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Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Visitors

The procedure at the guild was over without problems.

There was no problem with the post-treatment of the local emergency request.

The girls handed over the bandits to the guild and the reward from selling those bandits as crime slave were also the expected amounts.

The girls also handed over the envelope from the coach of the carriage pay a small amount from the reward.

Even if the amount is small, Red Oath still get credit score as 「Hunter that have raised the name of the guild」kind of thing.

After that,「Red oath」was smiling happy as they left the guild.

「…」 (Receptionist)

After the 「Red oath」left, the receptionist who was dealing with Red Oath was wondering.

「What’s wrong, Cheren?」 (Guild Staff)

Another guild staff is worry about the receptionist name Cheren as she s.p.a.ce out.

「Well, I guess I have seen those girls before …

However, It is impossible me to forget about those young and pretty C ranked hunter girls if I met them once. They can even catch 6 bandits without getting any injure.

Aaahh, I can not remember! My memory is in a haze!」 (Cheren)

There’s a reason she can’t remember it.

If the dolls (Figure) looks exactly like those girls, she may notice it.

But Red Oath only resemble the dolls, it doesn’t really so detail.

Unlike the Guild Master, she just had a glimpse for a couple of times to those dolls on the boss’s desk.

Moreover, The girl who resembles the most eye-catching silver hair doll was changing her appearance.

「U~n, un…」 (Cheren)

「Let’s give it up, return to work quickly!」 (Guild Staff)

And the receptionist named Cheren was scolded by her colleague, she gave up thinking about it.

Conversely, one of the branches of history that may have been possible destroyed.


Mile and everyone didn’t take the inn.

In order to avoid the risk of Mile being discovered as much as possible, the girls plan to leave the kingdom after tonight’s work.

「Well, let’s go check the time after having a meal over there, do you have the letter to deliver?」 (Rena)

「Yes, I finished writing …」 (Mile)

Mile takes out a letter from storage and give it to Rena.

「Well, we should eat the meal soon.

Mile, you don’t have to worry too much, we will get in well!」 (Rena)

Rena said that while holding the letter she had from Mile.


In the evening, the last cla.s.ses must be finished sometimes ago. After cla.s.s, everyone should be returning to the room in the dormitory.

There are three girls pa.s.sed through the main gate of Ekland School. Sometimes, the students may have their personal activities from outside school after cla.s.s end, and they will return after a while. Well, students are free to go in and out as long as they don’t pa.s.s the curfew.

One girl has red hair wearing school uniform, a ‘somewhat large’ girl wearing exercise clothing.

The sight of the gatekeeper was sucked in her body, which shouldn’t be from 12 to 13 years old, he is wondering if this girl is an upper-cla.s.s student or not.

The last one was probably their older sister or something. A blonde, swordsman-style girl went through the gate with a slightly embarra.s.sing face.

No problem. Even it’s somewhat strange, but that is far from invasion by suspicious individuals, which is the subjects to be stopped.

The gatekeeper was thinking like that and didn’t do anything.


Concon! (SFX)

「Who are you?」 (Mercella)

Marcela heard someone knocking on the door of her room, but when she asked she get an unexpected replies …

「Thief …」 (Pauline)

「You, what are you talking about!」 (Rena)

「Well, Mile is accustomed to replying so at such times …」 (Pauline)

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「What are you accustomed! What would you do if she gets suspicious!」 (Rena)

Pauline casts healing magic, finally the nosebleed stopped, pain was also cured.

「Well, well, you didn’t do it on purpose, so it’s okay …」 (Rena)

Just before, Marcella panickily pulled the three girls into her room, immediately called Monica and Oriana.

And they each came to Marcela’s room with their own chair.

Rena, Maevis and Pauline are sitting in bed while Marcela, Monica, Oriana are sitting in their chair and facing each other.

When talking from a higher viewpoint carries favorable pressure advantageously.

Marcela brought it to this position thought so.

And for now, Marcella apologize once more for having injured Rena.

But Marcela unwilling to stop with apologize alone.

「Well, you can get into the subject.

The color of the ribbons tie of your uniform is for senior student. But there is no one like you two in our grade.

And you, the one wears exercise clothes. That is also the color of senior student, but you also are not in my grade.

In other words, you are fake students, illegal intruders.

More than half of the students in this school are children of n.o.bility.

To say that there is invasion there, of course, there is prepared for death …」 (Marcella)

Three people are having blue face.

「Wait, wait! Here, this!」 (Rena)

In a hurry, Rena took out from her pocket was a letter put between a broken bamboo stick.

While presenting it, Rena cried.

「O… o… ne… ga…i… de… go…」 (Rena) (T.N: I guess Rena plan to say Onegai Degozaru, but translate to Please is losing the fun)

「What with that unknown words …」 (Marcella)

「No, at times like this, Mile …」 (Rena)

Rena can’t even remember properly the words to tell.

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