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Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Aura family 2

「Is the shopkeeper okay with that, too?」(Chairman)

The shopkeeper was asked so by the Chairman, nodded in nervous.

Well, with this method, he wouldn’t get any grude from the Chairman or the Aristocrat that both have influence on the commercial guild, and the selling price is likely to jump a lot. There was nothing bad at all.

「Well, First of all, from me, I pay 5 gold coins.」(Chairman)

That said, the Chairman took out 5 gold coins from his drawstring bag and placed it on the platform of the shop.

「7 gold coins!」(Butler)

Rather than raised the price a lot, the Chairman raised the price slowly and wait until the opponent give up

「8 gold coins」(Chairman)

Different from Chairman that just added an additional gold coin, the butler once again raised 2 gold coins.

「10 gold coins!」(Butler)

And after a while, the value raised steadily and finally reached 25 gold coins.

However, there was no impatience in the butler’s face.

(Looking at the swelling condition of that drawstring bag,

his gold coins should not even exceed 30, it’s probably 27 to 28, it’s about to run out.

On the other hand, I have 20 gold coins from my master in case there is a large amount of herbal medicine in stock,

and 10 gold coins which are always kept in preparation for unforeseen events.

Plus with my personal pocket 3 gold coins and 5 small gold coins…) (Butler)

Because of the chairman, the butler must spend the unexpected expense.

But even though Baron is a lower aristocrat, they can still afford 20-30 gold coins.

「Then, 27 gold coins … ohhh!?」(Chairman)

When the chairman raised 2 more gold coins, there was only 1 gold coin left in the drawstring bag. Apparently, it seems that he was running out of gold coins.

(……won!) (Butler)

When the butler thought so.

「Well, I will bring out one more, it was keep out of the drawstring bag …」(Chairman)

As he was saying so, the chairman put hishand in the bosom.

(He still can’t win even if he has 1 or 2 more gold coins) (Butler)

The butler thought so, and relaxed his cheek. However…

「Oh, there it is! 27 gold coins in total!」(Chairman)

That said, the merchant put one coin on the table and took back 9 gold coinsto the drawstring bag.

「「「「「Ehhh…………」」」」」(Butler + Red Oath+ Everyone)

The butler, the members of the 『Red oath』, and the audience as well dumbfound looked at the table.

A coin that placed on a table. It was an Orichalc.u.m coin.

In this world, platinum has little value.

Platinum resembling silver but having a higher melting point than silver and could not be melted by silver processing equipment. It was treated as a 『pseudo silver』

Only the legendary metal like Mithril or Orichalcim are worth more than gold.

Weapons made them are rare weapons that Average (ordinary) people can never possess.

It is natural because it corresponds to the sword made of platinum on the earth.

And the value of the coin made by Orichalc.u.m, was equivalent to 10 gold coins.

It wasn’t usually used for trading in general towns, and there were no people carrying it around …, it was supposed to be so.

「What’s wrong? It’s 27 gold coins?」(Chairman)

The chairman grinded.

「Was this it …?」(Pauline)

Pauline said with a groovy voice.

The chairman finally used his trick up his sleeve.

But it’s not a cowardly trick.

It is quite common for merchants and travelers to hide spare money in case of emergency.

The butler was just naive.

It was just that.

The face of the butler was distorted by astonishment, dismay, and anguish.

If it was normal, this defeat would become a good experience.

But this time, it’s an important matter concerned with his master’s daughter health and life.

There was also the possibility that this could tarish his master name with how naive he was.

A situation that failure or defeat are never allowed.

And now he lost it.

The face of the butler was dyed in despair.

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「How do you like it? are you surrender?」(Chairman)

Mile saw it and instantly lifted the barrier.

「What, what was it …?」(Chairmain)

The chairman has never heard or seen about a sound insulation barrier and was really surprised, but Pauline ignored him.

It was because the circ.u.mstances this time must be done quickly before the chairman changed his mind.


Paulin shouted loudly against the surrounding crowd.

「Everyone, you already knew about the circ.u.mstances.

So, this butler wants a loan from you under the name of his master, the Baron!」(Pauline)


The audience raised the voice of confusion without knowing the meaning.

「That is, he wants you to lend him money now.

For those who lend the money, he will immediately return the money once he is back the mansion and give the same amount as interest.

That means your money will be double in no time!」(Pauline)


Pauline continued.

「And then! If the medicine can be obtained thanks to your cooperation and the lady can be recovered with it!

His master will invite all the people who gave out loans to a party for a lady’s recovered celebration!

As a benefactor, you will be invited to a party of aristocracy and can even handshake with the lady, a dreamlike opportunity for commoners!

It’s once in a lifetime chance you can talk over and over with the lady!

For now, we will accept up to 10 gold coins, the first come, first served!

Well, everyone, please share your money for the Aura family only for a little while!」(Pauline)


Peoples started rus.h.i.+ng.

Pauline was dumbfound with the fuss even more than expected.

Rena and Maevis rushed to Pauline and guarding Pauline from people’s waves, not to be crushed.

And Mile muttered as she stunned.

「Wow, Cash (American Foot-) ball …」(Mile)


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