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Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: Ascham Viscountess 8

『Wh… what is that!?』(Enemy Soldier)

『A bird?』(Enemy Soldier)

『A Wyvern?』(Enemy Soldier)

『No, that… that is…』(Enemy Soldier)

『…a G.o.ddess…』(Enemy Soldier)

Imperial troops fall into great confusion.

And Mile’s voice echoes further.

『Justice without power is meaningless.

And the power without justice is evil.

Therefore, in the name of me, the G.o.ddess, I hereby declare 《You are guilty》!』(Mile)

Her heart is already burning. After 《Ojbjection》

Mile now became like a Judge and said another line on the list of lines that she’d like to say someday.

『Don… don’t be fooled! It must be a trick…』(Enemy Captain)

The captain that near the scene shouted that out loud and scolded the soldiers.

Even so, he realized there was no such mechanism, there are neither buildings nor large trees that could be used to hang people in the vicinity.

There are cranes and lines either.

And above all, the existence of G.o.ds and devils was commonly believed in this world.

So, the captain could never say the word 《There’s no G.o.ddess》

However, they couldn’t just come back with a reason like 《because we were admonished by the G.o.ddess, so we withdrew》

If he reports with such a thing, there’s no doubt that he will be beheaded or hanged.

However, such things are not related to soldiers.

Even if there are rulers who execute commanders and officers, who were unable to meet expectations, no one would execute all 5000 soldiers.


The soldiers stopped their feet and didn’t move forward.

『Those, who invaded without a declaration of war, is neither an army nor a soldier.

And those unfaithful mortals won’t be able to reach the paradise of brave warriors, Valhalla, even if they die.

There are only the tickets to h.e.l.l for those mortals.

Now, receive the G.o.ddess’ punishment!』(Mile)

And the magic pattern imitating the head of the wolf, floating in the air.

From the mouth part, thunder was released in front of the Imperial army.

『Brai Thunder!』(Mile)

(T.N: Galaxy Cyclone Braiger Braithunder)

Yes, it’s the G.o.ddess punishment, thunder magic was released from the wolf head against the Imperial Army.

It was 《Brai Thunder!》

Pisha~,doo~on! (SFX)


The surroundings were wrapped in silence.

The Imperial Army too.

And also people in the main town should have listened to everything by Mile’s air vibration magic.

But everyone was just stunned, from the roads, from the window, from the roof of the buildings in the main town

Some have fallen into fear.

Some people s.h.i.+ne their eyes with hope and awe.

Everyone just stopped their movement and looked up at the sky.

(……What should I do……) (Mile)

Mile is in trouble.

n.o.body is going to move, no one talks either.

(How long must I fly …) (Mile)

Yes, Mile was waiting for the Imperial Army to withdraw.

It’s no wonder that she can kill the soldiers of the Imperial Army repeatedly with thunder.

Yet, n.o.body moves…

And as Mile looking back to the Ascham army, from the far side of her field of view.

A large group of soldiers is approaching from the north side of the main town, and that is from the opposite side to the Imperial army, they will reach the main town soon.

The number is much more than the Imperial Army on the south side.

It’s about 4 to 5 times the Imperial Army of 5000.

It’s impossible for the Imperial Army to come from the north side in this situation.

That means…

Yes, it was the Brandel Kingdom Army, the King Army and the joint army of each Territory Army.

Maevis’ trio aware of this army earlier than Mile because Mile didn’t turn her face back after flying up.

『Why, why…

Neither Pauline nor Maevis said that the kingdom side would still dispatch soldiers…, The Kingdom Army is speeding up?

Did they notice the presence of the Imperial army?

…, Bad… bad… bad… this is bad,

Regardless of the Imperial Army, no matter who in the Kingdom noticed me will be bad!!』(Mile)

Mile is talking that out loud, but of course, she doesn’t use air vibration magic, so her voice never reaches anyone.

Then, the impatient Mile descended straight, became invisible, got away from the Imperial Army and merged with Rena’s Trio.

『E…everyone, quickly…』(Mile)

『We will withdraw!』(Rena)

Rena took away the words of Mile planned to talk and instructed everyone so.

