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Chapter 190

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Chapter 190


『Should I get back to the captial …』(Mile)

Mile has fulfilled her wish 《meeting the fairy》on the first day of a 5-days vacation, she thought that she would take her time leisurely walk on the way home.

Because she didn’t know how long would it take to achieve her goal before, so, she ran over quickly, and seriously yesterday.

To reduce the air resistance, and to prevent her clothes from torn off or sudden combustion, she has changed to a Pichi Pichi suit (see below) made of special material.

Of course, she couldn’t expose such a figure to the public eye.

Mainly, because it was embara.s.sing.

So, she was running with magic optical camouflage.

However, right now I have too much time to go back.

And when I departed yesterday, I did say to everyone《I will use this 5 days vacation to achieve my long-standing wish》

I just can’t ​​return after only 1 day.

Okay, I will do something to kill time until the final day…

Besides, I already checked with Nano-chan, it’s possible to get back faster than going here.

So, I can even get home easily on the last day.

And with that, the second day of the holiday, Mile’s trip started.

This area is quite far from the capital, close to the border with the neighboring country.

Well, as it is a place where fairies live, it is natural to be remote.

Mile walked with a light footstep, on a road that people rarely pa.s.sed by.

Occasionally, a traveler pa.s.sed by waved his hand to Mile.

Although Mile can be seen about 12 years old, but she has hunter equipments and it’s not a brand-new one.

The equipments must’ve been used a lot, and her body moved quite well with


That’s why the traveler didn’t seems to worry about Mile.

Because even a child can become a hunter when still very young,

but if that child has what it takes to survive several years since becoming a hunter,

then that child must be a well-versed hunter, and know if she is strong enough to act alone like this.

(……Hmm?) (Mile)

When Mile pa.s.sed near a small village that she didn’t know the name, there were a lot of people arguing.

There are 2 groups with only few meters away, facing each other.

(On the blue corner) one side is farmers with about 20 peoples

(On the red corner) the other side is soldiers, around 10 or so.

The soldiers still were not taking their swords out yet, but the farmers were raising their hoes, plows, sickle in their hands.

However, this is obviously a dangerous situation.

It has nothing to do with me, but I shall not let this pa.s.s. Besides I have plenty of time right now.

Well, if it’s too much to handle then I can just go away later.

However, right now I still don’t understand the situation. I will check the situation for now.

And then Mile immediately disappeared with optical magic and gently approached the group.

『Get out of the way! We will not discuss anything unless the lord accept our request!』(Villager)

『Do you know that this is a rebellion?

If you keep it as it is, it will be irreparable, do you understand that!』(Soldier)

Apparently, it seems like the village didn’t get attacked by the invasion of other countries or deserted soldiers.

I don’t know the reason, but it seems that farmers are making some request to the lord side.

Maybe the tax was too heavy to live or the lord-side gave unreasonable request…

『In the first

first place, your demands are totally absurd to reduce taxes in this village!

The tax on this territory isn’t much different from other territories in the neighborhood, and it’s by no means exorbitant

And it wouldn’t be possible to reduce taxes on only your village.

If we do such a thing, how can we explain to other villages?

And there’s no reason to do so in the first place.

Why in the world did you ask for such a thing?』(Soldier)

Apparently, it seemed like the villagers were the side starting all this.

『Shut up! We will not retreat until you accept our request!』(Villager)

As the villager was saying so, he and other villagers started swing their agricultural tools in hands.

And, the soldiers who were trying to calm the villagers down, started putting their hands on the sword inevitably.

It was inevitable that the battle would begin as it was.

Mile looked around, chose a branch tree that seemed right and jumped up on it.

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And then she took out the mask from the item box and wore it.

They were only working seriously about their fine job of soldiers.

As they were soldiers, they must obey the lords and follow order.

It’s all for their families that they are doing their best.

Even if the villager is the right side, the one who must take responsibility is the upper level, not the people in the field.

And the hero happened to have a relations.h.i.+p with one party by chance, a more reason such as being asked by a beautiful heroine from the inferior side, prolonged the battle and increased battle and increased the dead.

That was such a stupid thing to do .

For the time being, let’s finish the battle quickly and check if the lord side is rotten. Isn’t it better to destroy those guys later?

Mile always thought so.

There are many means, such as poisoning officials, surprise attacks when going out, sniper, arson, trap etc.

Anyway, in this state, many farmers will be killed and the rest will be caught. The soldier side will have several dead and injured people.

That’s why it’s far better for farmers to be captured intact.

Besides, if Mile were to help the farmers chasing the soldiers away. Next time, the lord will bring out more soldiers. And each time, Mile defeat them, more and more soldiers will become. The situation will get worse and worse.

And Mile didn’t intend help the villagers confront the lord for such a long time.

If she did such a thing, she would become an inquirer and lost her hunter qualification.

And if her ident.i.ty was known, as a n.o.bleman of another country, it could become an international problem.

To make it simple, it’s necessary to capture all the farmers and prevent them from being label as rebels.

『Military personnel, you have done well your role, Good work.

This one happened to be good at capturing the opponents intact.

Just leave the rest to me, the Dominant Kamen!』(Mile)

『Ye… yes…』(Captain)

The captain nodded to Mile.

Then, as they knew the suspicious masked girl, who they thought, was on their side,

was actually on enemy side.

The farmers couldn’t hide their upset.

『Attack, our opponent is just (an average) a mere little girl!』(Villager)

The farmer’s leader cried so. And it’s usually the speech of the villain side.

『Here I go!』(Mile)

Mile said so as she held a wooden sword in her hand.

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