Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 90

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 90:

Noah narrowed his eyes at the tall building in front of him, this building has got to be at least 20 meters tall. The sunshine reflected off of this building is annoying to say the least.

"So this is the huge arms manufacturing company, Shiba heavy industries?"


The male high schooler told Noah.

"If at all possible, I don't want to set foot here but if you didn't ask for this, not even Kisara would allow me to take you here right?"

After that little spar with Enju, Noah asked Rentaro to bring him here.

Shiba heavy industries is a famous company in this part of the area, it's also one of the leading arms manufacturing company in the Tokyo Area.

Its Varanium weapons are receiving rave reviews from a lot of the civil defense officers.

Noah also heard about how Noah's gun is sponsored by the president, daughter of the previous company president.

Kisara heard the name and she instantly made her intention to not come here known to everyone. She also got Enju to stay back with her.

He didn't know why Kisara is so repulsed by Shiba Heavy Industries but if not for Noah's request, Kisara probably wouldn't let Rentaro come here.

Rentaro looked like he wanted to finish his business here as soon as possible. Noah asked him in a slightly puzzled manner.

"What? Is the young lady of Sima Heavy Industries so hard to deal with?"

"She's not just hard, she's very hard to deal with!"

Rentaro sighed.

"Forget about it, let's just go inside and complete our objective. The faster we return the better."

Noah shrugged and he let Rentaro guide him into the building.


The securities here had received the news so it didn't take long for Noah and Rentaro to enter the building with the security guards' escort. They got on the elevator.

As the elevator continued, they soon discovered that they went down instead of up. It wasn't until they got to B5 that they stopped.


The doors of the elevator opened with a crisp ring.

The security guards don't look like they are planning on coming out of the elevator. They signaled for Rentaro and Noah to get out so they did.

They are currently in a wide s.p.a.ce.

Corridors that looked like they came out of science fiction works greeted them in all directions. There are also display cases with different kinds of weapons in them.

Sniper rifles, handguns, machineguns, rifles, and other modern weaponry.

There are also swords, spears, knives, daggers, and other close-range weapons here.

These weapons are all made of varanium as evidenced by their black sheen. It's telling its visitors that these weapons are all constructs of war against Gastrea and not humans.

"Welcome to Sima Heavy Industries!"

Noah and Rentaro found a lively young lady smiling back at them as she stood in the center of this wide s.p.a.ce.

She had jet-black hair styled upwards in ponytails that curled at the end, she wore a kimono with vibrant colors that looked like she's going to look at Sakura flowers or something. To sum it up, she's a n.o.ble looking lady who is not lacking in looks.

This young lady sized Noah up, she had a smile that belonged to a predator who had found her prey.

"Fairy Tail's guild master, Noah, I presume?"

Noah nodded after examining her.

"Your reputation precedes you, nice to meet you, acting president of Sima Heavy Industries, Shiba Miori."

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"Arara, just call me Miori."

"These works of art are carefully curated. I believe Guild master Noah will be very satisfied with our articles!"

Noah had one purpose in coming here: to get a gun.

Noah wanted a gun not because Rentaro told him so, he had no deficiency in fighting ranged fights.

Noah is in cla.s.s all his own in terms of close-range combat. A year of Gastrean enhancement had made him a force of nature not to be reckoned with. Moreover, he still had his magic arming sword of which its attack range can be manipulated. Distance is not something he considers an obstacle, He is not lacking in terms of destroying his opponents from afar.

Noah is a magician.

His mastery over Crush means that he doesn't need to be in contact with the object to have cast his magic. He can also fire it from afar.

However, he is acting out his role as a normal human who is not a cursed children. Obviously, he can't go around firing his magic without causing a stir.

He needed a gun.

Furthermore, There is almost no one who can make Noah get serious.

With a gun, he can quickly solve any situation in which his real strength is not needed.

He turned his attention towards the guns section.

"I see, guild master Noah wants a gun eh?"

Miori smiled.

"Our company-manufactured guns are very well-known in the business world. Guns don't need to be made of varanium to fire varanium bullets but a varanium gun is specially made for fighting against Gastrea more efficiently thereby enhancing firepower. By the way, Satomi's is sponsored by our company."

Miori cued Noah and Rentaro to some display cases with lots of guns in them.

"Of course, if normal guns aren't guild master Noah's cup of tea, we've got semi-modified or reworked guns that are way better than their original or unmodified counterparts."

Miori kept talking and Noah listened.

A certain gun in one of the display cases caught his eyes.

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