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Chapter 547: Brother's Respect, Superficial Words

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Chapter 547: Brother’s Respect, Superficial Words

"Quickly go and check on Sir Ian. Don't let that Phantom who crawled out from Sir Ian's body escape either!"

The Phantoms in the arena were shocked. They shouted and rushed toward Jerome who was by the city wall.

The arena was instantly empty, leaving only Vincent who was standing on the stage, and Kurt who was standing below the stage in the distance.

As the mastermind of this explosion, Vincent had to make sure that he stayed out of it as much as possible. He would not take the initiative to go forward unless it was a critical moment. Moreover, being behind others at this time would make it easier for him to collect information.

For example, Vincent had learned of some secrets from what the Phantoms were shouting!

It turned out that all the Phantoms knew the huge Phantom that had turned into a city. They all respectfully addressed him as Sir Ian. Moreover, the Phantoms did not know Jerome, much less his ident.i.ty as the third prince!

If Vincent had not caught this information that was considered common knowledge within the Phantoms in advance, it was inevitable that he would reveal his flaws in front of the other Phantoms or Jerome in the future.

After seeing that the Phantoms had gathered below the city wall, Vincent turned to give Kurt a look. The two of them then slowly walked down the city wall.

At that moment, under the city wall, Jerome, who was covered in injuries, struggled to get up from the ground. Before he could check on Sir Ian's injuries, he found himself surrounded by all the Phantoms in the city. There was anger in everyone's eyes. They looked like they could swallow him alive at any time.

Jerome looked at the Phantoms in front of him and asked cautiously, "What are you doing?"

"It must be you who injured Sir Ian to this extent! Tell us, who ordered you to do this, otherwise, we will teach you a lesson today!"

"That's right, judging from your sneaky look, you must be a spy who sneaked into the city! Sir Ian has protected the Phantoms here for so long. If you don't tell us your background today, don't even think about leaving alive!"

The Phantoms gathered under the city wall saw Sir Ian fall into a deep coma. They immediately thought that Jerome was the real culprit who caused all this. They immediately questioned Jerome with a murderous look. There were even some Phantoms who did not want to hear Jerome's explanation at all. They simply could not wait to devour him.

As residents of the city, it was naturally everyone's responsibility to avenge Sir Ian. 

Most of the Phantoms had just been provoked by Vincent. They envied him for being able to devour high-level Phantoms. As an had suddenly appeared in the city and injured Sir Ian to such an extent, the should no doubt be an expert. Therefore, the Phantoms wanted to use him as nourishment to increase their strength.

Jerome looked at the greedy gazes of the Phantoms in front of him. He naturally knew what they were thinking. However, he did not open his mouth to explain. Instead, his face was gloomy and he chose to remain silent.

If Jerome revealed his ident.i.ty as the third prince, he would naturally intimidate those Phantoms who wanted to devour him. However, this would undoubtedly expose the relationship between him and Sir Ian. It would also cause him to reveal his ambitions in advance. This would then allow his big brother, who he wanted to replace wholeheartedly, to realize that he had been playing tricks behind the scenes during the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion.

Thus, Jerome made up his mind. He would rather be surrounded by everyone than admit his ident.i.ty.

In any case, the Phantoms who had come to partic.i.p.ate in the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion did not have the strength of more than a level 60 creature. Jerome believed that with his own strength, he would be able to successfully escape. At that time, even if the first prince were to investigate, he would only be able to obtain the news of a nameless escaping from the encirclement.

After all, there were countless Phantoms who had the same face. Who could be certain that the was him?

When the other Phantoms saw that Jerome did not reply, they could not help but feel even happier in their hearts. This way, everyone could find their own reason to attack. Plus, he could be considered as an who had severely injured Sir Ian. Therefore, even if they were to devour him, it would still be within reason!

"After severely injuring Sir Ian, there isn't even the slightest bit of remorse in his eyes. This is really too arrogant. Watch me personally take him down!"

