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Chapter 179

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Chapter 179


It has been 3 days since, the 《Red Oath》were only doing hunting requests.

It was because everyone agreed to help Maevis practice her new Special technique in actual battle, and also to help her to have more confident.

Unlike Mile, the other 3 girls still have their common sense.

Or that what Maevis, Rena, and Pauline thought.

But if they took the《Copper Coin Slash》demonstration and thought《I don’t think this much will draw any attention》then they might as well have been falling to Mile’s Side of Common Sense (T.N: refer to “Dark Side of Force”).

「Maevis, you have been working hard, that 《Tempest Blade》is almost comparable to wind magic.

In any case, people might mistake it as an average wind magic,

At least, people will not notice that it is the Mile’s family secret technique《Ki power》

Besides, that《Anti-magic Sword》is able to repel magic like a fire ball and slash or thrust your opponent, a Magus Killer weapon」(Rena)

Yes, Rena was practicing partner for Maevis.

Although she was instantly lost.

Maevis had slashed the flame with her sword, swung it at Rena and stopped the sword right just above Rena’s head.

Of course, Maevis was not unscathed, a bit of her hair was falling down, and Mile fixed it quickly with magic.

「However, that was because you barely used your magical power…」(Maevis)

「Stupid, in a rough battle, magicians can’t use their powerful magic easily.

Even I and Pauline can prepare a big magic, we can only shoot the first magic.

Normally, magicians will stay behind and fire from a long distance with beginner-level magic such as fire ball with shorten time cast.

If the magic was repelled suddenly by the swordsman, the magicians are powerless against you, not to mention you can approach and cut them just in few seconds of surprised」(Rena)


Maevis was happy as she heard Rena’s words.

And Mile to pretend not to hear that conversation.

She said nothing the《mistake it as an average wind magic》 part. it’s genuine, average wind magic itself.

Well, it’s true, at least there’s no need to worry that the secret will be revealed.

However, there will be another secret, that is《Maevis, who should be unable to use magic now can use wind magic》

Well, in that case, people will think that Maevis’s sword of is a《Magic sword that can shoots wind magic》

It is also possible for people to think that she is the true knight, recognized by the magic sword.

After that, people would ask for the source of the sword: (T.joke: They found your lack of source disturbing)

《I got it from a mysterious old man in one eye》

or 《I got it from the G.o.ddess, the lady of the lake》

or something appropriate like: Mile pretended to be a G.o.ddess betow her with a G.o.d sword. To show her grateful, Maevis build the shrine wors.h.i.+p the G.o.ddess that gave her the G.o.d sword.

And then there would be no authority dare to take away the sword given by the G.o.ddess.

If they believe in the existence of the G.o.d sword, they must believe in the involvement of G.o.ddess.

Then there’s no one would dare to face the punishment if they go against the G.o.ddess.

This world is an undeveloped world where magic exists. It’s normal for people to believe in the existence of G.o.d.

No, of course they would believe. This world had received large-scale interference from existence comparable to G.o.d, and as a result magic exists.

(Uhm, but in that case, Maevis got a G.o.d sword from the G.o.ddess, doesn’t that make her a Brave or a Chosen One?

… Well, who care, it’s not a big deal anyway) (


It was a big deal.

It was a really big deal for the whole country, no, for the who continent.

Then the girls arrived at the guild, pulled out prey from the storage and arranged it at the buying counter.

「Today we are safe. It seems like they aren’t here」(Mile)

「Ah, that’s right」(Maevis)

What Mile and Maevis said is, of course, the party of five girls,《G.o.ddess’ servant》

The uncle who accepted the purchase had a bitter smile as he checked the prey.

Well, the girls aren’t at the food and drink corner, so the probability of meeting isn’t high in the first place.

Maybe they took a rest or on requests.

「Okay, here is the payment.

However, you girls really earn alot…

Which remind me again, you are really lucky to have such the large capacity storage」(Guild purchase Receptionist)

(Hunters’ POV)

The ears of other hunters moved according to the words of the purchase receptionist uncle.

Yes, in order to earn efficiently, the girls can’t hide about Mile’s storage, they already announced it.

And the hunters who knew about it, wanted to have 《Red Oath》more and more.

However, there was no party that can merge or have joint-party with the《Red Oath》

They all remembers the miseries on the first day of《Contract’s Guardian》with copper coin slash.

And there was no party confident enough to keep up with the marching speed that 《Silver Claw》could not follow.

Still, there was no hunter who gave up to know《Red Oath》

If their party can get acquainted with 《Red Oath》, the girls may accept to have a joint-party.

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And, if by chance, if only 1 or 2 hunters can get friendly with 《Red Oath》as individual rather than party, they might have a chance to join《Red Oath》 and have a harem state…

「Please wait for a little while」(Receptionist)

After politely said so, the receptionist disappeared beyond the door behind her.

After a while, she came back with a small parcel.

And when she got back the seat, she asked Mile.

「It can become silver bullet’s material for eye diseases.

What is the name of the giant creature that live in the sea and attack the s.h.i.+p?」


「Ocular’s enemy!」(Mile)

「Yes, Authentication word (pa.s.sword) is clear. Here you go」(Receptionist)

The receptionist gave Mile the parcel after saying so.

By the way, actually such creature really doesn’t exist.

It was a trick question and answer that receptionist knew only Mile, no, 《Miami Satodelle》could answer so. Another person would not be able to know the right answer.

( T.N: In case you don’t understand. All of Mile’s names.

Misato + Adel + Mile

Mi(1) Sato(2) + A(3) Del(4) + Mi(5) Le(6)

Mi(1) A(3) Mi(5) + Sato(2) Del(4) Le (6)

Mi A Mi + Sato Del Le

Miami Satodelle )

「Sorry for keep you all waiting!」(Mile)

「Well, we will return to the inn, because tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are free days」(Rena)

Heard Rena ‘s words, the ears of the male hunters move spiralingly.

Perhaps, they heard that the girls in the 《Red Oath》will act alone, and wondered if they had the opportunity to get acquainted with.

Giving information inadvertently in such a place, it was a big blunder for Rena.

After returning to the inn, Mile opened the parcel, checked the two sealed letters inside. And one of them was put in storage and the other opened in front of everyone.

「This is a letter from Reni-chan!」(Mile)

「You, how did she know our contacts…

…Wait, it was a parcel in the previous town.

Well, at that time, we decided to stay here for a while in the capital.

Well then, should we read it?」(Rena)

And the girls read the letter from Reni.

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