How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 37 - The Rose Will Soon Bloom

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Chapter 37: The Rose Will Soon Bloom

Calian coughed and set out for the dining hall.

At that sound, Yan, who was following him, flinched. Although Yan may not be the brightest person, he knew that those coughs weren’t because of a cold.

“I have waited until today, as I promised. If tomorrow’s tea contains poison, I will not be your servant anymore.”

Yan was trying to resolve the situation.

If Yan tried to resolve the situation, Duke Siegfried would have to put down his Violin bow and get an actual bow. But it wasn’t something to worry, as he expected of Slayman.

“I’m rea.s.sured.”

Calian said those words and he meant it. He then stepped into the dining hall.

Randel, who was already in the dining hall and eating, stared at Calian for a long time because Calian was much paler than yesterday. Of course, Calian knew why Randel was staring at him, but he started eating without any word.

Calian got himself some salad and after he was done eating, put down his fork. Randel also got up at the same time. Calian spoke.

“I’ll see you at dinner.”

These days, Calian seemed to talk to Randel, but just a bit.

It started with the talk about roses, the next day about how he couldn’t sleep due to the storm, the day after about how he missed the bird-songs so dearly. Randel only said “Ok” to Calian. Calian thought that Raven, when taught words, could speak more fluently than Randel.

But today was a bit different.

“Take care of yourself.”


Calian smiled.

All the others in the dining hall doubted their ears. Randel’s servants, Yan, and the maids and servants in the dining hall, too.

“I’m fine.”

Without speaking more, Randel went outside, and Calian also exited the dining hall to start his day.

Afternoon came, and Yan, looking at Calian’s face, asked.

“You must go eat dinner in an hour. What shall I do?”

A dinner party was due to happen after the meeting with royals took place. Yan was worried about Calian going to the dinner party, but Yan already knew Calian’s answer.

When Yan was told to wait until Tuesday, he knew that Calian was waiting for this moment.

“I will go.”

Calian said with many thoughts crossing his head.

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“Please rest. I will call for the maids.”

“I’ll take care of this situation. Don’t worry.”

Yan didn’t know until when he needed to believe that calm laugh. Yan balled his hands into a fist.

“The day you laughed like that was also the day you got stabbed my Franz.”

“Don’t worry.”

Calian smiled more.

There was no way Yan knew what Calian was trying to do, but what he knew was that there will be no more incidences of where Calian had to drink poisonous tea. It wasn’t also like he was taking his knife to the ballroom, so Yan did what Calian told him to do.

Calian spoke again after he saw that doors to the safe closing.

“I can go to the feast alone. Go right after you’re done with preparation for dinner.”


Yan, having responded, took the things Calian told him to. He then looked at Calian for a moment and then went out, calling the maids.

Yan, after helping with preparing for dinner, went outside and Calian opened the safe. He then retrieved something; something hidden deep inside the safe.

Calian picked up something that looked like a sugar cube. He then stroked his chest to calm himself down. He put it inside his pocket and went out.

It was poison – poison that Calian prepared for Silike.

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