"Everyone, wait. Let me go first!"

"No, I'll go first!"

Many experts within the Phantom Race rushed toward Jerome. They displayed their own skills without holding back. They vowed to be the first to devour this powerful into their stomachs.

Jerome was prepared to fight. Since he wanted to hide his ident.i.ty, he had to put on a show. First, he would fight with everyone, then pretend that he was no match for them. He would then take the opportunity to escape. This way, no one would be able to connect his ident.i.ty to his strength.

Unfortunately, although Jerome had a good plan in his heart, he had neglected one person, a person who wanted to push him under the limelight!

"Impudent! Whoever dares to hurt the third prince will have to face me first!"

An angry roar suddenly came from the crowd. Following that, Vincent spread his flaming wings and instantly slid over the heads of the crowd. He stood in front of Jerome alone.

The Phantoms, who were eager to improve themselves, could not help but be stunned on the spot after hearing Vincent's angry roar. 

Vincent naturally did not give them the chance to react. He raised his hand and waved it in the air. A wall of fire instantly lit up on the ground, completely separating all the Phantoms from Jerome. He shouted at the top of his voice, "Your Highness, leave first. I'll help you stop these unruly people!"

All the Phantoms finally reacted. It turned out that this suspicious Phantom who crawled out from Sir Ian's body was actually the third prince of the Phantom Race!

"Sir Ian is the first prince's right-hand man. This city also belongs to the first prince's sphere of influence. Why would the third prince suddenly appear here?"

"This Justin is actually the third prince's subordinate. No wonder he dared to devour his own kind in front of everyone. Looks like he had received the royal family's authorization!"

"It's just that the third prince is allowing his subordinate to devour his own kind in the first prince's territory. Isn't he disregarding his brotherhood?"

All the Phantoms looked at Jerome with a meaningful gaze, secretly guessing what his intentions were.

Whether he had taken a fancy to Justin, who had shone brilliantly in the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion, or whether he had deliberately instructed Justin to come and cause trouble and disrupt the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion, no one dared to make a definite judgment.

However, just as everyone's eyes were filled with doubt, Vincent suddenly shouted, "Has His Highness Jerome given you so many benefits for nothing? Hurry up and escort His Highness away!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Kurt descended from the sky in a rainbow-colored flowing light. With his back facing everyone, he respectfully said to Jerome, "This place is dangerous. Your subordinate will escort Your Highness away first!"

Although the group of Phantoms who were separated by the firelight did not see Kurt's face, everyone recognized the unique rainbow-colored flowing light on his body. They remembered that it was the Kurt who had directly devoured the folk expert of the same race on the previous day!

The third prince of the Phantom Race had suddenly appeared in the first prince's territory. Perhaps it was all simply a coincidence.

It was understandable for him to bring along an expert to shine brilliantly in the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion!

However, it seemed that he had brought along two experts with outstanding strength. They had both taken the lead in devouring their own kind in the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion. Furthermore, the third prince had suddenly appeared at the scene where Sir Ian had been injured. The story behind the whole incident was somewhat intriguing!

Jerome, who had not expected Vincent to rush forward, looked at Kurt and Vincent. Although they had shown their loyalty to him, his heart was filled with anger and helplessness.

This time, not only did he expose his ident.i.ty, but it was also difficult for him to distance himself from the chaos!

The judges in the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion suddenly came forward. They said with a gloomy expression, "I thought that the third prince and the first prince had always been on good terms. I didn't expect that all of this was just the third prince's superficial efforts. He deliberately sabotaged the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion organized by the first prince and even took the opportunity to plot against Sir Ian. It seems that Your Highness wants to directly declare war on the first prince!"

Jerome's expression changed drastically when he heard that. Although he did not care about the strengths of the contestants, the judges of the Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion were all capable subordinates of the first prince, and their strengths were all above level 60 creatures. If the misunderstanding continued, it would be difficult for him to leave alive!

