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Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Total Defeat

「Hah hah hah hah hah hah …」 (Red Oath + Wonder Three)

Seven girls whose clothes are in a mess, rolling in the room exhausted.

But it’s not an ultimate fight but a cat fight.

「What with these girls! Why do we lose to such young students!!」 (Rena)

Rena complains with other members of Red Oath.

Yes, the fight result was a complete defeat of the 「Red oath」

The place is a room in the girls’ dormitory and their opponents are ordinary student not hunters.

Thus, Red Oath can’t use any magic with high damage power or crowd control magic.

「Red oaths」who tried to escape by suppressing opponents with only strengthen magics and restraint magics, they couldn’t deal with restraint magics and water magics with non-chant. Red Oath were easily seized because of it.

「Why, why …?」 (Mile)

Even Red Oath had limited their power but to think they were easily held down by restraint magic like this. Marcella answered with a proud face to the miserable Mile

「Adel-san, did you really think we were playing for over a year since you were gone?」 (Marcella)

「Ugu … Even so, you are improving too much …」 (Mile)

Mile feels like crying.

「Well then, shall we continue with the story?」 (Marcella)


「… Then, how about I sell the territory and get cash …」 (Mile)

「You can’t do that!」 (Marcella)

Mile’s proposal was instantly denied by Marcella.

「The territory is a deposit from the King of our Kingdom, you can earn the aristocratic privilege as compensation for keeping it, maintaining it and developing it!

You will not be able to sell it without His Majesty’s permission!」

Maevis nods to that as well.

「If so, I will return it to His Majesty … Or, give it to my relatives」 (Mile)

「Well, you may do that for a normal case.

But this time, your family had a lot of scandal and trouble.

By the order of his majesty, a royal magistrate have taken care of the administration for the time being. Until you, the rightful heir comes back and take over the reigns in the Askham territory

That means, no-one but you, Adel, can take over Askham territory」 (Marcella)

「Huh?」 (Mile)

Mile’s proposal was once again denied by Marcella.

「Adel-san, His Majesty unwilling to let anyone but you take over the family.

Your grandfather’s sister’s son, also would like to have Askham’s terriotry.

But even he had the inheritance rights of the Viscount Askham’s territory, His Majesty still rejected him.

No matter how many time he tried to explain that he is also a legitimate successor. His Majesty still denied it.

I think His Majesty did that to avoid him plan any harm to Adel-san with successor problem …

His Majesty King seems have set Adel as the owner of the Askham territory, in the state …」 (Marcella) (T.N: that “set” is Katakana that mean like say Set in English for the puns next)

「…………」 (Mile)

Mile who should feel dreadful. Suddenly thinks of a salad oil set.

「Ho… how …」 (Red Oath)

Red Oath are somewhat feel impatient about Mile.

「Nyaa」 (Cat)

At that time, a black cat came into the room through the window.

「Ah, Key Tail!」 (Mile) (T.N: name of that cat かぎしっぽ)

The cat hasn’t met Mile for a long time, he is the so called「Insect repellent-sama」

The cat rubs its back on Mile and Mile is smiling happy.

「… Did he come because he smell food or something?」 (Maevis)

「No, isn’t he just his back itchy? 」 (Pauline)

「Is he trying to say that he is Mile servant? Is not it an appeal to his owner?」 (Rena)

「Please be quiet!」 (Mile) (T.N: Urusai Desu)

It must be the first time, Mile raises her voice to Maevis, Pauline, Rena …

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After that, instead of persuasion Marcella overlooks Mile.

「Huh……」 (Red Oath + Mile)

Red Oath are agape.

「Ah, I think that this time is okay.

Fortunately, Adel-san wasn’t spotted, the two others wore school clothes properly and the last one was probably seen as their older sister.

It’s still okay because you three look like 2 students invite your big sister to the school.

However, please be careful when coming next time.

Also, I think that all letters and luggage addressed to us, are probably all checked.

Previously, I had tried hiring someone to send me a letter that I prepared, when I got back my letter from him, I found that the deviation of the sealed paper, the order of the cards that I arranged were change a little.

Which mean someone already opened it」

「………… 」 (Red Oath minus Pauline)

Everyone was stunned by the cautiousness of Marcella.

(This child, she is the same age as Mile …

… No, Mile are out of normal.

But when it comes to emergency, she is the most reliable ally.

How scary, is this the power of the lower aristocracy of the Brandel Kingdom!) (Rena)

(If it was me, I will not notice such things or even think of it … To think, she is still only 12 years old child…) (Maevis)

Rena and Maevis were surprised by the insight of Marcella, which is still 12 years old.

Only Pauline had a face like thinking it was just Average (quite easy) … (T.N: I try the joke, is average okay there? or I must use quite easy)

However, Red Oath were not all aware.

Even Marcella, who always takes the initiative as a leader of 「Wonder Three」all the time.

But among the three of them, the one who really plan most of thing isn’t Marcella, it’s un.o.btrusive Orianna.

And about that, most of the time, Orianna didn’t speak but went to the listener mode to remember and a.n.a.lyze all the information.

She always tells Marcella everything important. Allow her to have optimal solutions. And make sure everyone think that Marcella did so by herself.

Orianna, a poor commoner who entered a n.o.ble school with a scholarship, so her course wasn’t general admission but a super difficult one.

Actually, she was the brain (strategist ) of 「Wonder Three」

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