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Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: The Seven Faces Woman ~Daze! 5

『Hehehe hehehe hehehe…』(Maevis)

『『『Aaaaaaa!』』』(Mile’s Trio)

Maevis is laughing. The other three are taken aback.

Warm, courteous and always considering other people.

The girls can’t imagine how she can become impatient and angry.

However, Maevis also has time to get angry.

Yes, that was when her family, family name, and her dreams were insulted and making a fool with.

Ga~chari~ (SFX)

Rena and Pauline didn’t see it, but Mile’s average dynamic vision clearly saw it.

Maevis turned the handle of her sword half a circle.

(For what?) (Mile)

Mile wondering about Maevis’ meaningless behavior.

And Maevis shouted.

『Relax, it’s just a battle!』(Maevis)

『Die! they will die!』(Mile)

Mile raises her voice unintentionally.

It’s not a j.a.panese sword and there’s no point in inverting the Double-edged Western sword.

Apparently, Maevis seems to be very angry but she still keeps trying to avoid unnecessary killing.

She seems to remember Mile’s j.a.panese f.u.kas.h.i.+ talks about beating the enemies without killing by using 《the back of the sword (Mineuchi)》

and she forgot the difference between the sword in Mile’s story and the double-edged sword she has on her hand.

Well, even if she fights with a single-edged sword, beating the bandits up with the iron bar still cause bone fractures, visceral rupture, and in the worst case if doing poorly the bandit might die as well.

『Rena, please help the bandits!』(Mile)


Rena was surprised by the ridiculous instruction of Mile, but she knew the situation.

Even though Rena intent to kill the enemy without hesitation if necessary, she understood that now isn’t the time.

『 It cannot be helped…』(Rena)

Although she says grumbly, Rena performs a high speed chanting with a low voice.

Three bandits from behind did not hear Lena’s chant,

They only pay attention at Mile and the Maevis, they didn’t mind what a little girl might do.

And …

『… Fire Bomb!』(Rena)

Chi~yudo~n! (SFX)

Three people from behind were blown off with Rena’s attack magic.

Since Rena was aiming not to get direct hit, they bandits might suffer some burns or bruises but they wouldn’t die.

Rena muttered while watching the disgruntled Maevis whose prey got stolen (KS)

『I’ll protect you by attacking you, this is what Mile told me before 《offense is the best defense…》』(Rena)

No, it’s different.

『Wha…wha…what!?』(Bandit leader)

The bandits thought that other than a young female swordsman, others were just some little girls, they could never think that there’s a attack magician as well.

And her magic power is considerably strong.

The bandit leader was shocked that 3 of his fellows were knocked down in a moment,

but when he saw the magician girl walked to knocked down men without looking at his place.

He thought that this was an opportunity.

During this time, he can capture the other three girls and use them up as hostages…

The n.o.ble’s daughter that can use storage and an attack wizard.

Both are young and eye-catching.

Big t.i.ts maids and swordsmen are also likely to sell higher in the black market.

Even though the n.o.ble’s daughter, the big t.i.ts maid, the swordsman already turned to the him and other 4 bandits.

Among those three, two of them are amateurs with fighting.

And they have five men.

They can’t see they will lose.

First off, defeat the female swordsman…

Bis.h.i.+~! (SFX)

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Ga~chan (SFX)

And the other one is.

He was holding a body of a n.o.ble’s daughter and putting the blade of the sword on her neck.

(Alright, it is over!) (Bandit leader)

He couldn’t think that even the maid is a magician

There aren’t so many people who can use ignition magic.

But it wasn’t a problem. Now that they captured the n.o.ble’s daughter.

The bandit leader with a full smile made a surrender recommendation to the girls.

『All of you, if you value your lady’s life, drop their weapon and…』(Bandit)

Pakin~ (SFX)

『『Huh?』』(Bandit + leader)

The captured n.o.ble’s daughter lightly pinches the blade of the sword on her neck with her thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and then twist it.

The sword made a loud noise and broke apart.


The thief who tried to pull out the knife in a hurry and his right wrist was caught.

『It’s hurt! Stop it, get away! My hand, my hand is breaking!!』(Bandit)

And then, the n.o.ble’s daughter pulled her hand lightly, the bandit was thrown down to the ground. And with a body blow on his belly, the bandit was pa.s.sed out.

Three fellows in the back are already beaten.

The red haired girl was walking to this place now.

A suspicious bit-t.i.ts maid that can use magic stared at him.

The n.o.ble’s daughter grabs the sword on her right hand, the thumb and forefinger of her left hand open and close like ready to do something.

And the blonde female swordsman shook her sword with one hand, she seems to be unsatisfactory yet.

『I will surrender, I will give up!』(Bandit)

『『『『Eeeeeh……』』』』(Red Oath)

『Why are you all disappoint!?』(Bandit)

T.N: By everyone, I mean the Red Oath will feel disappointing.


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