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Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Mosou Alchemy!

“This… this is『pure chili』, right!” (Pauline)

Pauline staring at powder crystals of capsaicin with an eye like a nuclear physic scientist staring at pure hydrogen bomb.

“Yes, well, we extracted only the pungent ingredients of capsic.u.m, so we can call it like that” (Mile)

Pauline heard Mile’s reply and had an ecstatic expression.

“This is a pure spice produced by my magic …

Expensive spices, and we can create as much as we want as long as we have magical power … It is equal to creating money, which only G.o.d is capable of doing!

This is alchemy, and it’s musou! Musou alchemy!!” (Pauline) (T.N: Musou mean unparalleled, exceptional, peerless, …)

It’s a spice, just like pepper, which is worth as much as gold of the same weight.

It’s can’t be help that Pauline become drunk.

(Ah, this is bad ……) (Mile)

Mile was impatient with Pauline’s condition.

(I have to stop Pauline falling into the dark side!) (Mile)

“Pauline-san, you can’t do that!

If you sell it as a main product, or planning it, the spice industry will get serious trouble!

And it’s not only relate to merchants, but also transactions between countries, and so on …

And we will soon be revealed that there are no signs of purchase from anywhere, evidence of transportation, evidence of bringing in, evidence of paying taxes.

In that case, aristocrats, officials, merchants and criminals throughout the country will target us for seeking information, interests and tax revenue …” (Mile)

“Uu…” (Pauline)

Pauline is also the daughter of a merchant. She can understand what Mile said.

If we don’t speak about magic creation, we may be caught, abduction, or torture for tax evasion.

If we talk, we may be killed to monopoly, or information will spread quickly, the price will collapse. It also gives a deadly blow to the production area of ​​chili peppers, dealers, and they can’t make a profit.

And even more problematic was the spreading of the 『Ultra Hot』 series of magic.

The magic of 『Ultra Hot』 is currently limited to 『Red Oath』.

There are dozens of people saw it, but most of them have magicians in party, and magicians can’t understand the principle simply by just looking at magics used by Pauline.

Besides if they are good enough to become magician, they will not become bandits or criminal. Because magicians can earn more than bandits. Also, most of those who fought the 『Red Oath』 are captured and some already became criminal slaves.

I will be worse if criminal magician can learn『Ultra Hot Magic』.Unlike normal attack magic, it was a good crowd control magic that capable of disable vanguards.

… The power balance with between criminal magicians and hunters may be broken, and it will be start of the criminal magician’s musou.

Those things cross over her mind for a moment and Pauline becomes pale.

“Well, then, isn’t this also bad this time?” (Maevis)

“Uu~!” (Mile)

Being pointed out by Maevis, Mile become quiet

“… Uhm…, about this…, ah… we are doing that!” (Mile)

“”That?”” (Rena + Maevis)

Mile declared to Maevis and Rena.

“『This is this, that is that!』, 『keep everything in your heart!』” (Mile)

“””…………””” (Rena + Maevis + Pauline)

And eventually ma.s.s production of artificial spices began.

Pauline uses 『Ultra Hot Magic』, Mile in refinery magic, put in a container and go to item box. The girls repeat it endlessly.

Anyway, the girls will not go back to the city anytime soon. Because it is too unnatural.

Therefore, the girls decided to produce a lot for the future as well. If Mile puts it in the item box, it will not deteriorate and it will also be a weapon.

And almost everything was stored in Mile’s item box, Rena and Maevis put their portion it in a bamboo tube, wrapped in gra.s.s leaves, shake or as a hand-throwing bullet. The girls made various types of weapons.

These weapon deprive the opponent of fighting power without injuring. It was a really humanitarian weapon.

However, Rena who silently makes hand-throwing bullet, has a wicked smile for some reason.

Maybe, she plans doing that.

She can not accept that she is the only victim. She wants to involve another.

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While refining Mile is looking at Rena’s smile at the side,

“Bu~fy~a!” (Shopkeeper)

He blew up.

“Wa…ter…plz…” (Shopkeeper)

“Here you are!” (Mile)

Mile already prepared a cup of cold water in the item box beforehand. Unlike Rena, it is deluted many times, even so it would still be very spicy.

They already dealed with merchant once in the past, that’s why the remain of spices was stored in the item box. And only bring out 1 basin for the client.

After a while, the owner finally recovered, of course, asked for the source of it.

“Where did you get it? No, actually, what is this?” (Shopkeeper)

“Oh, yes, this is a condensed of the hot ingredients of capsic.u.mes, which the provider allow us to sell with promise that we will keep his name absolutely secret …” (Mile)

“…………” (Shopkeeper)

The shopkeeper stared at the contents of the wooden bucket with a scary serious eye.

“So, how much can you buy it?” (Pauline)

Pauline asked him the most important question.

The price of pepper when high is 5 silver coins per gram. It is almost the same as the price of gold. Even when the Pepper’s price drops, it’s still about 1 silver coins per gram.

Certainly it’s expensive, but we only need to use 1 gram per dish, it’s equivalent to 1 silver coin or 1000 j.a.panese yen. Even if the chef buys it at 1.5 times price, the chef only has to increase the price of cooking meal more 5 small silver coins, there is no problem.

This Basin is about 5 kilograms … In the market, it can be sold about 50 gold coins or about 5 million j.a.panese Yen. And when sold at 1.5 times of that price, we can get 75 gold coins. And not to mention this spices is about 5000 times that of capsic.u.m.

Well, we can’t demand 5000 times of that money, but how much will the shopkeeper pay for it?

As everyone stared at the store owner, he was thinking about licking his fingertips a little on the soup earlier.

And finally, he made the conclusion.

“In all, it is 10 gold coins” (Shopkeeper)

((((Ah, I knew it…)))) (Red Oath)

The four girl somehow have a feeling it will turn out that way.

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