Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 83

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 83: When despair and darkness clouds our judgment

The crimson-eyed little girl managed to throw off her attackers. It would appear that the attackers won't be standing anytime soon.

The crowd got infuriated before the young girl can do anything.

"She really is a monster!"

"A pest that blights humanity!"


"Kill her!"

The crowd stopped being pa.s.sive and they started surrounding the girl who is panicking even more.

Noah had only one thought.


Why are they calling this little girl a monster?

Why aren't they helping her? Why are they condemning her?

Why does this girl have crimson eyes?

Why are these citizens all calling for the execution of this young girl?

I don't understand.

Noah couldn't fathom the idea.

He didn't understand the situation but it would be a cold day in h.e.l.l before he would watch the crowd have their way.

Noah immediately grabbed the girl by her hand and he led her away from the crowd.


The guys who were pursuing the girl leered at Noah after getting up and blocking Noah's path.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you?"

"Where do you think you're going?'

"You are going to protect that monster?"

"She's going to transform and eat you up, you stupid a.s.shole!"

The crowd started throwing verbal abuse. Even more pedestrians gathered and they joined the bandwagon. They looked at Noah with contempt and hatred.

The young girl couldn't believe Noah would put himself on the line to shield her. She's so stunned she even forgot to struggle.

The mob started growing in number and the verbal abuse they threw started getting vicious and annoying. Noah couldn't help but feel seething anger. He reached into the cloth sack he carried with him.

The mob went silent.

The crowd who looked like they wanted nothing more than to chew Noah to bits spat at the ground.


"A civil security officer…"

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"Typical monster-loving a.s.shole…"

Noah didn't have much of this world's currency. He came across some research facilities that are buying Gastrea parts so he decided to hunt Gastrea for a living.

Noah had also solved his communication and linguistic problems.

He deepened his understanding of just how cruel this world can be. He would often get mistaken by people as a due to his weapon. Civil security which is slang of civil security corporation are tasked with eliminating any and all gastrea threats within the human population.

Since it is structured as a corporation, civil security officers usually receive jobs on a commissioned basis.

Their mission could be more than just elimination of Gastrea, civil security corps can find themselves being a.s.signed to missions like bodyguard duties, escort duties, searching for artifacts, and even government-issued missions.

In a way, a civil security corp is similar to a magician.

The primary difference being that a civil security officer is usually not by himself. They operate on a duo basis made up of one civil security officer hereby known as the promoter and one cursed child known as the initiator.

, special humans that are born as a result of being infected with Gastrea before they are born. They are born with special abilities such as regenerative abilities and superhuman strength, agility or reflex, they are like Gastrea except they can keep their human forms. They also differed in the sense that their infection progressed very slowly compared to other infected hosts.

When they are using their Gastrea-derived powers, their eyes would glow red. It is also a proof when trying to determine if they are indeed cursed children.

Since these children had powers that could rival some of the Gastrea, humans quickly leveraged their strength in their fights against Gastrea.

Cursed children formed the main fighting force of a two-man team known as Initiator-promoter teams since they have superior strength and regenerative powers, they initiate fights so they are aptly named the initiator.

The human or guardian partnered with an initiator would be known as the promoter. A promoter's role lies in giving support to the initiator. Most of the promoters are humans, they lacked the fighting abilities of the initiators but they are well-versed in combat to some extent. They are responsible for providing orders during combat as well as giving psychological support to the initiators after combat.

Since the Gastrea virus had only appeared almost a decade ago, the oldest of the cursed children are only close to 10 years all. They are all girls, born with inhuman abilities and treated likes monsters or used as tools.

It is only natural that these red-eyed girls would be persecuted by society. After understanding the situation, Noah felt that this world is gradually being consumed by not just despair, but also darkness.

He gazed at the monoliths and the Tokyo Area. Then, he looked at the insignia at the back of his hands as he clenched his fist.

He made up his mind.

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