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Chapter 778 - All-Round Crushing!

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Chapter 778: All-Round Crus.h.i.+ng!

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“He w-w-won… Just like that?” Jing Shan murmured in disbelief.

“He only practiced spear techniques for twelve days?” Lin Xi looked at Sun Hongtao and asked doubtfully.

“So… So Strong!”

All the contestants from other countries had the same thought.

Those who could be there were all proud and arrogant people. Even if they had heard of Ye Lingchen’s name, they would not take him that seriously. At most, he was just a famous person that was not worth mentioning.

However, those two spear attacks had already left a mark in all their hearts!

“Hahaha, what an interesting little guy.” Zhou Jian laughed out loud, and his heart suddenly felt a lot better. The more he looked at Ye Lingchen, the more he liked him, “Looks like this kid wasn’t just bragging after all.”

The other four peak King Stage martial artists were silent. They were all shocked by the power that Ye Lingchen had displayed.

“What a surprise! He defeated his opponent with only two attacks of the spear! I didn’t expect that!” Wu Tianbao quickly explained, “Even if Eul-Yong Han had spent a lot of energy in the last battle, his power is not to be underestimated. His easy defeat had resulted from his own carelessness, but more importantly, it was because Ye Lingchen’s power surpa.s.sed all imagination!

Let’s welcome the fourth contestant of the Stick Nation, Sung-Yoon Lee’s inner disciple Jae-Sik Kim!

“Now that I mention this, everyone knows that Sung-Yoon Lee had some grudges with Ye Lingchen. As Sung-Yoon Lee’s inner disciple, could Jae-Sik Kim avenge his master? It all depends on this battle!”

Sung-Yoon Lee looked at Ye Lingchen and his eyes narrowed. A cold light flashed in his eyes and he said in a low voice, “Kill him!”


Jae-Sik Kim answered sternly and walked toward the arena.

“Your master almost killed me that day.” Ye Lingchen looked at Jae-Sik Kim and could not help but smile.

Jae-Sik Kim stared at Ye Lingchen coldly.

Ye lingchen continued, “You Stick Nation fellas only bully the weak. How many who are the same generation as me can be my opponent? Eul-Yong Han can’t do it, and neither can you. You can’t do it even if you attack together!

“My statements are always effective. Today, there is no need for the female martial artists from China to come up to the arena. I alone can beat you all!”


Jae-Sik Kim shouted loudly. His entire body’s spiritual energy surged and threads of spiritual strength appeared from his palm.

The next moment, those threads were like thin knives, cutting right toward Ye Lingchen.

Ye Lingchen’s spear swept out, pulling those threads and shaking them off. Then, he tiptoed on the ground, and his body almost floated into the air. The tip of the spear then flashed as he pointed it straight at Jae-Sik Kim!

“Such nimble movement!”

Wu Tianbao immediately exclaimed in admiration, “I didn’t expect Ye Lingchen to have such a nimble movement in addition to spear techniques”

Combining spear techniques with nimble movement is a perfect match. Because of the length of the spear, its flexibility is limited, and its movements aren’t as varied as that of the blade and sword. However, once it was combined with the movement technique, the advantages of the long spear could be maximized.”

Everyone knew that, so it was only natural that neither would listen to Wu Tianbao’s explanation. They were all focused on the battlefield.

Jae-Sik Kim’s body retreated slightly, while his hands rotated at the same time. Countless threads of spirit power rushed out, forming a silkworm coc.o.o.n that wrapped around the long spear!

These threads were extremely thin and looked powerless, but the slightest touch would definitely tear skin and flesh apart. One was bound to suffer if one underestimated them!

Ye Lingchen shook his long spear and directly scattered the threads around him. Then, he lightly grabbed left and right and condensed a huge spiritual energy in his hand from the air. In the blink of an eye, the scattered threads were pushed away and cleared without a trace.

Having fought with Sung-Yoon Lee, Ye Lingchen had a deep understanding of how those threads attacked. It was logical that he would have thought of ways to restrain them.

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The simplest way was to quickly shatter those threads, because it would be even more troublesome if there were more threads gathered.

It could be likened to someone who did not practice any moves and only practiced chopping from the beginning to the end. After a few years, one chop would definitely be able to cut a tree in half!

Jae-Sik Kim pushed forward with both of his hands, and those soft threads immediately became as hard as swords. They clashed with the tip of the spear, producing a metallic sound.

Right then, Ye Lingchen raised one of his hands and grabbed at the air in front of him!

The huge Dragon-Catcher Hand appeared again, but on that occasion, it directly grabbed Jae-Sik Kim’s whole body and lifted him up in the air!

Right after that, Ye Lingchen shook his wrist, and a cold light cut through the sky, piercing straight into Jae-Sik Kim’s chest!

The scene from the last match was replayed again in almost exactly the same manner.

The same spear pierced through Jae-Sik Kim’s chest and was also lifted into the air by Ye Lingchen.


Sung-Yoon Lee clenched his fists. His arms were shaking and he uttered in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Casually throwing down Jae-Sik Kim, Ye Lingchen stood in the middle of the arena with his spear behind his back.

That battle was even more direct. The inner disciple of a King Stage martial artist was similarly beaten by Ye Lingchen to the point where the person had no strength to fight back!

Too powerful!

All-round crus.h.i.+ng!

Body techniques, power, moves, and spiritual power were all crushed!

The effect of directness was far greater than expected.

When a person who mastered all kinds of martial arts faced another who only mastered one or two, which one among the same level would be able to compete with them?

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