Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 91

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 91: High specs battlefield simulation facility

Noah learned much about this world in a year's time.

He also became familiar with modern weaponry such as guns.

His conception of a gun is only at [A weapon that can attack from afar]. He is ignorant about the different types of guns and the pros and cons of each type of gun had.

He didn't know if the gun he picked is good or bad.

He just felt like this gun is the gun for him, it's a gut feeling.

Miori and Rentaro noticed this and they looked at the gun.

"That's a revolver right?"

Noah was attracted by this particularly revolver.

It's not your typical short-barrel revolver used by old-fashioned cops. It's a gun that belonged to the same XD series of the gun REntaro used. It is 20 centimeter in length and it has a sleek black design with a cool-looking barrel. It is evident that this gun had been modified extensively.

Elegance and brutality blended into a perfect in the form of a gun. It had a unique charm that would attract anyone's gaze.

It had a longer barrel than your typical gun. If one were to include the cylinder for the ammo, its overall length is longer than semi-auto pistols.

The first impression this gun gave people is that more effort is given to aesthetics rather than functionality.

Isn't this a modified Colt Python revolver?"

Rentaro cut in.

"Revolvers lack ammo velocity, ammo capacity, long & tedious reload time. It is less powerful than more modern guns, a Colt Python might have better ammo velocity but the other weaknesses remained, what good can this gun do on the battlefield?"

"Our company has the same view."

Miori took out the gun and she reflected the surrounding light off the gun at them.

"We did more than 80% modification on this gun and we tried to mitigate its weakness by jacking up the bullet velocity, this gun packs a ridiculous punch let me tell you!"

Miori said in a confident manner.

"I can guarantee that this gun can shoot bullets that are as devastating if not more devastating than anti-tank rounds!"

"Anti-tank rounds?"

Rentaro gasped.

"Won't the barrel burst from the reaction force?"

"Of course, we designed the gun in such a way that it wouldn't."

Miori's smug grin receded a bit.

"Sadly, as you have heard, due to the need to compensate for the ridiculous power output, this gun is ridiculously heavy as well. Not to mention, it can only hold 6 rounds."

"In other words, it is too heavy to be operated efficiently and the 6 bullet limitation remains the same even after modification."

Rentaro forgot to ask about something and he quickly recalled it.

"What about the recoil?"

"As you imagined."

Miori shrugged.

"You need inhuman physique to operate this gun without dislocating your shoulder. This gun was prepared for initiators, you see."

"Ah, if an initiator were to use this gun then there would no issue."

Rentaro turned towards Noah.

"Noah, don't choose this gun, get an XD series handgun like me."

Noah examined the revolver and he spoke his mind.

"No! I want this gun!"

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Miori arranged so that Noah can use this room without booking.

The environment started distorting while he is examining the room.

Noah appeared in a desert of some sorts.

A gun also appeared in his hand.

It's the revolver Noah wanted to use.

"The data input for the gun has been completed, the gun in your hand is in every aspect identical to the revolver you held before, even the weight."

Miori said.

"Guildmaster Noah, if there is no problem, we are ready to begin any time."


Noah grasped the gun, it felt really suitable, it's like handling his own sword.

"Let's begin!"

A display appeared in front of Noah, it's a countdown screen much like the old countdown timer of films in a time forgotten.

A synthesized voice rang

[Mission start]

Noah didn't know about a conversation Rentaro had with Miori in another room.

"You have got to be kidding me."

Rentaro's eyes popped at the screen he is seeing.

"Isn't this the same scenario that even 10 trained special a.s.sault squad members couldn't complete? They were all determined to be dead in no time!"

Miori gave Rentaro a very ugly grin.

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