『『Oh!!』』(Pauline + Maevis)

『… …. Oh … ….』(Mile)


And 《Red blood is justice》withdrew from the site at full speed, moved away to the south, left the battlefield behind…

『Commander, an enemy army appeared on the north side of the main town!』(Enemy Staff)

In order to grasp the overall situation of the battlefield, the Commander stood on a hill to watch over his army, received reports and gave out command from the war flag signal…

『What!? But Ascham’s Army should be defending in the main town now…』(Enemy Commander)

The Army has yet to recover from the sudden appearance, disappearance, and the remark of the G.o.ddess.

And now, the staff report another bad news to the commander.

『No, it’s not! It wasn’t the Ascham army, but the Brandel Kingdom Army!

Although the number of their soldiers has not been completely confirmed, there are at least 20 thousand

It’s probably considerably more than that!』(Enemy Staff)

『What?』(Enemy Commander)

If they march at full speed, they might get in the main town before the kingdom army.

However, Ascham army 300 and all the inhabitants are still hidden in the main town.

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It won’t be easy to capture the main town.

And then, he yelled at a loud voice this time.

『If you do not retreat faster than our enemy’s advancement speed, you will be attacked from behind and will be annihilated!

Allow abandonment everything except what is necessary for our return.

Now, MOVE!!』(Enemy Commander)

The staff members rushed to relay the command.

If they are permitted to give up supplies and equipment, the might be able to escape from enemy forces, who have fully equipped.

Now, the Imperial ran with their lives with hope that they could escape from the enemy…

『We have earned enough of distance.

Let’s change the direction of our movement soon, bypa.s.s the main town with a large margin and let us go to the east side.

If we go south as we are, we will enter the Empire territory and we will be chased by the Imperial Army』(Rena)

《Red blood is Justice》… No, since the mercenary mission has ended.

Now the girls already change back to the hunter party 《Red Oath》…

They had moved to the south from the battlefield, and now, Rena set up the next action plan.

But Pauline objected to Rena’s proposal.

『As it is, there will be a lot of dead for the Imperial army because they can’t afford to reach the river.

With only water created by a few magicians, let alone 5000 soldiers, they will not be able to supply for the horses that need a lot of water…

Soldiers aren’t at fault, they only follow the order from the country.

They are different from the rogue or criminal, I want to help them out a bit …』(Pauline)

Yes, excellent magicians don’t often fight with soldiers at the battlefront with the army.

If they are talented enough, they won’t do something dangerous like becoming soldier, fighting in a war with a little payment like an ordinary soldier.

Even if they took military service, they would get officer treatment or even court magician.

In other words, the number of magicians who will serve in the field is really small and rather weak.

Also, the amount of water that a weak magician can create is rather low, about 10-30 liters per day.

For calculating, a human need about 2 liters of water per day.

For 5000 people, it’s 10 tons.

And one horse needs about 30 liters, the water for 15 soldiers.

And higher rank military people will prefer one knight to 15 miscellaneous soldiers.

The magicians can that can only produce a small amount of water, we can not create tens of tons of water every day with magic even they trade their lives for it.

In the first place, if they create a lot of water in the same place, the moisture in the air will be gone and the no more water can be created.

And furthermore, in order to fight with magic, the magicians won’t use all the magical power to create water and exhausting all of their magical power.

It’s equal to saying to swordsmen 《Lend your sword to other soldiers and fight with barehand in the battlefield》, there are no magicians accept such a thing.

That’s why the magicians only created water for about half of their magical power, or at most two-thirds.

In other words, the soldiers weren’t given enough water to move properly and continued a march, and it was a matter of time before many soldiers dying.

『『『Eeeeeeeeeehhh!!』』』(Mile’s Trio)

And the three girls can’t help but surprise with Pauline’s suggestion.

『You, who are you?』(Rena)

『Is this an enemy magician in disguise?

Hey, where have you been hiding the real Pauline?』(Maevis)

『Rensan, Maevis-san, please calm down!!』(Mile)


And then the three girls got yelled at by the serious angry Pauline…


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