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Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: In the world, money is not everything! Well, only about 99 percent?

A few days later,「Red oath」arrived at a certain city

They haven’t gone outside the Brandel Kingdom yet, but Mile hasn’t been spotted yet, so they didn’t have to worry. Besides, if all they do is run away, everyone will not be able to enjoy a fun journey in this country.

「Shall we stay in this town for a few days?

We have been only walking. If we don’t work a little bit, we will pa.s.s through this country without doing any request here at all.

As we are having a journey around the countries, I also want to work in this country as well.

However, if Mile, if you worry in this country then we will head to the border」 (Rena)

The three girl reflect themselves on Rena’s words, Red Oath really haven’t received a request for a while.

Then everyone headed straight to the guild and watching the request board …

「Spices?」 (Mile)

As the girls hear Mile’s voice, they are looking at the quest that Mile is looking at.

「Need spice.

The request fee depends on the type and amount of spices you can find.

More details at the meeting」 (Notice)

「… Let’s say we accept it, how do you plan to get spices?

This is the first you go to this city, right? You don’t have any connexion or you know the market price of spice in this area …

Beside, you don’t even that good at cooking, aren’t you?」 (Rena)

Even Rena said so, but Mile just smiled as she replied.

「It’s okay, they only need at little in stock.

Besides, if they want to purchase spices, they usually ask the commercial guild to get it. But right now, this client asked the hunter guild to get it … 」 (Mile)

「That’s true, is there a reason for that?」 (Maevis)

Maevis also agreed with Mile.

「Beside, there isn’t any other interesting requests, not even just a goblin hunting request.

And do something different occasionally, it may be a good experience for us as well, is that okay, everyone?」 (Mile)

Maevis and Pauline nodded to Mile.

「Well, then. The first request in this town will be this!」 (Rena)

When Rena said that and tried to strip off the request form from the request board, but Pauline hurriedly stopped her.

「This kind request, the client may order many kind of spice. So don’t peel it off!

We also need to confirm the conditions at the meeting place before accepting the request」 (Pauline)

「Ah……」 (Rena)

And the 「Red oath」tell the receptionist that they will go to the meeting place with this request and leave the guild.

「… I think it’s this place」 (Rena)

Rena stops in front of a certain dining hall and says that as she looking up at the signboard.

「Well, for now let’s go in!」 (Rena)

Then Rena who opened the door where 「Temporary close」tag was hung and three girls entering the shop following after her.

[ Oh, this is a very ordinary, no, this place seems a bit more expensive than normal place. And this shop names『Kalamity』? ] (Mile’s inner thought)

( So『Kalamity』’s owner wants us to… look for (Karamitei)… spice) ?

A Calamity… NOT

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Isn’t calamity, disaster, plague are G.o.d punish in English! This is bad luck …)

It was quite a request with high hurds.

And everyone thinks that it’s a big problem for ordinary hunters, even「Red oath」three girl also think like that.

Yes, it is 「three girl」and it was 「for ordinary hunters」

「Because this request is quite special, I think we must have some request condition for it… 」 (Pauline)

Pauline is taking the initiative to make a deal with shopkeeper.

As a result, it’s difficult to decide the request fee until the shopkeeper know the type, quality, quant.i.ty, etc. of the spice. So Red Oath and the shopkeeper agreed with the purchase method rather than the request fee method.

However there’s a limit of purchase. No matter how much the shop owner wants spices, he still can’t buy too much expensive spice which is about 1.5 times the normal price. It will affect the store’s profit in the long run.

And as a result of the negotiations, it is treated as a difficult request, and even if the 「Red oath」fails this request, there’s no loss for the store, this request is also simultaneously done by other hunters as well.

Even if Red Oath fails, there will be no penalty fee or points.

And in that case, the request will not be treated as failure, but as 「request completed with zero achievement」

After leaving the luxury Restaurant「Kalamity」Red Oath returned to the Hunter Guild and reported to the receptionist.

Then the girls are heading to the forest near the city.

「…, Pauline, why did you care about the conditions at the time we failed request so much?

You should know that, we always have a considerable amount of spices in my storage. At worst, we can use it to avoid failure…」 (Mile)

「It’s insurance, insurance!」 (Pauline)

「Huh……」 (Mile)

Mile is surprised, to think there was already the concept of 「insurance」in this world.

Of course, it was not the same thing like in modern Earth, but a role of mutual society.

Pauline said that word, and that’s why they don’t have to worry about failure this time. Meanwhile Mile is in her own world again.

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