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Chapter 265 - DWARF VILLAGE 6

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(It’s strange, why did they do such a suicide act…?) (Mile)

As a matter of course, Mile asked the Merchant Leader.

『It’s obviously strange for them to suddenly doing such a thing.

There must be something…』(Mile)

『Well, there must be a reason why they couldn’t make the promised number of products.

I also don’t think they do such a thing without any reason as well.



The merchant leader kept on speaking.

『Even if there is something, they don’t want to consult it with us

《Even though they could only make half of it, they wanted to the same money as usual and thought there was nothing wrong with it》

In other words, they must think we are stupid』(Merchant)

(Ah……) (Mile)

Mile finally noticed the ident.i.ty of the uncomfortable feeling that the merchant had.

Merchants took the trouble and chose to camp just in front of the village.

Even now, they were surprised by the request of the mayor, but they weren’t really confused or impatience.

More like they were somewhat worried about what happened in the village.

(Everyone actually doesn’t dislike this village…) (Mile)

Mile threw a straight ball right in the middle… with all her strength

『Everyone, do you dislike people in this village?』(Mile)

『Mi…Mile, what are you saying suddenly!?』(Maevis)

Only Maevis was fl.u.s.tered.

Apparently, Pauline and Rena also seemed to notice.

『…That’s right.

Because it’s business, we respond with a smile, but this village thinks of us as stupid from the beginning.

We deal with this village properly as the 《trading partner to raise profits》, but I don’t think they are 《important customer》 anymore.

That’s why, now that they are no longer worthy trading partners, I will draw back.

It’s just that.

It’s not our intention to bring essential items with the dangerous route and sold at a price not considering profit.

I was obliged to go because I was asked to do so if I wanted to buy metal products.

However, there’s no need to take the trouble to come to this village anymore now that the essential metal products trading has broken down.

We are merchants, we are neither idiots nor saints』(Merchant Leader)

From the face of the merchant leader, his usual smile was gone.

It seems that he couldn’t hold it anymore.

And now, he will abandon this village, no, more like he made up his mind to close off the transaction.

It’s no wonder.

But no merchant would want to take dangerous 8 days traveling to return empty hand,

that’s why he continues trying to make a deal with the bad att.i.tude customer.

However, there was something bothering Mile.

『Well, as far as I was watching, the villagers didn’t seem to be bad people…』(Mile)

Yes, the villagers shopping with a smile, Mile only thought of them as nice dwarves.

『Yeah, they are not bad people.』(Merchant)

『『『Eh?』』』(Red Oath – Pauline)

Three girls other than Pauline let out a surprised voice to the merchant’s unexpected reply.

In a hurry, other people checked the surroundings, but the villagers who were still in the plaza still didn’t seem to care.

They didn’t hear the talk nor they were interested in the inner ring talks of the merchant corp.

《Evil Spirit Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》 are just silently listened to it without surprising.

…We knew such a thing from the beginning.

They had such an att.i.tude.

『The people in this village are basically craftsmen.

Of course, there are a lot of people involved in agriculture and forestry, but the partners we trade with are blacksmiths, the central industry of this village, or so I think.

They are proud of their skills, technique, and have high enthusiasm.

With the thought that their smithing technique is superior to the human’s technique.

So, they are selling 《What they want to sell》, 《What they allow us to buy》, 《What they allow us to use》

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That’s what they thought from the bottom of their heart.

And when the leader got up.

『We will follow, too!』(Mile)

『Huh?』(Merchant Leader)

Mile stood up and declared so.

And then the other members of 《Red Oath》also stood up with a *Yare Yare* face.

The leader hesitated for a moment, but after thinking about Mile’s ability for a while, he approved.

There’s no disadvantage to bring 《Red Oath》 along. And if he could get the cooperation with storage magic, the transaction would be somewhat easier.

Then everyone, who finished their poor lunch of water and hard bread, went back to their business and negotiate.

『This is one of the smithing workshops that I trade』(Merchant Leader)

《Red Oath》 came into the Blacksmith after being guided by the merchant leader.

Now is the free time, the other escort guards didn’t follow.

Even if they come, there’s nothing they can do.

Besides, if a large number of hunters come, it will become more like a threat than a trade or negotiation.

If it’s only 4 young girls of 《Red Oath》 there’s no problem.

『Is the workshop owner here?』(Merchant Leader)

When the merchant leader shouted so from the entrance of the workshop,

Whether he is an employee or a disciple, anyway, a 《young man》went to call the workshop owner in the back.

…he has the beard, the 《young man》 may not be so young though…

The villagers knew that the merchant corp have arrived this morning, so they didn’t need to hear the merchant’s explanation.

No, in the first place, this young man must have come to buy Mile’s wine.

Including the workshop owner as well.

And the workshop owner came out from behind really fast.

He has a red face. Is it because he works every day with flames…?


It’s really the young miss who sells the fine brewer.

If there are still unsold brewer, we will buy as much as possible!』(Smith Drarf)

Apparently, it seemed that his red face was from drinking a lot…

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