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Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Arbitration

Apparently, the name of 『Red oath』didn’t spread to other countries.

Graduation test and other things.

Although the girls did quite a lot of amazing things, but they were still just a brand new C rank hunter group. It would be strange that their name spread to other countries. Even in Tirus Kingdom, beside the people who observed the graduation test directly, most people wouldn’t know the name of 『Red oath』even in city or rurals.

But there’s still a possibility that Vail who defeated the leader of 『Mithril’s Roar』’s name will be heard across the country.

『Yes, Keikaku Doori』Mile thought.

And it’s finally for the shopkeeper’s punishment.

Aside from common sense and ability to read the moods, everytime the party encountered problems like this, Rena, Pauline, and of course Maevis weren’t good about this. That’s why, the girls often left it to Mile. Actually, all spice related matters were within Mile’s discretion.

And after thinking for a while, Mile said to the shopkeeper.

「… I will sell it for 12 gold coins」(Mile)

「「「「「「Huh?」」」」」」 (Hunters + Shopkeeper)

Heard Mile’s words, everyone had a stupid face. Other than the other three members of『Red oath』

「… … What have you said?」(Hunter Leader)

「As I said, 12 gold coins」(Mile)

「「「「「「……….」」」」」」 (Hunters + Shopkeeper)

When Mile answered to the question of the hunter leader, the silence spread.

「How come!!」(Hunter Leader)

Saw the angry Hunter leader yelled, Mile explained the reason.

「Because, this shopkeeper, I don’t think he is a bad guy …

He just happened to see a chance to get a lot of spice that he wanted right before his eyes, and gave in to the evil …」(Mile)

「If he is an ordinary and a righterous human being, there will be no evil! If we let him go this time because the evil got it him, similar things will happen again. He is just that kind of guy.

And next time, he may hire a bandits instead of regular hunter, and the targeted victims may not be strong like you girls. The said victims will expose their secret by torture like a criminal with false charge. Didn’t you just talk about it!」(Hunter Leader)

Certainly, that might be right.

But Mile talked back to the leader again.

「It’s okay, because the shopkeeper seems fully reflect on his mistake, I think he will never think of strange things again.

Also, since this special spice is what I brought by my storage, it can’t be purchased anywhere around here, and shopkeeper can’t purchase from producer, absolutely.

In addition…」(Mile)

「In addition?」(Hunter Leader)

「If he does this again, we will come and push this spice into the shopkeeper’s mouth, just as much as we have in this wooden container …」(Mile)

As he heard that, shopkeeper was shivering and trembling.

It’s natural because it means 『death』 both mentally and physically.

The hunters also had a bitter smile.

「If he swears not to do this again, then I guess it will be okay.

Because he isn’t a bandit, even if you hand him over to the guard, you will not get any reward, our spices will not be sold and we will not make any profit. And this town will lose its only cafeteria. If there’s no one have benefit, I will not do it.

But I guess we should give gim a little penalty and we will overlook his crime this time」(Mile)


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「Yes, for example, each of you will receive a gold coin, in addition to the request fee, that 5 gold coins will be an annoying fee …」(Mile)

And then.

「Shall we go to the next town …?」(Rena)

「Oo, let ‘s do it」(Pauline)

「I agree」(Maevis)

「… I want to left this country soon to feel more secure」(Mile)

And everyone agreed, aimed at the borders.

They were already quite close to the border so it wasn’t a big distance to the neighboring country.

「Okay then, once we return to the inn, we will tell them that we will be leaving」(Rena)

「「「Oh!」」」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

*** A few days later ***

『Calamity』cafeteria which had been temporarily closed due to the suspension of the arrival of spices, has resumed its business. The dish taste wasn’t as good as before, but the menu became more abudant, the dish is cheap enough that can be sold to commoners. It flourished.

However, the shopkeeper left the limited time notice『This price reduced is only temporary due to the fact that my shop has purchase spices cheaply. After having used up the stock from this time, the shop will return to the original taste and price』

When the other restaurant got information that 『Calamity was able to obtain the spice cheaply, because the shopkeeper asked the hunter』. They put request for spice purchase all together in the hunter, but end of failure because there was no hunter who could accept the request.

And despite the expectation that other restaurant about『Kalamity』shop will put out『temporarily close』any time soon, it was only the amount of one party delivered, it would run out soon. However 『Kalamity』limited-time sale has not ended so fast, even after the usual order spices finally arrived from the distance.

The shopkeeper realized the spices was too intense to use for cooking as a powder and tried many method. It’s difficult to dissolve in water, but it melts in oil, alcohol, vinegar. As he noticed that, it was easy to use by dissolving in other liquid type and it became possible to reduce usage.

Anyway, it is pure crystal of capsaicin. Even he diluted it a lot, it still had enough pungent taste. Therefore, he was able to continue to use for a considerable long term.

After that, the shopkeeper of 『Kalamity』put the last grip of the special spice into a small medicine pot and carefully kept it in the hidden safe. And whenever he faced any difficult time, he looked at the medicine pot from the safe for a while and then returned to work again.

What were the shopkeeper thinking when looking at that small pot? It was impossible for anyone but the shopkeeper to know it.

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