Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 79

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 79: Of feathers and worlds

Even with Noah's eyes shut tight, he could still feel it, this piercing white color.

His mind is in a chaotic state, he couldn't regain his senses fast enough.

His body is like it's submerged in water, he can't tell left from right and up from down.

Noah tried his best and he managed to scramble together what senses he could and he perceived that he is floating around. He felt his body floating around without any particular direction. It's like there is a wave carrying him around. The whole experience is very strange to him.

Perhaps his jumbled mind lost its sense of time, Noah wasn't sure how long this process took.

When he felt his feet landing on something solid, his mind shook and he quickly embraced the feeling as joy suffused him.

He slowly opened his eyes.


What hit him first is the blinding white light, he had to shield his eyes with one hand. He squinted until his eyes adjusted to the radiant light.

When he can finally see what is in front of him, he looked and saw absolutely nothing.

No items, no environment, no sky, and no earth.

He can't even see if there's a horizon.

It's like this world is just an empty place without anything but white light.

This empty sh.e.l.l of a world made Noah's body tremble. It's like he fell in cotton. It's also like he is a fetus resting in the mother's womb. It seemed to be the coziest feeling he had ever tasted.

This sensation widened his eyes. This is due to the fact that he would only feel like this when he enters the White World.


His senses returned to him in that instant. He's not in the real place. He's not where he is when he entered a dreaming state. This place gave him a more realistic feel while the dream world gave him a fantastic sensation.

So the white dream world is real. Right now, he's standing in the materialized dream world that had been following him his whole life.

"I see…"

Noah clenched his fists. He looked up at where the sky should be.

Thus, he saw it.


Raining down from the sky while enveloped by bubbles.

The feathers with white sheen rained down continuously.

Ding ding ding ding

The bubbles danced around Noah like merry little birdies. They circled around Noah with glee as if they are welcoming him.


A strong light rippled forth from the feathers.

Bathed in the light, he could feel that the feathers are all emitting the emotion of being [happy].

It's almost like the same scene where he got his hands on a feather on Tenrou Island.

The only difference, the feathers around him right now are emitting a stronger emotion and had a more brilliant radiance.

Moreover, the feathers are also in better shape.

The feather Noah obtained is in a bad state.


Noah jumped.

"Broken ones?"

If he recalled correctly, there are more broken feathers in the white dream world aside from these perfect feathers.

It is unknown if the feathers detected Noah's thought. The feathers parted from Noah.

Following that, more feathers rained down from above.

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These feathers differed in that they had no sheen to them, the feathers looked like they had lost their vitality.


Noah frowned.

"Where am I going to find your missing feathers?"

The feather currently busy rubbing Noah's cheek flew to his forehead.

Memories entered Noah from the feather. Noah cried out after the feathers gave him some revelations.

"You're all actually worlds?!"

Correct, these feathers are all worlds.

Besides the world belonging to Fairy Tail, there are many other worlds.

In other words, Fairy Tail is in the feather in front of him.

Now, he left Fairy Tail's world and he came to an incredible place.

The s.p.a.ce between worlds.

This place had all the worlds here.

The broken feathers represent fragmented worlds.

These fragmented worlds' other half can be found in one of the perfect worlds.

If Noah wanted to repair these broken feathers he would need to enter various worlds and find the missing feather.

He has to save each world?

Noah felt a bit light-headed.

The sadness coming from the feathers moved him and he started wavering.

Finally, he sighed.

"The other worlds huh?"

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