How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Cha Seo Hyeon - 자서현

Chapter 26 - I Mean No Harm

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Chapter 26: I Mean No Harm

The young girl stared at Calian. It was because the money that Calian put on the bet was just too big.

What Calian just put down on the plate was the betting win certificate. He had betted 1500 florens. The winner he was betting on was of course, Kyrie.

A man that was standing by b.u.t.ted in.

“Oy, that’s a lot of money ya know. Don’t need to throw it away like that. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d over there never won even once. You should bet on white instead, though the fight will be still entertaining.”

But then, the person next to him disagreed. It seemed like he was betting the same result as Calian was.

“No way! He’s definitely going to win today! He could have easily won if he was just one second faster yesterday.”

Calian then realized that there were quite a number of people who were betting for the black headband even though the announcer said he never won a fight upto now. The young girl who was holding the plate stopped hesitating, write on the certificate paper and then went back up to the counter.

As the fight had just begun, ma.s.sive silence covered the crowd as they all watched.

Kyrie was also quite tall for a boy of seventeen age, but in front of Shawn he was no different than a kid in comparison. Shawn, who was easily over two meters in height and ma.s.sive in muscle size, swung his hands at Kyrie. Carlian saw Shawn’s arm muscles bulge and expand, looking just like how Raven’s legs were.

– Woos.h.!.+

As the arm swung, sound of air being cut was even heard, and Kyrie tilted his body a bit to avoid it. But then, Shawn followed it up with his left arm swinging up from below. Kyrie took a step backwards.

As he completely avoided both attacks, Shawn quickly retracted his hands and then stuck out his leg. As the speed of the kick was just too fast, it seemed like there was no time for him to avoid it. Just as if Kyrie thought the same thing, he lifted both his arms to block the attack.

– Slam!

Even though he was prepared to block the attack, a ma.s.sive sound of thud was heard as Kyrie’s upper torso tilted by the force. As Kyrie took another step back from the attack, Shawn stepped in and once again kicked at him.

Quickly, Kyrie grabbed Shawn’s leg that was coming towards him. Even thought he did so to make Shawn’s balance become toppled, it was impossible to do so due to the difference in body size. Instead of being toppled, Shawn swung his fist at Kyrie’s hip who was still holding onto his leg.

Kyrie quickly let go of Shawn’s leg and stepped away from him, creating some s.p.a.ce between them. He then dodged Shawn’s fist that was coming lightning fast, and countered by spinning his body once and landing the back of his feet to Shawn’s chin. Shawn’s chin swung to the opposite direction, and a cracking noise was heard.

Shawn stepped back a bit to grab a hold of his head and regain balance, then charged at Kyrie again, this time grabbing Kyrie’s hips and slamming it against the chain link wall.

– Slam!

Kyrie’s body made a loud thud sound as it was slammed against the chain link wall. Shawn then swung his fist hard into Kyrie’s stomach. Kyrie also retaliated by punching upwards at Shawn’s chin that was kicked by Kyrie previously.

Around twenty exchanges of blows and attacks happened between them.

Shawn was nose was bleeding due to the number of kicks from Kyrie’s nose. Shawn’s left hand was also shaking lightly, looking like it was damaged when Kyrie locked his arm and bent it.

However, Kyrie was not in a normal state as well. Kyrie stepped forward towards Shawn, but his balance wobbled a bit. It seemed that the pain of getting the back of his neck hit from Shawn a moment ago was affecting him. His eye was completely swollen from punches, and his lips had ripped wounds as well.

“Looks like he’s completely weak without his sword.”

Calian smirked and mumbled to himself. He spoke as if he was taking this lightheartedly, but his real thoughts were different. Seeing the famous sword master Kyrie fighting barehanded like that made him feel too annoyed.

As he thought that, Shawn cut through the air and charged to the front of Kyrie. His right hand swung out towards Kyrie’s face. Kyrie quickly lifted his arm to block is, but at the same time Shawn’s left hand slammed into Kyrie’s hip.


Kyrie coughed loudly, leaning his body against the chain link wall. His shoulder was shaking, indicating that he was definitely hit directly at the vital point of his body. Calian was barely able to stop himself from standing up from his seat immediately.

Shawn charged in. Kyrie lifted his foot, giving a powerful kick to Shawn, and then charged in to Shawn as he staggered from the kick. Right afterwards, he landed a punch right on Shawn’s solar plexus, but it didn’t seem like Shawn was hurt that much from the hit.

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– Slam!

The announcer hesitated his words as if he couldn’t believe it, but soon regained his composure and yelled again in an excited manner, seeing Kyrie win for the very first time.

“Finally! Kyrie has won!”

The crowd roared. The number of happy cheers from people who won by betting on Kyrie today was endless.

“Our final winner of today’s matches are! Monster Eye Kyrie!”

Kyrie let out a big sigh of relief, then turned his head. Towards the direction where he heard the young man’s voice. Although he couldn’t see properly because his hood was covered, but he felt like he was meeting his gaze with him even still.

‘I wonder who it is.’

Just as Kyrie suspected, Calian was staring at Kyrie from under the hood as well. Calian chuckled to himself.

“Blood red eyes, and now Monster Eye, huh.”

He then looked around for a bit. He was waiting for someone.

“Should be here any moment now.”

Just as he suspected.

The young girl that was supposed to bring forth the certificate of payment for the winnings of his bet didn’t arrive. Instead of the young girl, a large man as big as Shawn came next to him instead. Rather than giving him the certificate, he delivered a message to him.

“There is someone who wishes to see you. Please come with me.”

As things progressed just as he thought, Calian stood up from his seat without any sign of worry or hesitation. He then followed the large man.

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