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Chapter 777 - VICTORY!

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Chapter 777: VICTORY!

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Ye Lingchen carried his spear on his back, walked onto the stage, and looked at Eul-Yong Han.

Both of them were using spears, and even before the fight started, there was already a hostile feeling among the two of them.

Wu Tianbao also explained, “China’s Ye Lingchen and the Stick Natinon’s Eul-Yong Han. Spear versus spear! Who is stronger? Ye Lingchen said that he would not let the Chinese female martial artists go on to the arena, but we’ll have to wait and see whether he keeps to his word.”


Eul-Yong Han laughed in disdain, “Not letting the Chinese female martial artists enter the arena? Are you kidding me?

“How long have you been learning the spear? I’ve been learning the spear since I was eight years old, and since then, it’s never left my company. I’ve been learning p.r.i.c.k, pierce, and sweep for three whole years! I’ve never slacked off regardless of the weather, and since then I’ve elevated my spear techniques. That’s what you call learning the spear! Do you think you’re a spear master just because you have a spear in your hand?”

Eul-Yong Han looked at Ye Lingchen mockingly with pride in his eyes, “You might still have a chance of winning if you don’t use a spear. But if you use it, I guarantee that you will lose badly.”

“I’ve already seen your technique. This is the level you’ve reached after so many years and you still have the nerve to shout about it?” Ye lingchen burst out laughing, “Sorry, this is just too funny. I really couldn’t hold it in.”

“You like using your tongue. That’s fine. Wait until I beat you up like a dead dog and start barking!” Eul-Yong Han sneered. He swept his long spear in his hand and pointed it at Ye Lingchen!

“The match hasn’t started yet, but the smell of gunpowder on the stage is already very strong. What’s going to happen next is definitely an intense battle between two masters.” Wu Tianbao was full of antic.i.p.ation. “Ye Lingchen has many abilities. He has unparalleled medical skills and overflowing talent. In today’s world, there are countless news and achievements about him, and even the various countries have received his grace!

“Now then, let’s see how powerful he is in martial arts!”

“In that case… Begin!”

With the referee’s order, the aura on the stage became extremely solemn, as if there were two wild beasts confronting each other.

Ye Lingchen and Eul-Yong Han did not attack at first, but both their auras were soaring.

“Zhou Jian, that brat from China has only been learning the spear for less than a month, right?” The female peak King Stage martial artist from England asked.

“To be precise, today is only the twelfth day! The spear technique was given to him by the Warrior’s Department before he came to partic.i.p.ate in the International Martial Arts Tournament,” Zhou Jian said lightly.

“Only the twelfth day? This weapon won’t hurt himself before it hurts the enemy, right?” someone could not help but tease.

“This kid is really bold. I don’t know his strength, but his tongue is unforgiving. I wonder how fierce he is.”

“Let’s wait and see. If there is danger, we will save him. His contributions have been immense. He can’t die.”


In the stands, Sun Hongtao’s face was solemn. He said in a low voice, “Tie Jun, you’ve tested this kid before. How is his strength?”

Tie Jun pondered for a moment, and then said, “Very strong! It’s just that his temperament is not there yet. If he’s really ruthless enough to fight to the death with me, I’m not sure what the result will be.”

“You’re not sure?” Sun Hongtao’s eyes flashed slightly. “You have the strength of a peak-level Innate Stage.”

“I’m really not sure.” Tie Jun shook his head. “Our strength allows us to faintly detect the opponent’s power during fights. From my estimation, he’s somewhat unpredictable. There’s many variables.”

“Are you serious?” Sun Hongtao asked in a serious tone.

“Yes.” Tie Jun nodded, paused, and then said, “Moreover, I feel that this kid’s progresses extremely fast. Previously, his temperament was not enough, but after these few battles, I feel that his temperament has improved a lot.”

“Let’s wait and see.” Sun Hongtao looked at Ye Lingchen, and then snorted, “This kid has only practiced the spear for a dozen days. Hehe, what nonsense!”

In the spectator stands, people from various countries were also looking at Ye Lingchen.

Ye Lingchen’s fame had long been spread. He had been able to humiliate Sung-Yoon Lee and spoke arrogantly too, so it was inevitable that he would become the center of attention.


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Just when the atmosphere in the arena was getting more and more serious, Ye Lingchen burst out laughing when things were nearly reaching a critical point. It seemed that he had held back his laughter for a very long time.


The instantaneous burst of speed of the spear had actually surpa.s.sed the speed of Eul-Yong Han’s body flying backwards, piercing straight into Eul-Yong Han’s chest!

Eul-Yong Han’s entire body was hung on the long spear, and he was sent flying in the air, blood flowing everywhere.

The whole place was dead silent!

This scene happened too fast, so fast that no one had time to think. Most of them did not expect this kind of situation to happen.

From the beginning to the end, Ye Lingchen had only used two spear attacks. Each of them was a crus.h.i.+ng blow!

“If you still don’t admit defeat, this person will die.” Ye Lingchen’s indifferent words finally brought the people of the Stick Nation back to their senses.

Sung-Yoon Lee’s expression was extremely ugly. “Concede!”

Ye Lingchen put down Eul-Yong Han and said with a smile, “You’ve been practicing the spear at the age of eight and you’re only at this level? Your… Perseverance, I really admire you. How amazing! How amazing!”


Eul-Yong Han spat out a mouthful of blood and directly fainted. Those from the Stick Nation came up and carried him away.

“China’s Ye Lingchen wins!” Everyone came back to their senses with the referee’s announcement.

Jing Shan, Chen Xiaoxiao, and the others widened their eyes. Their minds were a little blank.

Sun Hongtao was also stunned on the spot. He had just said that Ye Lingchen was messing around a few seconds ago, and the next moment he had to eat his words completely.

“Eul-Yong Han is eliminated for good!” Tie Jun remarked curtly.

Although Ye Lingchen’s attack was not fatal, Eul-Yong Han would definitely not be able to partic.i.p.ate in the following compet.i.tions, for he would have zero fighting power at all!

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