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Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Full Power

「Gu~Ha~a ha~a ha~a, thank you …」(Beastkin Chieftain)

Safe, the smell had disappeared.

Although the one who cleanse the smell is an enemy.

The beastkin still appreciates that.

「Ze~e, ze~e, ze~e, no problem, you are welcome …」(Mile)

Although both sides still aren’t restorating to a good state yet, they are still greeting each other.

And then It’s almost time for the fight.

Maevis takes something out of her pocket. A slightly small capsule.

Yes, that’s the capsule that Mile gives her.

Because this time, the girls are facing a large number of enemies, Maevis finally decides to use it.

Maevis grasps the capsule and murmuring.

「Lend me your power, Micros!」(Maevis)

(T.N: the original is I beg you but I think Lend me your power sound better)

It’s Mile who told Maevis to do that when she want to use it.

「Inside of this capsule, there are many tiny- little things that will give you the power of「Qi」in case of emergency

Do not hesitate to use it」(Mile)

(T.N: Mile says small twice, not a typo)

Because there was no word equivalent to 「Nano」in this world. Mile picked the word equivalent to 「Micro」instead.

A soup with plenty of micro-pieces. Micro soup, abbreviated 「Micros」

By the way, when said it in the Earth language, it becomes 「Micro sphere」.

And in the local language that Maevis speaks even if the p.r.o.nunciation the same, but the meaning is different.

After Maevis said those prayer-like words on the capsule, she opened it and drank the contents.

「EX · True · G.o.d Speed Sword!」(Maevis)

And that battle cry of Mavis replaced the signal for the battle.

Of course not only Maevis but also Rena and Pauline were preparing before the battle. They were ready their spells to cast anytime.

And that’s not cowardice. It’s just like a swordsman is putting his hands on the handle of the sword before the start of battle.

And without giving the enemies a chance, they cast magic right away.

There isn’t any magician stupid enough to wait for the enemies that good at melee battle to approach them, in this world.

「Ultra Super Deluxe Hot Tornado!」 (Pauline) (TN: all in Katakana)


Follow after Pauline’s non-killing hot magic which was aimed at the front beasts. Rena also released her magic.

「Ultra Sonic!」(Rena) (TN: Katakana)

「Aaaa, so noisy!」(Beastkins)

Project Rena ‘s『Hot magic is non-killing so, it’s okay to involve ally』was failure.

That’s why Maevis consulted with Mile to teach Rena a magic that only effective against beastkin without involving friend.

Because, Vanguard like Maevis and Mile have high probability of getting caught up in Rena’s attack magic.

So, It was literally a life-and-death problem for Maevis.

And Ultrasonic can’t be heard by human beings. Only beastkins that have a wider audible frequency range than humans can hear it, and that’s an unpleasant sound wave.

The beastkins are suffering from it, holding their ears and rolling on the ground.

The 「Red oath」are still fin(e)…,


Mile is uncomfortable with the sound to the point that she vomits.

「St…stop, this magic, stop…!」(Mile)

The audible range of Mile was wider than the beast.

「Wh…why … When we practiced, I was fine…」(Mile)

Mile wonders about what happen.

Actually that was because when practiced, Rena only released magic forward so Mile was fine.

And this time Rena released towards all directions. Also unlike when practiced, there’s no need to hold back in real battle, so Rena gave it her full power.

The first wave of magical attacks that caused great damage to both the beastkins and Mile.

Meavis didn’t get any damage from both Pauline and Rena.

Good thing that Mile also cleanses the foul-smell of the beastkins so Maevis doesn’t need to worry and rushing toward 1st chasing party 20 beastkins.

(… Light, both my body and sword are so light, I’m as fast as the wind!) (Maevis)

Do~ping (SFX)

Yes, the capsule that she drank have a lot of nanomachines that Mile called as「nano-soup」No, 「Micros」.

By taking in directly a large number of nano-machines inside the body. And Meavis uses 「True · G.o.dspeed Sword」in that state.

「EX · true · G.o.dspeed Sword!」(Maevis)

Maevis already cried a little while ago. But right now, she can truely feel the power in her body and she wants to shout it again.

Yes, it is important.

Beside Mile was late.

Rena’s magic「Ultra Sonic」had caused Mile a lot of damage.

But even Rena stops her magic but there’s still Pauline’s magic that causes damage as well.

The beastkins are also lagging behind like Mile and have no time to approach Rena and Pauline.

With Mile’s speed and power, the beastkins will not stand a chance and are beaten down one after another.

So why did Maevis get serious?

That was because she knew that Rena and Pauline will release more「Non-killing attack magic」when the battle is prolonged.『Because it’s non-killing magic so, it’s okay to involve ally』

That was how Pauline and Rena doing thing.

Even if they involve allies, they don’t hesitate until the enemies are completely destroyed.

Maevis doesn’t want to get friendly fire.

(… I have exceeded the limit of human being? ) (Maevis)

While fighting with the beastkins, Maevis is thinking.

Right now perhaps she can even beat down her father and her older brother in a blink.

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That’s for sure.

The dragon which had only been walking slowly, suddenly approached Mile with a quick and agile movement and swept her with its tail.


Mile was blown about 10 meters away and hit on the rock walls of the ruins. The walls collapsed and buried her.

「Mile~~~e!!」(Rena + Pauline + Maevis)

Rena, Maevis, Pauline cry out.

But right now it’s better to deal with the dragon first.

Because they had already seen Mile was still safe after was blowed away by the rock lizard before. They tried to believe in her this time…


She feels all over her body, an unbelievable pain.

(It hurts, so painful!!

Why? When I get hit by the rock lizard, it wan’t like this …) (Mile)

After reincarnation, she had never felt pain like this.

But she knew from her previous life. It’s as if her bone was broken …

No, in fact, it’s already broken.

It broke and the bone fragments even pierced her muscles and internal organs.

She can only believe that from this severe pain.

(Why … Didn’t I have the power about half of the ancient dragon …

Beside, why didn’t my magic pa.s.s through its defend? …) (Mile)

The dragon changed its direction and Mile couldn’t move at all

It opened its big mouth as it approached Mile that couldn’t talk because of a severe pain.

「Well, to survive my attack … Who are you? 」(Ancient Dragon)

「Huh, It can talk?」(Pauline)

Pauline had a startle voice, but Maevis and Rena noticed the ident.i.ty of this Dragon and bit their lips.

「Anc… Ancient Dragon…」(Maevis)

Yes, that was an Ancient Dragon that is said to be the world’s strongest creature with power, speed, magic and intelligent.

Mile has only half of that power …

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