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Chapter 774 - Concealed Strength

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Chapter 774: Concealed Strength

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Everyone gave Zheng Dali a concerned look.

His opponent, Ji-Hyung Lee, was also using a saber, but it was a long saber with a very thin blade. As for Zheng Dali, he was using the Crescent Blade.

Among martial artists, the Saber and Rod were the most commonly used weapons, followed by the sword. Spears, axes, halberds, and other weapons were used much less frequently.

“China, Zheng Dali!”

“Stick Nation, Ji-Hyung Lee!”

The atmosphere between the two sides instantly froze. “Begin!”

With the nod to start, Zheng Dali and Ji-Hyung Lee moved at the same time!

Ji-Hyung Lee’s first move was a direct slas.h.!.+

His spiritual energy burst out explosively with that swing, and his strength was so powerful that it left many people in surprise.

“F*ck! b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Jing Shan shouted angrily from behind and his expression was sullen!

Ye Lingchen and the others’ hearts sank as well.

Ji-Hyung Lee’s strength was beyond ordinary!

It did not seem like the kind of strength that a mid-level Innate Stage martial artist should possess!

The news that the two from the great stick nation had just entered the mid-level Innate Stage—and that they had forced themselves through it—had spread far and wide. Many people knew that they were cannon fodders, because their auras were weak and fluctuating, and the Stick Nation did not deny that fact.

At that moment however, everyone knew that they had underestimated Ji-Hyung Lee!

The spiritual energy of his blade had already formed a suppressive force, and the path had been blocked by spiritual Qi in the air. That was no longer something that an ordinary mid-level Innate Stage martial artist could do.

Zheng Dali’s initial intention was also to fight impetuously. He wanted to end the battle quickly and slashed out with his blade too!

“The situation isn’t good.”

Facing a counterattack was a definite possibility if he underestimated his opponent.

Ye Lingchen frowned and stared at the stage.

The Stick Nation had been scheming against China since the beginning. They showed their weakness to the enemy and took them by surprise!

The strength of Ji-Hyung Lee’s blade had obviously exceeded Zheng Dali’s expectations.

At that juncture, Zheng Dali could no longer retreat. There was no avenue for him to dodge either.

However, he showed no intention to retreat and instead focused his gaze.

The next moment, the two blades collided with each other!


With a loud clang, Zheng Dali and Ji-Hyung Lee’s faces turned red as they both retreated.

However, the two of them steadied their bodies at the same time and advanced forward yet again. The second attack was also a head-on collision!

Sparks flew from the two blades with that loud clang. Spiritual energy spread in all directions in a dramatic manner.

Neither retreated on that occasion. Rather, their blades clashed repeatedly in an extremely short period of time.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng was incessant, with the sparks turning into streams of fire before blossoming like fireworks.

Blade shadows were aplenty on the arena and the spiritual power was like a dragon, prompting everyone to inhale sharply.

“This guy…hid his strength really well!” Lin Xi’s eyes were filled with anxiety.

“How is that possible? Didn’t he increase his strength by force? How could the Stick Nation produce so many geniuses?” Jing Shan was extremely surprised and said in disbelief.

Tie Jun’s voice also became heavy. “There’s only one explanation. While it’s true that Ji-Hyung Lee had just advanced to the mid-level Innate Stage, he didn’t rely on spiritual herbs to break through. Instead, he was a genius to begin with! A saber genius!”

“Why didn’t the Stick Nation’s King Stage martial artists accept him as a disciple?” Chen Xiaoxiao asked.

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“Who told you that the Stick Nation’s three King Stage martial artists only had one inner disciple?” Tie Jun retorted.

“Zheng Dali clearly wants to end this battle quickly, ” Wu Tianbao took the chance to explain.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the arena.

Zheng Dali had already exhausted a lot of his spirit energy, with probably 60-70% being used up completely. It was already very disadvantageous for the following matches, and Ji-Hyung Lee’s goal had already been achieved.

However, Ji-Hyung Lee still did not admit defeat.

‘You still wanna drain my strength?’

Zheng Dali’s eyes flashed coldly. In the blink of an eye, another slash came down!

However, just as his slash came down, Ji-Hyung Lee, who had been retreating, suddenly pounced forward like a tiger!

The front of Crescent Blade was the blade and its long hilt was at the back!

Ji-Hyung Lee’s long blade blocked the hilt, and his body was almost right in front of Zheng Dali!


Ji-Hyung Lee’s palm split open and he spat out another mouthful of blood. The stream of red liquid spurted straight towards Zheng Dali’s face!

Blood Arrow!

The speed of the blood arrow was extremely fast, and the distance between the two of them was very close.

At the critical moment, Zheng Dali quickly turned his head. Fresh blood streaked across the right side of his face, brushed past the bottom of his right eye, and left behind a long wound!

Fresh blood flowed down. It was a shocking sight. If the wound had been a little higher, Zheng Dali’s right eye would have been blinded!

Aside from that, Ji-Hyung Lee also raised his leg and kicked at Zheng Dali’s abdomen!

Zheng Dali was a little absent-minded, but his actions were not at all slow. He raised his leg as well and collided with Ji-Hyung Lee. At the same time, he released the hilt of his knife with one hand and punched Ji-Hyung Lee.


Ji-Hyung Lee’s body flew backward. At the same time, the leader of the Stick Nation said indifferently, “Concede!”

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