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Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: Ascham Viscountess 3

After finis.h.i.+ng their introduction, four masked girls move to attack immediately.

Imperial soldiers are being knocked down one by one, with sword skill and magic.

And above all, the flow of battle was completely broken compared with the previous time.

The Ascham soldiers were confused by the surprise attack and now the Imperial soldiers were confused with four masked girls.

And just like that, the Imperial Soldier side with an inferior number of people has no chance of winning.

And all of the Empire’s surprise attack members fell on the ground.

Those who were defeated by the mysterious girls have not suffered any major injuries, but those who defeated the Ascham’s soldiers, of course, have been seriously injured or dead.

There wasn’t much margin and capability difference to capture the Imperial soldiers, so, the Ascham’s soldiers can’t afford to do so.

And even if there was such a difference in ability, the soldiers of the local army would have no intention of doing such a thing.

For those burglars, there will be no mercy.

There’s no fool that goes easy on their enemies… normally.

『Oh, you are …』(Junou)

After defeating all the Imperial soldiers, ordering his subordinates to take care of his allies’ injuries and capture minor injured enemy soldiers, Junou, the commander asked the girls who helped him.

The self-proclaimed “Resurrection Knight”, who is also the oldest among the girls casually replied.

『We are the mercenary group 《Red blood is justice》

We received a request from a person who has been in the care of the people of the Ascham territory.

And we came from another country to help』(Maevis)

『Thank you, it must be hard…』(Junou)

To think there are people, who don’t forget the grat.i.tude they received and want to pay back at all cost.

In response to the request, these girls come to help in a battle with no chance of winning.

Junou thanks both that person and these girls in front of him in his heart.

Even if those names are somewhat, no, it’s beautiful…

And then Junou watched the other members who he hadn’t seen clearly before.

Everyone is still young, there are also girls who seem to be minors obviously…


Junou’s body froze.

Silver yarn s.h.i.+ning brightly.

Although her eyes are hidden by the mask, those eyes look nice for a person, and those eyes somehow give him the nostalgic impression.

That figure as it was when he first met…

Unexpected words leaked out of Junou’s mouth.

『Lady… Mebel…』(Junou)

(Eh, my esteemed mother’s name…?

This person, perhaps he is a commander of a military force, right?

Commander of our military, certainly…) (Mile)

Mile wasn’t good at memorizing the face of a person.

However, her memory about other things was out of the ordinary.

So, she didn’t remember Junou’s face, which she saw only a few times ago a few years ago,

but as Junou’s name was repeatedly mentioned in the conversation with her grandfather and mother, 《Commander of our territory army, Junou》

She also remembered the word her esteemed mother told Junou, the orphan her esteemed grandfather chose when her esteemed mother was still twelve years old 《Junou, become strong, protecting us and our citizens》firmly.

Mile remembered her conversation with her esteemed mother and grandfather gently smiled and muttered so.

That word that her esteemed mother said when she first met this man.

『Junou, protect Ascham…』(Mile)

(T.N: The left side is Adel’s mother, Mebel)

And then the four girls of the 《Red Oath》 disappeared, leaving behind a ragged and tearful man.


Was it a sorrow shrieking or was it the roar of delight?

A scream sounded in the forest campaigned by the Ascham territory army.

And on that day, the soldiers of the territory army will know the meaning…

of someone can become demons while being alive.

『Mile, was that man your acquaintance?』(Rena)

『Yes, I only know his name though, but I think he is probably the commander of our land army』(Mile)

Rena surprisedly asked and Mile casually answered.

『Then, what was that cry just after we left the scene?』(Rena)

『Ah, that person first met with my mother, it seems that my mother’s figure was about the same as my figure at the moment.

He seemed to mistake me for my mother or something because I said the word my mother said at that time, so maybe he remembered my mother…』(Mile)

『『『Devil!!』』』(Rena’s Trio)



『d.a.m.n, what are the surprise attack units doing?』(Enemy Commander)

The invading army commander of the Empire frustrated and shouted out loud.

『Maybe they take time a lot of time to find the enemy’s hiding place…?』(Enemy Staff)

Even if they fail their surprise attack, not everyone will be killed.

The selected soldier will judge the situation and at least a few of them will escape when they fail in their mission.

Whether they succeeded or failed, a certain number of people would return and reported the situation.

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If they didn’t return yet, which means, they still didn’t fight with the enemies yet… Normally.

In this world, where there are many commanders who have never thought about the food situation of the lower level soldier, there were few necessities of maintenance of weapons and supply of ammunition or paying attention to supply.

Besides, because they still had some amount of goods stored, there was no problem with the delay in supply.

And a few days later.

There was no-one from the surprise attack troops return, they were already considered as MIA or KIA.

And when the commander was irritated, the report arrived.

『Message! Replenishment unit was attacked! All our foods have been destroyed!』(Enemy Soldier)

『Again!?』(Enemy Commander)

The commander shouted.

At first, they brought a lot of food and there weren’t so many arrows and medicines consumed in battle.

So, even if their supplies were delayed a little stuck, there was still room for the military’s actions.

However, if they planned to invade the Ascham territory from now on, the replenishment will become more difficult than before.

And most importantly, luxury goods such as wine, high-grade foods and fresh produce for the high-ranked are running out.

『What were the escorts doing?

Take some soldiers from here and catch those raiders immediately…』(Enemy Commander)


The supplies camp of the 2nd battalion and the 3rd battalion has been lost!

Almost half of the supplies were lost at the base camp of the 4th battalion and the 5th battalion!』(Enemy Soldier)

『… …』(Enemy Commander)

The supplies on the camping site isn’t a transportation unit, but a part of the army that they set.

And the loss of the supply camp means that all supplies of the battalion, from food and drinking water, are now gone.

And right now, the commander realizes that this is a big trouble.

『Show me to the scene!』(Enemy Commander)

A battalion consisting of about 1000 people. This invasion army organized in 5 battalions, a somewhat large invasion army as a regiment.

The goods they brought are distributed to each battalion and kept by each battalion.

The fact that they were attacked by enemies without being found in their own armies means that enemies can attack the Imperial army at anywhere and anytime.

Whether it is the headquarter or a normal basecamp…

Thinking so, the commander headed to the battalion and he saw a scene that he didn’t expect.

『Th-This is……』(Enemy Commander)

The commander thought that he would see the destroyed supply tent and the debris of the fire burned out goods.

However, there is a flock of acc.u.mulated tents arranged beautifully as if nothing had happened before his eyes.

… However, there was nothing left. It’s just a flock of empty tents empty.


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