Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 86

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 86: Reason and counter-point

Noah is a threat to this world?

This might be hard or misleading to hear but Noah understood where Seitenshi is coming from.

In this despair-filled world, even if varanium is an effective weapon against Gastrea. Humanity is still barely holding on in this continuous struggle against the Gastrea, just avoiding extinction is a feat worthy of celebration.

Initiator and Promoters, civil defense force is the last hope of humanity.

Rumor has it that the strongest Initiator is someone who could topple the military balance between major national forces.

Cursed children who are all endowed with some characteristics of Gastrea are instrumental in this struggle for survival. They each had the potential to become a stellar initiator.

Fairy Tail's existence is causing the number of initiators to decrease.

"According to my intelligence, IISO contacted Fairy Tail multiple times hoping for a partnership where Fairy Tail would supply cursed children for IISO to a.s.sign to promoters as initiators. However, Noah-san rejected them over and over right?"

"Forgive me but your actions are going to cost us a lot of capable initiator-promoter pairs that can fight against the hordes of Gastrea, do you understand this?"

Noah more or less got Seitenshi's message.

"You are saying your role here is to persuade me?"

Noah grinned at Seitenshi.

"You want me to yield and provide personnel for you to pair up with promoters?"

"Noah-san, you got your civil defense license a year ago but you rejected an a.s.signed initiator by the IISO, is that correct?"

Seitenshi questioned him.


"Why, you ask?"

Noah glanced at Kikunojou before he grinned with a sarcastic smile.

"I don't like forcing children to fight like they are just tools."

Seitenshi flinched.

"Seitenshi-sama, surely you know what Fairy Tail stands for?"

He stared back at Seitenshi.

"Honestly, if IISO implemented strict controls and regulation regarding initiator a.s.signment I wouldn't have made a peep. What came as a horrid shock to me is the fact that IISO didn't even screen applicants for personality, att.i.tude or even work ethics. If the applicant is a civil defense servant they would most surely a.s.sign an initiator."


He kept his eyes on Seitenshi as he approached.

"For them, who the children ended up with is an afterthought. They didn't give a d.a.m.n what kind of treatment the a.s.signed initiators would receive. They only cared if the IP pairing would result in them fighting against Gastrea, any ethical concerns are thrown out the window."

"Fairy Tail is an organization that seeks to protect the children against cruel and unfair practices and discriminations. Its goal is for these kids to live like kids!"

Noah's sound resonated in the hallway and drilled their way into both SEitenshi and Kikunojou's ears.

"I am against IISO for their lackadaisical att.i.tude towards the treatment of initiators, nothing more."

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"Your refusal to cooperate is putting mankind at risk!"

Noah pursed his lips and he took out a sheet of paper. He slammed it on Seitenshi's table.

"This is…"

Seitenshi and Kikunojou looked at the doc.u.ments and they were astonished.

"IP pairing details and info?"

"Fairy Tail personally vetted the promoter applicants and a.s.signed suitable initiators from among the cursed children in Fairy Tail, these doc.u.ments represent the details of such pairings."

Noah turned towards Kikunojou in a challenging tone.

"Don't give me that c.r.a.p about being the man who d.a.m.ned humanity. We aren't going to hide the last hopes of humanity. We provide school, hospital, and residential accommodations for these children. We even have a dedicated facility to train and nurture those who aspire to become initiators."

"These pairings are all active and should be easily investigated if you two would pa.s.s down the word."

He said.

"I believe that initiators from Fairy Tail are no less competent than other initiators. IISO compromised and acknowledge our IP pairings, they say we can do as we please to a.s.sign initiators according to our own standards!"

Noah turned around.

"Do I hear any objections?"

Seitenshi and Kikunojou couldn't come up with anything.

Noah walked out of the hall after a brief delay.

The hall returned to silence and the two didn't say anything for a while.

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