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Chapter 260 - DWARF VILLAGE 1

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『For the time being, it’s something like that…』(Unclear who said)

In the evening of that day, 【Red Oath】 received the escort request, the guild branch informed them that the departure date has been settled two days later.

And the next day, all members of 【Red Oath】 acted separately in preparation for the trip.

Even though they have plenty of foods in Mile’s storage, preparations are still necessary.

Like luxury or favorite goods, reading materials for killing time, underwear for change, it’s trip of 7 to 8 days after all.

Normally, there’s no one who brings expensive books because it may be ruin on a journey.

And no one brings luxury goods that become extra baggage.

However, the 【Red Oath】 has Mile and her storage magic.

Rena’s trio went shopping without paying attention to transportation and storage at all.

… It was useless.

Their previous pledge 【we will make efforts so that we will be okay without Mile』

… It’s already hopeless (T.N: Once you go average, you can’t go back, you will crave for it)

And Mile was thinking of learning on Pauline’s example by doing a little business.

That’s what she thought about that.

『Young Miss, you bought so much, is it really okay?

Aren’t they all the liquors with strong alcoholism?

And that amount isn’t something you can carry alone…』(Liquor’s store owner)

Yes, speaking of dwarves, it’s Liquor!

Mile remembered from reading in her previous life and she went to buy strong liquor around the city.

Of course, from what Mile heard from the merchants, although the Dwarf themselves also make alcohol in their village, it isn’t as good as the liquors sold in this city.

It has been surveyed that many dwarves like strong liquor.

No, not limited to dwarfs, in the world with less entertainment, delicious foods, and drinks, it’s no wonder that there are many drinkers.

Indeed, even a normal human being in this world is much more of a drinker than modern j.a.pan.

However, as it doesn’t change the fact that 【there are many Drarf drinkers】

Well, Mile’s idea was not wrong.

『It’s okay… storage!』(Mile)

Then in a moment, all the liquor barrels disappeared.

『… storage possession!

How enviable…』(Liquor’s store owner)

After being surprised for a moment, the uncle showed his envy.

Liquor is heavy, bulky and there is also a possibility of cracking or leaking contents during transportation.

Be it a Merchant or a Store Owner, everyone will be envious of such safety transport and store method.

Especially with Mile’s purpose this time, it will work wonderfully.

The Route is a not-well-maintained mountain road.

Moreover, there are many monsters and bandits.

Would the average merchant like to carry such a large amount of liquor in the heavy, fragile containers to go through such a route?

It’s also not daily necessities.

Even though the quality is bad, the village itself can produce liquor locally.

And the selling price will be considerably higher if the merchants add the trouble of transportation, the number of days, the expenses of escort etc.

So, there were a few merchants who would think of carrying alcohol as a product.

Mile was judging so.



And the day of departure.

【Red Oath】arrived quite early in the square before the commercial guild.

There are also other parties, who have received escort requests. And the girls can’t let the employer wait.

It was quite natural to arrive at the meeting place at the very beginning as a newbie Rank C Hunter party.

And after waiting for a while…

『Oh, you guys…』(Wolff)

『So, we got this request together with another party.

Hey …』(Vegas)

The hunters, who came, are 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s Friendship】

『Lethesy came directly to our home and said 【There aren’t enough escorts, the departure is delayed】

This matter will also trouble the guild if we don’t accept the request to help…』(Wolff)

『She came to our home, too …』(Vegas)

Both leaders, Wolff and Vegas complained so.

((((Ah ~ ……)))) (Red Oath)

The girls understood that receptionist did it with a good will.

They are somewhat thankful for her kindness.

However, for these two parties involved, it would be just a 【bother】 without any 【thankful】 feeling.

『『『『We are sorry……』』』』(Red Oath)

Although they were not responsible, the girls still lowered their head and apologized.


Well, we know that it’s not your fault, so you don’t need to mind.

Actually, it’s rather normal, we get used to it…』(Wolff)

Although Wolff said so, 【Red Oath】 realized that those two parties are sincere.

They were honest with 【Red Oath】even before knowing the girls’ power.

『Well, once again, please take good care of us (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu) this time as well!』(Maevis)

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The two parties nodded to Maevis.

This merchant said:

【If we were already here, why would we bother to hire the coworkers? It’s a waste of expense!

Well, some merchants are like that. But, we will do what we can do for ourselves!

Besides, no matter how much we wish for a safe trip, we still need to prepare for the worst.

What to do, when there are only one merchant and one wagon left?

If we can’t move the wagon by ourselves, we will only be able to walk with a little luggage to trade! 】 Or so he said.

The other two merchants also hold the reins by themselves.

So, only 4 coaches were hired.

By the way, normally, the movement of this merchant group is decided by the employer, the merchant leader.

But in battle with bandits and monsters, it’s the escort leader Wolff’s judgment to surrender or escape.

For example, the escort leader may suggest dumping the luggage to escape,

but if the merchant leader refuses it, the 【escape】 choice will disappear from the possible options

and the only choice is【surrender】

In 【surrender】 case, the hunters may be robbed of the money and weapons on hand, the merchant may be required for ransom as a prisoner of war.

There is seldom case that surrender will be killed.

If the bandits really did such a thing is done, no person would ever surrender to the bandits in this area again.

In the end, the bandits will get extra damage instead.

Then, a large-scale bandit hunting team will be formed to destroy them, there’s no merit to the bandits at all.

As we haven’t gone that far from the city yet, the highway isn’t so rough.

The merchants moved their carriages slightly from the road, prepare for a simple lunch in the vacant lot.

With this request, the employer will provide meals and drinking water while traveling.

It’s hard for the hunters to prepare food, water, etc. and carry it on their backs.

And it is also hard to prepare meals by themselves.

It’s normal unless the hunters are hired by a contract with a bad condition or a small merchant.

However, it’s the familiar staple food,

A hard bread, a piece of dried meat, dried chips vegetable containing soup ingredients in hot water,

【The three kinds of sacred treasure】

If you add dried fruit in the meal, it’s the heaven.


As the merchant and the co-workers a.s.sembled a simple oven to boil water,

【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s Friendship】 stared at Mile with eyes full of expectation.

『Ah, first of all, we must inform the merchants first. They went through many trouble to prepare it.

I will get something for dinner』(Mile)

Mile shrugged her shoulder saying so…

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