Holistic Fantasy


Chapter 78

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 78: We are here for you… always…

There's a ship docked at one of Magnolia's port.

The captain is busy overseeing his crew transporting the cargoes while throwing glances at another direction.

The direction the captain is looking at had a lot of Fairy Tail members there. They were sending Noah off.

Noah looked at everyone and he chat away with them until the captain threw him a look that signaled for him to get on board. He inhaled deeply and nodded towards everyone.

"Everyone, this is where we part."


Lisanna couldn't herself back from calling out to him. She looked like she's having a hard time saying goodbye.

"Please take care of yourself."

"I will, please don't worry."

Noah rubbed Lisanna's head.

"This is not the first time I had left Fairy Tail for training, I really don't want you to worry too much."

"I guess you have a point."

Erza joked.

"With your power, even a shipwreck wouldn't dent his survival chances. There's no need to worry about this guy."

"I am not too familiar with Tenrou Island but since the first guild master will be there, even if in spirit form, she's going to take care of Noah right?"

Gray said, unusually dressed for once.

"Don't make the dead troubled ya hear."

He said while smiling.

"We are going to fight when you come back, you got that?!"

Natsu said while cracking his knuckles with a wide smile.

"I won't lose next time!"

"Aye, sir!"

Happy cheered. He then took out a fish and he offered the fish to Noah while salivating and clenching down on his lip. Judging by how hard Happy is trembling, this must be a big deal for him.

"I am giving you my most prized belonging…uuu…"

"Just the thought is enough…"

Noah awkwardly declined.

"If it's that important you should take care of it, don't waste it."


Happy stored the fish away like nothing happened. His comedic theatrics reduced the sadness implicit in departures. A lot of people were amused by him.


Kanna, Levi and the others all wished him well, nothing more needed to be said.

Noah responded with a courteous nod. He stopped and turned around to look at Lisanna's side.

There stood Mirajane still clad in her usual gothic and revealing outfit. She crossed her arms to feign indifference while her ponytail dangled behind her head.


Mira looked the other way when Noah looked at her but not before she failed to dodge his gaze. It would seem she didn't want to talk to him.

Noah shrugged and teased her.

"Let's just hope you will warm up to me after I return."

"You wanna fight?"

Mira leered at Noah with a flushed face. She had an angry look on her face but her words expressed a different emotion.

"If I turn warm, you're going to come back?"

Noah raised an eyebrow before he said something tongue-in-cheek.

There's certainly a chance for that to happen. Heck, if and when you mellow out, I am probably coming home soon."

She turned taciturn.

Because she lowered her head, no one could see the slight chance of mind she had. She murmured in a voice no one can hear.

"If I turn gentle, he's going to back huh…"

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A loud shout came from the port.

Noah turned around subconsciously as something caught his eyes.


Noah trembled as he stood, astonished by what he saw.

In an extremely coordinated fashion, everyone raised an arm with their index and thumb making an inversed 7 handsign, pointing towards the sky.

Only Fairy Tail members or those a.s.sociated with it knew the meaning behind the gesture.

It meant [No matter where you are, we are always with you and by your side]

This is the spirit behind the gesture.

Noah clenched hard on the railings of the ship. He leaned forward as if to take a closer look at his family. His hand trembled due to the immense warm feeling pouring out of his heart.

He closed his eyes to adjust himself to the emotional fluctuations. Yet, by the time he had realized it, he had raised an arm and made the same gesture as the Fairy Tail members.

Noah confirmed a belief. Fairy Tail is his home, he is definitely going to return one day…


On Tenrou Island…

Noah got down from the ship and he landed on the holy land of Fairy Tail with his cloth sack.

It had only been two days but he had returned to Tenrou Island and he could sense clear changes to Tenrou Island.

The magic power flowed evenly towards the great tree of Tenrou Island, there wasn't any fluctuation of power like before.

He looked at the giant tree before he closed his eyes and placed a hand on his chest.

Throb throb

His heart started acting up as the feeling of being summoned intensified more than it had ever before.

This time, Noah didn't hesitate.

He clenched the fist on his chest and,


The s.p.a.ce around him distorted and he got drawn into the distortion. Just like that, he disappeared from this world.

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