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Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Death Battle

(Ancient Dragon …) (Mile)

Mile also noticed that thí is an Ancient Dragon because he can talk.

(There’s no way I can win it …

How can I win against an Ancient Dragon that is twice my power, magic, speed and even smarter than human …) (Mile)

Not to mention Mile can’t move her body at all.

It has been cured quickly by the nano-machines that responded to Mile’s unconscious scream, but it will take a little longer before she can move again.

If her injure is only some broken bone, nano-machines can heal her as quick to the point instantaneous.

But right now, the bone fracture pierced her muscle and internal organs, It takes some time to restore.

And what’s more problematic than broken bones is that 「Mile’s Heart has broken」

Ever since she knew her abilities, Mile had never felt danger.

Even when dealing with dozens of bandits or a strong monster「I thought that everything would be okay if I get serious」And It was exactly what happened.

Mile always had plenty of time to consider how to hold back or deal with situation.

But right now, she faces with the「real crisis for life」

Her opponent is an Ancient Dragon that is twice her abilities.

Despair, atrophy and give up.

Her head isn’t working and she can’t think of anything.

She just gaze at the Ancient Dragon approaching to bring death to her with an unbearable pain in her body …


Maevis dashed toward the Ancient Dragon that was approaching Mile while ignoring other people and thrusted her sword to it.

It was literally full power, a full body blow.

Ga~aa (SFX)

However, the her full body blow only slightly damaged the scale of the Ancient Dragon.

「Hoho~u, you can scrath my scales? Not bad for a human. But …」(Ancient Dragon)

While saying so, the Ancient Dragon swung his arms and briefly blow away Maevis.

「You have good movement!」(Maevis)

Maevis was blown away and crashed into the stone structure of the ruins just like Mile. And then she felt down on the ground.

Because Ancient Dragon only shakes his arm lightly, Maevis wasn’t a fatal injury like Mile who get the full body swing with high speed.

Even so, she still wasn’t in a state that could move again.

At that time, Rena and Pauline had already recovered, and they were chanting the second attack magic.

Even when they saw Maevis get blown away, they didn’t stop the chant.

There is thing called priority.

Right now, dismay is a futile act, that wasting Maevis’s hardword to earn time for them.

And the two chants are completed.

「Burning, the flames in h.e.l.l! Burn it to the bones!」(Rena)

Even Rena chants like that, the best her flame magic can do is wrap the Ancient Dragon in flame.

Pashun! (SFX)


The Ancient Dragon didn’t even turn back Rena either.

The vortex of the flame had enveloped the Ancient Dragon disappeared.

But that was all.

「Oh, Rock Pillar, show me your true figure …」(Pauline)

Pauline isn’t very good at attack magic like Rena, if Rena’s magic can’t do anything then it will be even harder for Pauline.

And the Ancient Dragon had completely ignored Rena and Pauline.

He thought that both of them don’t have the power to hurt him, so they aren’t worthy to be his opponent.

But there’s an attack magic that Pauline can use.

It’s obvious from the state of the last magics that they were canceled. So even if they hit directly, no damage was given.

And even Maevis’s sword only scarred the Ancient Dragon’s scales a little.

That’s why Pauline use this magic. The magic that Mile taught Pauline who wasn’t good at attack magic.

「Let’s think about a deathblow technique in case Pauline wants to use physical attack magic.

Magic with zero probability of losing, zero probability of survival. Yes, it is 「zero-zero magic」! 」

And Mile had taught Pauline that magic.

Pauline needs to change the shape of the Rock Pillar because human beings didn’t think of that figure yet.

Therefore, she asked the rock to show its true figure …

「Zero Zero Magic No. 1, Rock (Ganseki) Open!」(Pauline)

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With Pauline’s speel, the fragments start felling apart from a rock ma.s.s of about 2 meters in length, which was part of the ruins and gradually changed its shape.

And the figure that appeared … The length is about 2 meters.

It looks like a spear, but the handle is really short and big.

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And it just keep twisted and twisted.

Still, It would never be able to stop the Ancient Dragon’s full power.

Fortunately the breath this time was very weak.

It is natural. No matter how much angry he was, no-one can shoot a cannon to kill a mouse. Beside the Ancient Dragon didn’t know that there were an elf this party that have more magic power than human.

However, although her magic shield prevent the flame and heat, the girls still received the momentum of the breath and they were blown away.

Fortunately, they never crashed into the rock walls like Mile or Maevis, they only were blowed away and knocked down on the ground,

But It’s not like they were able to get up anytime soon.

Ignoring the three girl who blew away, the Ancient Dragon began to walk towards the falling Mile again, as he lost interest in them.

(No, I must protect Mile…) (Maevis)

Maevis was seeing everything while falling on the ground. She desperately tried standing up to protect Mile.

But her bones and tendons were torn down because she hit her head, her arms and legs didn’t move at all.

(That’s right, micros! I need to use micros…) (Maevis)

Even though she think so, her arms don’t move as she thinks.

Little by little, her arm gradually approachs the pocket, but she doesn’t have much sense of her fingers, she can’t find the capsule in her pocket easily.

The Ancient Dragon already stood in front of Mile and was about to stretch its right arm.

(No, I will not make it!) (Maevis)

When Maevis was wrapped in despair, there’s a noisy sound ringing in her ear.

Somehow she had heard of this sound before.

Kiiii~in…, Pa~An (SFX)

「Gua~! 」(Ancient Dragon)

The Ancient Dragon hurriedly pulled his right arm back and cover his ears together with his left hand.

And Maevis saw it from above. Something flying in the sky.

And what reflected in Maevis’s eyes was.

「Hi~Yahoo!」(10 years old Loli)

A girl around 10 years old. She was rising on a familiar Wyvern.

「Low…Low Breath!」(Maevis)

Yes, the only one reinforcement arrived, which the lord offered.

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