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Vincent looked at the judges who were about to make a move and instantly realized that the battle within the royal family of the Phantom Race was more intense than he had imagined.

The man suddenly raised his hand, and his pale and slender fingers pierced into the city wall. A painful wail immediately echoed in the sky.

"Your Highness Kyle, please listen to my explanation. Don't kill me, don't..."

Sir Ian begged but he did not have the chance to finish his sentence. The entire city wall that was stuck in mud gradually became soft and shrunk in Kyle's hand. It finally turned into transparent liquid and quietly gathered in his palm.

Kyle raised his head slightly and poured the transparent liquid in his palm into his mouth. He then swallowed it. 

Jerome could not help but sigh when he saw the scene. 

"Sir Ian is a level 70 creature and you devoured him... Could it be that you..."

Jerome did not dare to continue speaking because he did not want to face this terrifying and powerless truth.

Kyle turned around, sneered, and said, "That's right! I've already advanced to level 70. After I digest Ian, I can directly become a level 71 creature! My good brother, shouldn't you be happy for me?"

Jerome nodded repeatedly and said, "Happy, happy! Big brother, you're father's favorite son, and also the most outstanding one amongst us brothers. You'll definitely be the best candidate to inherit the throne of the Phantom Race in the future!"

Kyle raised his head and laughed with great satisfaction. His laughter was sharp and crazy, making others shudder.

However, Jerome could only force out a bitter smile and cooperate with his big brother who was like a madman.

Vincent, who was at the side, was carefully sizing up Kyle who had suddenly appeared. This powerful and temperamental Phantom was unpredictable. It would be troublesome if he targeted him. 

Although Vincent could still open the s.p.a.ce door and leave with Kurt, that would undoubtedly give Jerome a chance to prove his innocence. Therefore, Vincent could only brace himself and continue to stay. He had to think of a way to deal with Kyle and Jerome. He had to completely break the relationship between the two brothers on the surface in order to cause greater chaos in the Phantom Race. 

Kyle soon shifted his gaze to Vincent and Kurt. He walked in front of Vincent and smiled. He lifted his nose to repeatedly sniff Vincent's body, causing Vincent to involuntarily feel a chill in his heart.

"Ha, so it's just a level 50 creature. How disgusting!"

Kyle straightened his body and shook his head with a disappointed expression. It seemed that he had originally wanted to use Vincent as nourishment to increase his strength. Unfortunately, Vincent's level did not meet his requirements, so he had no interest in devouring Vincent.

However, Kyle clearly did not want to let Vincent off easily. He turned his head and said to Jerome, "Third brother, since you have found two talents who are not strong enough to come and support my Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion, wouldn't it be disappointing to leave early? Why don't you stay and let the compet.i.tion continue? At the same time, I have also thought of an even more interesting compet.i.tion rule!"

Jerome looked at his big brother who was smiling. His eyes were filled with fear and terror. He compromised without any hesitation, "Everything will depend on your instructions. How do you want to change the rules, big brother?"

Kyle turned to look at his trusted subordinate and said loudly, "Since brother has the intention to find geniuses for our Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion, why don't we let the two of them take turns to fight against my subordinates? Whoever wins, in the end, will be the champion of this Academy's Grand Compet.i.tion! The reward that I promised previously will still be fulfilled. Moreover, in order for everyone to go all out, the restriction on the following matches will be lifted. Anyone can devour your opponent!"

The corner of Jerome's mouth twitched violently. He said helplessly, "Big brother's idea is indeed amazing. Then, let's continue the compet.i.tion!"

Vincent could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly. He instantly understood Kyle's intention. He wanted to use him as nourishment for his other subordinates and take the opportunity to intimidate Jerome!

However, Vincent was not a person who would just sit and wait for death. He turned to look at Kurt and whispered, "Later, go all out and act according to the circ.u.mstances!"

Kurt nodded fearlessly and said, "Understood!"

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