Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 84

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 84: Chasing hope like I'm chasing the Fairy's Tail

Sunlight dispelled the darkness and revealed the monoliths which are of a darker shade of black than even night itself.

The monoliths are standing proud at 1.618km in height and 1km in width. Anyone could see it if they looked up.

These constructs are at a stark contrast to the surroundings but they garnered a huge amount of respect.

It's only to be expected.

After all, these monoliths are humanity's guardian, the only things stopping Gastrea from invading humanity's few remaining sanctuaries.

The monoliths that demarcated the domains of human and the domains of Gastrea had aged close to 10 years.

After the Great War, the remaining areas of the Tokyo Area are enclosed. There are 43 areas within Tokyo Area.

From area 1 which is like the metropolis of Tokyo Area, one would gradually progress closer to the borders demarcated by monoliths as the area number grew bigger, stopping at area 43. Beyond this area laid the unexplored territories where Gastrea roamed.

The closer it is to the monolith, or rather, the closer it is to the border, the more abandoned the area is. This would be the Outer Areas where most people would not willingly live here.

The population here is drastically lower than the inner areas.

Moreover, one could see strange things here.

For instance, footprints that cleared didn't belong to humans judging by its size or blood-stained chairs.

Vehicles with their windows broken, inside one could see the ominous oxidized stains of rust that looked eerily like dried-up blood.

h.e.l.l, even the creepy-a.s.s red and purple gra.s.s growing out of the gaps between the rocks.

The land here is also as barren as they come. The buildings here are also dilapidated and obviously not up to living standards. The main source of damage apparently didn't look man-made, it is like the buildings were demolished by freakishly large creatures.

This is the Outer Area, a place no one would consider getting close to, much less live in.

Standing out among the bleak Outer Area is a small area in Area 39.

It is surrounded by walls that are newly built. Its scale is about the scale of a small town with new buildings that are obviously recently made. The buildings pale in comparison to the huge skysc.r.a.pers of Inner Area but these buildings are able to accommodate human residents.

At least, for the children that were abandoned by their own birth parents, ostracized by society, condemned to live a life of misery and poverty, this area is basically a land of dreams for them.

If one were to examine closer, one would see an engraved board attached to the main gates. Written on it: "Fairy Tail"


"Guildmaster! Guildmaster!"

In a construct that looked like an elementary school, Noah who was busy reading a thick book got circled by a bunch of young girls who didn't look a day over 10 years old. They tackled him and drowned him in their high-pitched giggles and childish taunts.

"Please tell us a story, guildmaster!"

"A story, you say?"

A few of the girls climbed up his body and Noah decided to put down his book before he comforted the girls with a warm albeit helpless tone.

"I am sure the teachers have told you a bunch of stories in cla.s.s, yes?"

"Those stories are dry and boring compared to guildmaster's!"

The children yelled out.

"We want to hear a story from guildmaster!"

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"Alright, you got me."

A middle-aged guy in suits greeted Noah, he had a gun at his waist.

"The car is waiting outside, the honored person is waiting to speak with you, please come with us."

Noah ignored the middle-aged man and he told the children to scamper off.

"I think it's time for your cla.s.s to begin, you girls should hurry on to your cla.s.srooms!"


The children left obediently. After confirming their departure, Noah grabbed a cloth sack from the floor and he walked towards the exit.


Tokyo Area, Area 1

A limousine stopped in front of a building in this Area which is like the heart of Tokyo Area.

Bodyguards in suits popped out of who knows where and they opened the doors of the limousine. Noah got down and he gazed upon the building in front of him.

A neo-gothic styled building huh?

The gla.s.s that decorated the white pillar which looked like it was made out of ivories, the doors decorated with wave-like patterns. The aesthetics that this palace exuded made it very hard for one to pick out a flaw.

Noah glanced at the building a few more times before the bodyguards guided him into the building which garners the name "sanctuary".

Two bodyguards opened a large door, a brightly lit hall entered Noah's sight.

Inside the hall, two figures waited for Noah. The moment he entered, they slowly opened their eyes as if they had been gaining as much rest as they could.

Noah examined the two figures before them, these two should be the honored individuals mentioned by the bodyguards.

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