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Chapter 775 - Blade Hidden Within A Blade!

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Chapter 775: Blade Hidden Within A Blade!

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Ji-Hyung Lee knew from the start that he was no match for Zheng Dali. He chose to hide his strength not to win, but to exhaust Zheng Dali to the maximum. The best outcome would be for both sides to suffer heavy injuries and use the exchange technique to eliminate Zheng Dali.

The plan was very successful. Because Zheng Dali underestimated his opponent and wanted to preserve a portion of his strength, he caught Ji-Hyung Lee off guard at the beginning.

However, Zheng Dali’s battle awareness was very strong. He steadied his mind in the shortest amount of time. Despite that, Ji-Hyung Lee had drained more than half of Zheng Dali’s strength and even managed to inflict an injury.

Ji-Hyung Lee’s internal organs suffered from trauma. His thumb and index finger split open, but he did not look in any way miserable. He had a smile as he walked down the stage.

“Oh no.” Lin Xi’s expression turned ugly. She said worriedly, “Zheng Dali’s saber technique relies on brute force. He’s already used up a lot of his spiritual strength and struck four times with all his strength. Aside from that, they’ve also exchanged blows over a hundred times. His spiritual strength is probably less than ten percent now, plus he’s injured too…”

“It’s not a big deal if he loses. I’m just worried that he’ll continue stubbornly,” Jing Shan said.

“Zheng Dali wins!”

The referee announced and continued, “The second match, Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi against Zheng Dali.”

Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi had short, p.r.i.c.kly hair and wore a black short-sleeved training tunic. He was not a tall person, but he gave off a valiant character.

“China, Zheng Dali!”

Zheng Dali held the crescent blade with one hand and stood motionless while speaking.

“Stick Nation, Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi!”


Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi had already launched his attack before the referee could finish that sentence.

His figure moved extremely fast, like a black monkey. He sank slightly before launching out. There was no weapon on him, and his skills were all in his fists. He had clearly made advance preparations and was ready for close-range combat!

Zheng Dali’s eyes darkened. He stepped on the ground and retreated quickly!

At the same time, he waved his hand, and a blade light appeared, slas.h.i.+ng toward Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi in an arc!

Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi did not dodge. He raised his right hand and withstood the blade with his own flesh and blood.


The joints of his fingers protruded and bounced off the blade, emitting an extremely crisp sound. Without the slightest decrease in speed, Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi’s body turned into a ghastly afterimage and instantly appeared at Zheng Dali’s side.

He struck out a fist as quickly as the wind!

Zheng Dali withdrew his blade and used the handle like a spear to block it!


Zheng Dali’s body retreated again, while Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi stuck close to him like a piece of candy and advanced forward.

“What a decisive move. This is Muay Thai’s fighting style!” Ye Lingchen watched the arena and remembered the time he met a Muay Thai expert in Las Vegas. Although his strength was not that great, the attacking style was similar.

Muay Thai was extremely tough. Defense was of little concern. It was a continuous advancement without retreating, closing in on the opponent step by step and placing tremendous pressure on them.

Muay Thai was even faster and stronger in Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi’s hands. The power in one single punch could directly shatter huge rocks.

“There’s a King Stage martial artist from the Stick Nation who’s good at Muay Thai. Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi is probably his inner disciple,” Tie Jun said.

“This is a really tight match. What should we do?” Chen Xiaoxiao asked anxiously.


Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi punched the hilt of Zheng Dali’s saber again. On that occasion however, the fist force actually pa.s.sed through the hilt and struck Zheng Dali’s body, sending him flying.

Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi refused to relent. He once again pounced forward and raised his hand to grab Zheng Dali!

Fierceness flashed through Zheng Dali’s eyes. He spun his hilt and pulled out another short dagger from it!

There was a blade hidden inside the blade!

The dagger was covered with a layer of spiritual strength and stabbed right toward Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi at lightning speed!

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“His internal organs are injured, his right hand is dislocated, and a few of his bones are broken. It’s a good thing that he’s still alive. He needs to rest for a month and let his internal organs recuperate. He won’t die. Just don’t do anything crazy in the next three months… ”

The doctors had seen many such situations before. They were all responsible for handling martial artists’ injuries and were extremely professional at their jobs.

As long as a person did not die, they would be able to recover under normal circ.u.mstances if one was willing to give them spiritual herbs and resources.

Of course, broken limbs or bones that are too severe would need divine herbs, but even if they were able to recover, it would be difficult for them to revert to their peak condition.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that he would recover. The blood in Zheng Dali’s mouth had also stopped flowing, and he was still conscious. With great difficulty, he said, “I… I’m fine…”

Everyone kept quiet when he said that. Zheng Dali was a battle-hungry person to begin with, and it was not the first time that he was compet.i.tive.

He knew that he could not hold on, but he still had to risk heavily injuring his opponent. He held on to that belief, which many other martial artists held too.

For martial artists, it was both unacceptable and a defeat if a person went all out for so long and did not even injure their opponent.

That was also the reason why h.e.l.las was furious when the Sun Nation interfered in the battle.

Ye Lingchen also checked Zheng Dali’s injuries and secretly injected his own cultivation spiritual Qi. He said lightly, “Rest well. ”

Then, he turned his attention to the arena.


All the martial artists gave it their all and went onto the arena to fight for their lives. The outcome would be determined very quickly.

When Ye Lingchen looked over, he saw Jing Shan roaring in anger and pinning Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi’s thigh to the ground with one sword attack!

“How dare you bully the Chinese! I’ll kill you! ”

Jing Shan was usually very easy-going, but he was extremely angry at that moment. He could tell that Zheng Dali’s injury was nowhere near minor and went forward with the intention of exacting revenge. He immediately made the killer move!

“You like to jump, don’t you? Come on, jump?” Jing Shan snorted coldly and pulled out his long sword. He kicked Woo-s.h.i.+k Choi’s chest and sent him flying.

However, Jing Shan had also been punched amidst his fury and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth…

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