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Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Magic Battle

Mile was angry.

Both her clothes and armor are bad, hair has become tattered.

But the reason for Mile’s anger is not that.

[My friends were hurt by this Dragon, to a point nearly being killed.

And if I didn’t make it in time, all of my friends were surely dead.

My fellows who fought desperately to live and trying to help me] (Mile’s inner thought)

「Impossible … There’s no way a human can recover so easily from that damage!

You … you … who the h.e.l.l are you!」(Ancient)

Even the Ancient Dragon is screaming, Mile just answers emphatically.

「I’m just an Average C rank hunter girl that you can find everywhere…」(Mile)

「Lie! I will kill you!」(Ancient Dragon)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

Ki~in! (SFX)

「Huh…」(Ancient Dragon)

He tried to kill Mile but he thought a little troublesome to use Dragon Breath so he used a small and explosive flame to hit Mile

But it was block easily by「Lattice Force Barrier」that Mile was established.

「Was it not strong enough … ?. Then, how about this?」(Ancient Dragon)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

Ki~in! (SFX)

「Here, take this …」(Ancient Dragon)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

Ki~in! (SFX)

「Impossible! Then I will attack serious…」(Ancient Dragon)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

Ki~in! (SFX)

「…………」(Ancient Dragon)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

Ki~in! (SFX)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

Ki~in! (SFX)

Do hi ~yun! (SFX)

Ki~in! (SFX)

「What …」(Ancient Dragon)

「This time it’s my turn」(Mile)

The series of attack magic that shot with the real full power was also easily blocked

Mile sentenced to the Ancient Dragon which is stunned.

And she is chanting magic.

「Particle control, Phase energy rectification, Phase energy beam, shoot!」(Mile)

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Chi ~yun! (SFX)

There was a very loud noise.

And the shoulder of the Ancient Dragon or the area around the base of his left arm was shot through.

There is no magic defense, Mile’s Phase energy beam penatrated it without any relation.

「Huh? 」(Ancient)

An Ancient Dragon that opened his mouth halfway with feeling that he couldn’t understand the situation.

Even he couldn’t understand the situation, but it can’t be anything other than「My shoulder is empty」

And here comes his reaction that lags behind.

「Aaaaaaa~~!!」(Ancient Dragon)

The scream of the Ancient Dragon reverberated.

Why did Mile who should be inferior to the Ancient Dragon about magical power, can dominate this magic fight?

And why is Mile can afford to have att.i.tude that is different from the previous one?

There were two reasons for it.

First thing is that Mile was angry.

Her feeling just before such as fear, despair, dispirit and resignation are all change to anger.

And the 2nd thing is because Mile noticed.

To the fact that there’s no difference in power with this Ancient Dragon like she thought.

Indeed, Mile is Average that is half of the strongest creature in this world.

But that doesn’t mean half this Ancient Dragon in front of her.

Considering from the past pattern, her Abilities are probably the Average value of the strongest Ancient Dragon among the Ancient Dragons. In other words, she get about half of the strongest Ancient Dragon, Ancient Dragon King or something’s Abilities.

And of course Mile power isn’t half of this Ancient Dragon.

What if the Strongest Ancient Dragon is far more stronger than other Ancient Dragon?

What if this Ancient Dragon in front of her isn’t so strong?

And Mile also has another advantage.

Yes, she has the knowledge and imagination from her previous life.

Mile can imagine the shooting scenes of 46 centimeter cannon, 500 kilometer bomb explosion, the power of beam weapons, and she can even imagine the nuclear explosion. But of course, the nuclear explosion will be rejected by the nanomachine…

A powerful attack that can’t be imagined by those in this world. It was an overwhelming superiority.

Also, Even Mile can only imagine the principle of the physical phenomenon to a certain extent in a concrete way.

And Nano-machines will automatically support with those defects.

In other words, Mile is able to use any kind of magic that much more powerful and efficient than other people with the same magical power. And the result was this.

If this is a battle between swordsmen, even if there are some difference in power and technique, you still don’t know what side will win. Because both sides can win if their sword can hit the opponent’s vital point. Even the weakling can also has a lucky hit.

However, if all opponent’s magical attacks are repelled, and her attack penetrates the enemy’s shield like paper.

With this, we can’t even say this is a fight anymore. It’s a one-side dominating.

It seemed that the game was decided.

But then.

「What is going on, It’s so noisy here!」(2nd Ancient Dragon)

「What’s wrong with you?」(3rd Ancient Dragon)

Two more Ancient Dragons crawled out of the hole. One of them is even bigger than the Ancient Dragon that Mile fought.

Pauline and Rena are desperately trying to heal Maevis with magic.

Doctor Kulereia are ready defensive magic to cast at any time.

Without seeing Mile, the biggest Ancient Dragon reprimanded the Ancient Dragon that 1st came out.

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「Hey, Uensu!

「Sherala, stand behind me! Calm down, Uensu! Simultaneous attack!」(Beldetes)

Beldetes was impatient.

[Absurdly, there’s an existence that can harm the Ancient Dragon like us.

No matter what, I can’t let Sherara get even one wound.

Although injuries can be cured by healing magic, the fact that 「I made Sherara injured」itself is very bad.

If I expose Sherala to danger and even get wound, I can’t imagine how angry the Ancient Dragon Elders who are adoring Sherara will be] (Beldetes’s inner thought)

Knowing that Beldetes would help him, Uensu regained his calm a little.

The wounds are causing him intense pain, but later, Sherara will heal him completely with curative magic that she is good at.

Right now, the elimination of uncertain and danger human is the first priority.

「Breath, radiation!」(Beldetes)

As Beldetes shouts, both he, Uensu and Sherara are breathing towards Mile.

Lower Living organism protection law?

Such a thing is 「a strong man’s hypocrisy」only when their opponent is helpless and can do however they think.

Such thing, when they are in danger, are easily ignored.

Although Mile strengthened her defense magic (Lattice Force Barrier), she can’t completely prevent the breath of three Ancient Dragons at once.

Pari~n (SFX)

With that sound, the Lattice Force Barrier broke easily. And part of the Dragon Breath hit Mile’s left arm.


And, enduring the severe pain, Mile casts attack magic before healing magic.

「…Phase energy beam, shoot!」(Mile)

Ki~in! (SFX)

But Mile’s counterattack was easily repelled by the defensive magic of 3 Ancient Dragons.

And 3 Ancient Dragons use simultaneous Dragon Breath again at Mile.

Mile casts her Barrier with her full strength quickly, but it was destroyed immediately with the the power of 3 Ancient Dragons’s Breath

Mile was blowed away again to the rock wall of the back ruins.

「Ha~a ha~a ha~a!」(Mile)

And Mile fell back on the ground again.

[…can not win.

As expected, it is unlikely that I can win 3 Ancient dragons.

But give up?

My life and everyone’s life]

Mile grits her teeth.

[Well, let’s do it]

If there are three of them, Mile only need to use the power of three people.

Kurihara Misato, Adel von Askham, and C rank Hunter, Mile of the「Red Oath」

Isn’t it just a matter of triple power?

And Mile stands again. Standing against the 3 Ancient Dragons.

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