『What!? There are so many of them left in there!』(Captain)

Dwarves raised their voices in surprised. But whatever they say, there’s no choice but to fight here.

(If we did it the same way as before, it wasn’t much of a threat.

After annihilating those Ogres, we only needed to check whether there are any females or offspring in the tunnel…) (Mile)

As Mile thought so, 《those things》 appeared.

Yes, after dozens of Ogres came out, with a short interval, 《those things》also came out.

Ogre Warriors, High Ogres, and Ogre King.

…Yes, it’s the upper cla.s.ses of the Ogres.

A group of special Ogres, which should have never been around here, appeared suddenly.

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Perhaps they have moved from other places.

To avoid stimulating the Ogres as much as possible, the captain who instructs so with a low voice.

It seems that he has already given up his survival chance.


What’s with that? Of course, I know it…

I guess I have prepared for this at the time I applied for this raid unit!

Hey, isn’t that right, everyone?』(Dwarf)


The Dwarves reply in a small voice not to trigger the start of the battle.

Even though their voice is trembling and their legs are shaking, it doesn’t matter.

Those who do not feel fear and thrust into the enemies who are stronger than theirs.

… That is just some 《idiots》

Such a thing, courage is not enough.

As people understand the capability difference of strength, they will tremble with fear and despair, fear of self-defeat and death.

But those who are still standing to fight to the end for a cause.

…People call it 《brave》

『…Well, we will continue this glance as much as possible, do not stimulate the Ogres…

Maevis, Lulobard, go!』(Captain)

He was probably the youngest among the dwarfs here so he was nominated as the messenger.

The other dwarfs nodded silently and gently drew back from mine.

『Flame Explosion!』(Rena)

『Solidified Spiral Bullet!』(Pauline)

While Rena shot her specific flame magic, Pauline shot the soil magic that Rena used before to attack the Ancient Dragon.

If it’s an enigmatic attack that rotates and gets stuck in the partner’s body, it might penetrate the muscle armor as well.

This is the most powerful penetrating magic for Pauline, who is good at healing magic and water magic.

…Hot magic? It can’t be used when the allies are mixed.

Chi~yun! (SFX)

Dosu~dosu~dosu~dosu~dosu! (SFX)

『Attack (Tokkan)!』(Mile’ was cry)

Maevis had already drunk Micro with her own judgment beforehand and jumped into the midst of the Ogres with Mile’s instructions right after Rena and Pauline’s Attack Magic landed.

『『Uooooooooooo!』』(Mile + Maevis)

『What’s with that~ttttttttt?!』(Captain)

Certainly, if you tried to stall time, you’d better delay the start of the battle as much as possible at least until the opponents attack.

Especially when the opponent is overwhelmingly strong.

However, if you want to annihilate the opponent, it was more advantageous to attack first.

His precious arrangement has been destroyed, the captain raised a scream of grief …

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